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It's the characterization of Mulan, both in voice and visuals, that makes the film a keeper.
Disney's latest animated feature hearkens back to its heyday fare, a sweet and captivating tale that pits gentle, enduring goodness against dark, malevolent forces.
Entertainment Weekly
It took long enough, but Disney has finally come up with an animated heroine who's a good role model and a funky, arresting personality at the same time.
Mulan serves up the sort of classic entertainment the Magic Kingdom was built on: stunning animation, sharply defined characters, a smattering of catchy tunes all seamlessly woven into a simple, powerfully told yarn.
Christian Science Monitor
This high-quality Disney animation combines strong pictorial appeal with amiable voice-performances.
The A.V. Club
Though Disney's animation department does deserve credit for shaking up its formula and delving into relatively mature drama, the movie is flawed in numerous aggravating ways.
Dallas Observer
It's nothing more than pleasant matinee fodder with some jarring tones and clunky stretches.
Mulan has its accomplishments, but unlike the best of Disney's output, it comes off as more manufactured than magical.
L.A. Weekly
Mulan, like all the characters in this movie, is a cookie-cutter American prototype, lazily ripped off from the Disney boilerplate that fashioned Pocahontas et al.
It's hard not to keep thinking that this movie is basically "Yentl" with a nose job.

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