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Joan Allen as Betty ParkerJeff Daniels as Bill JohnsonWilliam H. Macy as George ParkerTobey Maguire as David/BudReese Witherspoon as Jennifer/Mary SueGeorge & BettyAt the dinerBill & BettyBetty & Mary SueBetty & BudBud & Bill in the courtroomDavid and the TV repairmanGeorge & BettyJ.T. Walsh as Big BomA drive in the countryBud, Margaret & Mary SueBud & MargaretSkip & Mary SueDirector Gary Ross1 sheetStyle B, 1 sheetPleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)Pleasantville (1998)
1-48 of 70 photos


Two 1990s teenage siblings find themselves in a 1950s sitcom where their influence begins to profoundly change that complacent world.

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