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Los Angeles Times
While it's possible to view this movie like a short-story collection, putting check marks beside the selections one likes best, to do so would deny the pleasure of experiencing this beautifully crafted, intricately designed story the way it was intended, as an organic whole. [11 June 1999, Calendar, p.F-8]
Some will say this film is overly ambitious, but what the hell. The man put five years of his life into making this epic mystery. We can surely give it two hours of ours.
Entertainment Weekly
Carefully crafted, lushly romantic.
Beautiful. Simply, beautiful.
Dallas Observer
It's unlikely that anyone will be bored. But it's just as unlikely that anyone will be swept off his feet either.
It's almost as lame-brained as any Hollywood blockbuster, if prettier and more pretentious.
Fails on a number of counts, mostly because the individual stories aren't very gripping.
USA Today
Almost by himself, Jackson transforms the film's final chapter into a serviceable view -- faint praise, perhaps, but a crumb to savor, given what has come before. [11 June 1999, Life, p. 6E]
Girard and his collaborators are so focused on the stunning tableaux that all other considerations fall by the wayside, leaving their visual achievements -- miraculous on such a small budget -- mired in the elaborate but maladroit storytelling.
Village Voice
It sustains its purplish, epic sweep by thrusting broadly etched characters into extravagantly hokey situations, and registers mainly as a flamboyant joke.

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