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Boston Globe
Deserves a place alongside "Life Is Beautiful" and, yes, even "Schindler's List."
Entertainment Weekly
Of course, there's still the Williams schmaltz factor.
Baltimore Sun
As earnest as the performances are, something seems to be lost in the translation.
Chicago Sun-Times
I prefer "Life Is Beautiful," which is clearly a fantasy, to Jakob the Liar, which is just as contrived and manipulative but pretends it is not.
USA Today
What it isn't ... is a particularly compelling contribution to the impressive and by now enormous collection of Holocaust movies.
I never lost awareness that I was watching actors speaking lines, not real people --a problem I didn't have in the more unreal "Life Is Beautiful."
Miami Herald
Flat and forced, Jakob the Liar aspires to be a poignant parable about the power of hope but instead uses one of humanity's greatest tragedies for trite melodrama.
San Francisco Examiner
More altruistic would be if Williams stopped torturing us with weepy endearments so he could look for that complex clown who used to mug just for laughs.
New York Daily News
An awkwardly executed, tedious and -- a near impossibility for a Holocaust movie -- emotionally uninvolving bore.
Rolling Stone
The self-congratulatory histrionics of Williams, lower lip trembling as he triumphs over torture in the name of the human spirit, represents a trend in Hollywood to make accessible melodrama out of unspeakable tragedy.
Mr. Showbiz
A trial of cliche, strained optimism, and dire quasi-comedy.

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