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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Rain, Alice, and Matt are watching Spence's death on the monitor, you hear Matt say "What the fuck?" but his mouth isn't moving.
When Kaplan says, "accessing schematics of the hive", you can see for a split second his mouth not moving to the dialogue.
As the swat team makes its way through the flooded labs they stop and in a group shot Spense can be seen mouthing the words "What happened here?" but there is no sound. In the next shot he says it again this time with audio.


It seems that no one's handwriting matches that on the note, not even the handwriting of the note's original author (as seen in flashback).
When she enters the Hive, Alice, straight from her shower, has on no makeup. As she travels through the hive, however, her makeup changes from scene to scene. This is especially obvious when her lipstick shade changes drastically several times.
The dress on the bed is not the dress Alice wears.
At the beginning of the movie, Spence is wearing a Leather jacket, which he gives to Alice. As the movie progresses, the jacket does not look big on Alice and even looks like a ladies size.
The note writing to Alice by Spence is seen twice during the movie, however when he is seen writing the note the handwriting is completely different to the writing on the note seen at the beginning.
In the lab, when Spence gets his memory back, Alice jumps about inconsistently between shots.
Several of the zombie extras are used more than once in different scenes.
Matt is supposed to be in handcuffs for at least the first 40 minutes of the movie, between one shot it shows him walking swinging his arms without cuffs on.
When the second elevator falls in the hive it is shown going from floor 10 to 7 to 9.
When "One" is being killed by the laser grid he should have fallen into pieces (cubes) but in a later shot when the rest of the team enters the area you only see the bodies of the soldiers but no scattered pieces of "One".
When Alice and her "husband" are arguing in the lab, her hair changes positions each time the camera returns to her.
In the Red Queen chamber, One's character is clearly only a few feet from the door. As the laser returns to kill him, you can see through his first person view that there are no bodies and no equipment in the corridor.
In the first shot after entering the utility tunnels, the bandage on Rain's bitten hand is clearly missing. In the next shot, it's back on again.
When Lisa appears, Matt is shuffling through some papers. In one shot he puts down a paper with a graph on it. The very next shot he's holding the paper with the graph on it again.
Alice's hair changes position from behind her ear to in front of it when she and Spence talk about their memory loss, and he gives his jacket to her.
Near the end of the movie, when Alice is talking to Rain on the train, in the background, you can see Matt go from moving around to standing still with his hands on the sides of the doorway between shots.
When Rain, J.D., and Matt are waiting for the team to get back, Rain hears a noise. As she goes to investigate, we can see Matt's legs jump from spread open, to crossing his ankles.
The coffee stain on the guy's shirt in the elevators, changes from the time he spills the coffee and the time he gets in the elevator, quite noticeably.
In the Red Queen's chamber, the guy gets cut up into little pieces. When Keplan goes in, he looks at the body and it's together.
At one point, the lights in all the chambers in the dining room change from the green "stable environment" to the red "unstable environment" and stay that way for some time. But during the gunfight one tank gets shot and a close-up of it shows the light change from green to red again (although, possibly they changed back from red to green when the power came back on).
In the utility tunnel, when the zombies reach through the mesh, the wires are not bent or broken to allow their arms through. When Alice's face is seen from the zombies' point of view through the mesh, you can see a neatly cut square hole.
In the Red Queen's Chamber when the laser first appears, The Medic can clearly be seen looking towards the beam. Yet when it cut backs to her her head is facing the opposite direction.
Rain's makeup on the last train ride (after being given the anti-virus)

Crew or equipment visible 

When Alice runs along the kennel wall to leap up and kick the last dog. You can clearly see a black wiring harness used for the stunt, under her jacket and dress.
When they are first entering the hive and the captain is speaking to Alice, a sound microphone is clearly visible at the top of the screen.
When Alice tries to retrieve the anti-virus box on the train platform, there is an observation camera shot from above with filming equipment (probably a microphone) visible at the bottom of the screen.
When One and three other team members are trapped in the Laser hallway, the medic gets her head cut off, and when the camera jumps to Alice pounding on the door screaming to open it, you can clearly see someone standing (head still intact), facing away from the camera in the window on the door, yet all the team members are lying on the ground.

Factual errors 

When Matt kneels down to examine the blood of the undead Hive worker, he claims that blood only coagulates when you're dead. In truth, coagulation is simply the process of blood clotting around a damaged vessel wall, which indeed happens in living beings. On the contrary, in death, blood doesn't coagulate, but separates, causing livor mortis.
The Red Queen tells the survivors that the human body remains active even during death, producing new cells such as hair and nails. This is a common misconception, as the skin of a dead body gradually pulls away from hair and nails as the body dehydrates, giving the appearance of the hair and nails growing. No new cells can be produced by a dead organism. Furthermore, neither hair nor nails are made up of cells; they are made primarily of a protein called keratin from dead epidermal cells.
When Spence listens in on Alice's conversation, he is using a standard shotgun microphone on a zeppelin shock mount. This is a location sound piece of equipment for film work. Although a shotgun mic does have a decent reach, it is not a suitable (telescopic) microphone for spy work.
In one of the early scenes, where a group of people is trapped in an elevator and they listen to another elevator dropping, there's a factual mistake in the shot portraying the fall of the second elevator. As the second elevator is falling, we can clearly see the counterweight rising, but when the elevator hits the ground and the wires snap, they just hang there. In a real life situation, the counterweight would've gone slamming towards the ground, pulling the wires along with it.
At the beginning of the movie, where the vial containing the virus is dropped, the fumes escape into the building through an air duct. This is not plausible, as any clean room that requires people to work in safety suits would be sealed, and therefore not have air vents.
When the Umbrella special ops team debarks from the train, and the Red Queen's camera is tracking them, we see it highlight each of the team members in turn, and a small image of their face is shown, under which appears a spinning graphic of the gun they are carrying. However, every member is shown to carry the same weapon: a Heckler-Koch MP5, though it is clear that JD carries a modified H&K G36, and that the sergeant (who's weapon is clearly shown on the security camera) is carrying a modified Enfield L85-A1.
The camera pans to the broken virus vial, however, the bracket supporting it is a fixed one (manually adjusted then tightened with a screw), clearly not being capable of pan/tilt operations.

Revealing mistakes 

At the beginning of the movie, you can see the floor outside the elevator bending under the woman's weight as she tries to escape the elevator.
The zombie in the Kennel, after being kicked back (as well as before that) can be seen breathing.
When the zombie lab tech attacks Spence in the water filled laboratory, he fires several rounds from a large caliber semi-automatic handgun without a silencer. The weapon appears to be a .45-caliber Colt 1911. It should make a resounding "boom" when fired, especially in that small space. Although there is a subdued "boom," the shots sound much more like those of silenced weapon.


The goof item below may give away important plot points.


The lab technician holding the axe is in a water-filled room. After he becomes a zombie, and is walking towards the soldiers, he is completely dry.

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