Rush Hour (1998) Poster


Plot Keywords

detective consul
chinese fbi
hong kong revenge
crime lord rescue
culture clash artifact
trust friend
bodyguard surveillance
security camera dual wield
quick draw revolver
mansion singing in a car
mexican standoff hit with a chair
warrior flashlight
buddy comedy held at gunpoint
hitman chinese grauman's theater
informant prison guard
prisoner prison
ethnic slur n word
deception museum
subtitled scene chinese restaurant
bar pool table
arms dealer female cop
exploding building swat team
c4 explosives money falling through the air
police station corrupt official
shot to death shot in the chest
shot in the back shot in the head
disguise fish out of water
kicked in the stomach mixed martial arts
fight year 1997
1990s asian
first part pool cue
hand to hand combat police detective
dark comedy axe fight
ambush showdown
stick fight two man army
desert eagle disarming someone
wu shu kung fu
fistfight brawl
blood blood splatter
violence stylized violence
bar brawl bar fight
martial arts master martial artist
maverick cop tough cop
tough guy action hero
lifting someone into the air chinatown
axe handcuffs
pool hall reference to michael jackson
reference to john wayne photograph
airport partner
airplane diplomat
police captain fbi agent
murder traffic jam
little girl shootout
smuggling pistol
siren ship
inter cultural money
exhibit gunfight
reference to chelsea clinton waitress
smoking pot machine gun
art treasures police officer
foot chase marijuana
reference to the beach boys african american
police car undercover cop
uzi strapped to a bomb
roses are red poem part of trilogy
chase english subtitles in original
shot in the face punched in the face
kicked in the face illegal gambling
falling from height child in peril
interracial friendship explosion
car california
bomb art exhibition
bravery blockbuster
kidnapping police
tour bus helicopter
buddy cop racial slur
hero hostage
consulate chevrolet corvette
bloopers during credits los angeles california
undercover bomb squad
martial arts father daughter relationship
ransom exploding car
title spoken by character surprise ending

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