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A lively, old-fashioned adventure yarn with just a twist of modern attitude, it's the kind of pleasant entertainment that allows the paying customers to have as much fun as the people on screen.
Chicago Sun-Times
The film is a display of traditional movie craftsmanship, especially at the level of the screenplay, which respects the characters and story and doesn't simply use them for dialogue breaks between action sequences.
Christian Science Monitor
Proudly old-fashioned in every way except the often excessive violence that director Martin Campbell splashes across the screen.
A great deal of excitement and adventure, all brought to the screen by using a somewhat irreverent tone that keeps the mood light without trivializing the characters.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The return to an Errol Flynn-style hero, who can swing from chandeliers, fight with two swords at once and ride a horse backward, recalls a movie era both sexier and more innocent.
Entertainment Weekly
This pleasant movie anachronism, an assemblage of traditional Robin Hooded scenarios (and superior swordplay) that, in the right light, is a nostalgic treat, and in shadow evokes Monty Python.
Old-fashioned fun that goes down as smoothly as a vintage cocktail.
Lavishly produced swashbuckler that should have been far more entertaining.
Entertaining, but it's about one notch below being something anybody really needs to see.
Spectacular, fast, never boring. But it's also one of the more disappointing movies I've seen recently.
A slew of writers and an enthusiastic cast all do their jobs admirably enough to provide a couple of hours of unembarrassing entertainment.
Nothing really works on any level above mediocrity.

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