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Chris Tucker improvised much of his dialogue as he normally does in his films.
According to director Brett Ratner, this film is the first one released in the U.S. featuring Jackie Chan in an English-speaking role without any kind of dubbing. According to Ratner, before this film Chan always had his voice dubbed over in his English-speaking roles because of his uncertainty in speaking the language. For this film, however, Ratner convinced him to forgo the dubbing as it would lend to the authenticity of his character.
Eddie Murphy was offered the role of Carter, but turned it down to make Holy Man (1998) instead.
Will Smith was considered for the role of James Carter.
According to director Brett Ratner, during the scene at Grauman's where Detective Carter bribes Stucky for information, there was so much improvisation between Chris Tucker and John Hawkes that they almost didn't think they could edit it together as a coherent conversation. There are still continuity errors in the dialogue for this reason.
Elizabeth Peña played a prank on Brett Ratner in which she appeared on the set wearing nothing but her character's bomb squad vest. According to Peña, she thought Ratner would laugh and howl but instead he was extremely nervous and embarrassed.
The afro and mustache in the photo on Detective Carter's badge were added as an afterthought in post-production.
At Grauman's Chinese Theater, Carter shows Inspector Lee the foot prints of John Wayne, an actor whom Chan went on to spoof in Shanghai Noon (2000).
Brett Ratner was a big fan of Jackie Chan's Hong Kong movies. He felt that American audiences would not be familiar with the jokes in Jackie's other movies, and deliberately re-used some of his gags. For example, the scene where Inspector Lee accidentally grabs Johnson's breasts is a reference to Jackie Chan's film Mr. Nice Guy (1997).
Martin Lawrence was the original choice for Carter.
When Lee shows Carter Consul Han's card, it shows that the Consuls first name is Solo. In Chinese, a person's family name is spoken and printed before their individual name. (Meaning that his name in Chinese, is "Han Solo.")
Carter's Vette's license plate has the same three-letter combination as the license plate of the van that the consul's daughter is held in.
The original casting choices for the roles that ended up being Lee and Carter were Chris Farley and Martin Lawrence.
Chris Tucker asked to see Fakin' Da Funk (1997) before he signed on to do 'Rush Hour'.
Dave Chappelle was considered for Carter.
David Morse and J.T. Walsh were some of the actors considered for Thomas Griffin, but the creators preferred an actual British actor for the British character.

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