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This film has everything for the all-important female audience: feisty heroines, lots of slapstick, great clothes.
Irresistible family entertainment.
Chicago Sun-Times
Quaid is instantly likable, with that goofy smile. Richardson, who almost always plays tougher roles and harder women, this time is astonishing, she's so warm and attractive.
Entertainment Weekly
The natural, pleasurable 1990s hipness [Lohan] brings to her assignment is therefore all the more impressive. Hayley-holics should be grateful to this new girl at camp too.
The visual illusion that Ms. Lohan is actually two characters has been accomplished so seamlessly that it barely diverts attention from one of the film's greatest passions, its product plugs.
L.A. Weekly
The rewrite went well, and the crew did a fine job; but you insult us, Mein Disney, serving up leftovers on such expensive china.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It's an enjoyable film, carried along by the perennial strength of the story... But it won't have the staying power of the original.
The technology for twinning a single young actress is considerably more seamless than it was in 1961, and Lohan is a perky charmer.
USA Today
Young girls will enjoy Lohan's matchmaking antics. But nostalgia-craving oldsters should stick to fond memories of Hayley [Mills]'s heyday.
There is still a self-consciousness and a forced quality to much of the humor that this TPT redux just can't shake.

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