Resident Evil (2002) Poster


Plot Keywords

computer virus
corporation military
gas underground
amnesia mutant
scientist quarantine
creature kissing while having sex
hand to hand combat martial arts
holographic projection 2000s
sole black character dies cliche critically bashed
bare breasts vagina
female frontal nudity legs
zombie apocalypse female gunfighter
killed in an elevator disaster
woman shot in the forehead subterranean
special forces two word title
first part part of series
theft experiment
towel monster
vomit shower
neck breaking flashback
woman with a gun tongue cut out
thrown from a train stabbed in the back
spilled coffee shot to death
shot in the leg shot in the head
shot in the chest shot in the back
red dress pistol
mansion machine gun
long tongue kicked in the face
impersonating a police officer hospital
held at gunpoint gun in mouth
finger cut off explosion
eaten alive drowning
death of sister dead dog
cut arm corpse
chase burned to death
brother sister relationship bitten on the arm
bitten hand bite on leg
betrayal killing an animal
cult film posing as married couple
posing as husband and wife megacorporation
one woman army female nudity
killer dog action heroine
spin off from video game corporate crime
dark heroine female protagonist
suicidal sole survivor
sewer raccoon city
password fake marriage
death cure
anti virus survival horror
train bio hazard
futuristic train nudity
undead shot in the forehead
hologram slide locked back
hunger bio organic weapon
commando trapped in an elevator
two way mirror artificial intelligence
person on fire cannibalism
decapitation doberman
axe gore
cut into pieces flesh eater
dog bio weapon
laser cutter walking dead
based on video game gun
resident evil torso cut in half
evil corporation bitten in the throat
zombie severed finger
reverse footage impalement
axe murder severed head
near future elevator crash
laser research
independent film

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