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Rush Hour effectively teams Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in a formulaic but funny action comedy that should please fans of both stars.
Chicago Sun-Times
Lightweight and made out of familiar elements, but they're handled with humor and invention.
This good-natured comedy is set off by the high spirits of its stars.
It's the kind of copycat movie that becomes original through its cast and treatment.
Christian Science Monitor
The fast-talking Tucker and quick-kicking Chan are a surprisingly good team that manages to deliver a fun combination of highly choreographed action and comedy.
The emphasis is on comedic interaction, not plot - too bad, "48 HRS" had both - but the pair adds spice to the predictable opposites-detract gags.
USA Today
There's a familiar feeling to the movie even beyond its twinkle-eyed martial arts melees.
The stunts are great but they make sense and don't blow the sense of reality of the whole movie.
A somewhat lackluster cop buddy movie that goes wrong in two big ways: (1) it fails to utilize Chan's full range of skills, relegating him to the role of a kickboxing action hero and virtually ignoring his comedic aptitude, and (2) it saddles him with a partner, played by the irritating Chris Tucker.
The crime story here is lazily constructed, mostly an excuse for the give-and-take between Tucker and Chan, which is shrill and raucous without being especially clever.
Entertainment Weekly
The two characters barely even have a relationship; they're a union of demographics--the "urban" market meets the slapstick-action market.
Austin Chronicle
There may be nothing new under the sun, but you can bet your life there's absolutely nothing new about Rush Hour at all.

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