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if you HAVE to see these characters again, see this one
captbruce13 November 2000
I have a problem with the whole fact of Rodriguez and Tarantino doing a sequel, let alone sequels, of a highly original, totally off-the-wall movie like From Dusk Til Dawn. But where #2, "Texas Blood Money," was a waste of film, #3 "The Hangman's Daughter" is the ONLY one they should've attempted. It tells the story of Salma Hayek's character in the first one and actually has a plot, good acting, lasts just long enough and has enough content to be entertaining and not exhausting. I also want to add that Ara Celi is a GREAT substitution for Salma cause she is just as FINE! :)

The movie does suffer from some of the hokey tricks that plagued Texas Blood Money and is campy, but that's half the appeal of these types of movies. They're not Shakespeare, they're to entertain...and bringing back Michael Parks was a stroke of genius and if you want to see how diverse an actor he is, watch this movie and the first moments of the original where he's featured. If you're jonezing to revisit some old friends at the Titty Twister saloon, rent this one and TOTALLY AVOID the second sequel.
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Actually, I thought it was pretty cool
Kristine22 March 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw the first From Dusk Till Dawn film, I thought it was very cool and an awesome movie. Then I had the experience of the second From Dusk Till Dawn movie, and oh, wow, I don't even wanna talk about it, it wasn't horrible, but compared to the first From Dusk Till Dawn movie, it was pretty bad. But when I saw the sequel for rent From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter, my boyfriend had said the third one wasn't as bad, so I figured to give it a shot. Now despite some over the top cheesiness, it was a good time to watch. We sometimes need the gore, especially when it comes to vampires, I love the romantic vampire films, but sometimes you need the good scare and gore. From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter will not disappoint on that part and I think this was the better sequel.

Johnny is an outlaw/murderer who is about to be hanged, but is saved by an admirer, he saves the hangman's daughter, Esmerelda. Together they ride off, the admirer, a girl, Reece, who wants to learn his techniques, but she's stupid enough to go under his wing and pays for it. Another group, Ambrose, John, and Mary, are robbed and are left to the desert. But they all end up meeting in the same spot, at the bar where they are open from dusk until dawn with hungry vampires.

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter is actually a very cool film. I was pretty impressed with how it was scary and gory, the story was decent enough. The only thing I thought was a little silly was when the vampire says to Mary "let's dance" or something like that, it was unbelievable a little out of character. But the last scene with the vampires was very cool and had some awesome deaths. But I won't give anything away. Just trust me, this is a good sequel.

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All in all, quite an impressive piece of work.
cappados15 March 2007
After seeing the PATHETIC From Dusk Til Dawn 2, wasn't expecting much , but I was pleasantly surprised. I won't spoil the movie for anyone but this story (which is actually the prequel to the excellent original From Dusk Til Dawn) is well written and well directed. Great production values, very interesting characters, decent plot, ASTONISHING action sequences.

And WHAT A CAST! Michael Parks is amazing as Ambrose Bierce, Temura Morrison is terrifying as the Hangman--and then you've got Marco Leonardi, Sonya Braga, Rebecca Gayheart, and Orlando Jones! All in all, quite an impressive piece of work.
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Why Ambrose Bierce?
Gregorso17 July 2009
What everyone seems to be missing is the significance of Ambrose Bierce. He's a real 19th century author, and the film takes it's title from one of his books. He's best known for the classic twist at the end of "Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge". (It was made into an episode of the original Twilight Zone.) This film hints a few times that a similar twist will take place... but it never does. Why is there no payoff after building up the Bierce character with so much historical detail? Anyway, the film is not bad, which is surprising, considering that they just rewrote the script from the first film into a Old Western setting.

Bierce's story "The Damned Thing" was produced as an episode of Showtime's "Masters of Horror."
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Wants more than it delivers
Fredrik Carlsson14 April 2007
However, what it delivers isn't a little.

The prelude, if you will, actually lasts the majority of the movie. The horror doesn't start until very late. Until then it's a violent western tale to be told. And if there was time and money on this project I think it could have delivered a whole lot more.

Still doesn't measure up to the first movie, but was a whole lot better than the second one. Besides, Western/Vampire Horror Movie isn't something you see every day and it earns points just for that.

I definitely recommend this movie, it's not about to change your world, but it's different enough to be entertaining and imaginative enough to be interesting.
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A 100 times better than the previous movie.
CharltonBoy6 October 2002
You know, this film aint too bad at all! this is an entertaining horror flick that returns to the quality of the first film and away from the pure drivel of the second movie. this is set in the past and we see the Vampire club as it was in the past. Like the first movie in this we see no monster action for the first half and pure blood sucking gore for the entire second half of the film. This not to say the first half is poor because it isn't. Again like the first movie the first half is different yet very watchable.

The acting is very good and the special affect are ok if not spectacular.The story is hardly ground breaking but at times this is very funny and in the moments when it was supposed to be, not like in the second movie when it was funny when they were trying to be serious! An above average horror that is hard not to like. 7 out of 10.
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"You're a monster!"
mylimbo14 August 2010
Just like the previous sequel, the third entry of the "From Dusk till Dawn" franchise would be another quickly produced straight-to-video sequel that would be somewhat a prequel to the original film. While I didn't think the second entry was as bad that it's usually made out to be, however "Hangman's Daughter" is still a definite improvement over "Texas Blood Money". In a way it kind of plays out more similar to the original, only this time the carnage is set in the early 1900s (where the Old West was coming to an end) to be finally played out once again in the seamy Mexican tavern that harbours blood-gushing surprises for its guests. For most part this horror western comedy is very well executed, as it's brashly pieced with its admirably crafted make-up FX, slickly directed for its low-scale budget and colourfully acted. The sweeping camera has scope framing the moody, sunbaked landscapes and story dramatics with constant flair with that spaghetti western brutality shinning through. It wears its influences quite proudly too. The mellow story starts of episodic --- focusing on an Civil war hero looking to long for some cause while on the other side is an infamous outlaw with a hypnotic runaway beauty whose father (a hangman) follows their trail. But the two while crossing paths during stages, eventually come to be one when they encounter an orgy of alcohol, sexuality and blood at a desolate inn that just happens to be home for the blood-sucking kind. Strangely enough while nasty and kinetic, I thought it became tiring when the survivors of the feeding work together despite their differences and try to fend off the vampires, as I thought the initial build-up was interestingly offbeat with its dry humour and lasting bite despite the systematic staples. Michael Park's wry character Ambrose Bierce is a fascinating one, as he pretty much soaks it up with little effort in which doing so emits an ambiguously tainted air about him. Marco Leonardi is quite a live-wire as the outlaw Johnny Madrid and his combination with the lovely, if pouty Ara Celi comes off. Temuera Morrison provides aggression and then Lennie Loftin and Rebecca Gayheart give out that twitchy energy as a married religious couple. In support is modest turns by Sonia Braga (who looks great!), Jordana Spiro, Orlando Jones and an always worthwhile Danny Trejo.
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An interesting second sequel. I was impressed.
Aphex9714 April 2001
After seeing the mediocre (at best) From Dusk Til Dawn 2, I was not expecting much from the 2nd sequel, but I was pleasantly surprised. I won't spoil the movie for anyone but this story (which is actually the prequel to the excellent original From Dusk Til Dawn) is well written and well directed. Good production values, very interesting and likeable characters, decent plot, nice action sequences, and a few good twists make this one a winner.

My rating: 7/10 - Good with few flaws.
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Back to being decent
RickHarvey11 July 2010
From dusk till dawn 3: the Hangman's daughter, it basically a remake of of the first From dusk to dawn. The difference being that it based 100 years in the past . What starts out as a western ends in a gory vampire fight. Just like Crime thriller turned Gory vampire fight. After the very disappointing sequel, the producers decided to make a prequel in which it tells the story of how Santanico Pandemonium came to be. Is this story a good one? Well it can certainly hold your attention for the whole length of the film.

If there one positive to take out from this film then it the fact that it has the same feel as the original. The second film failed due to fact that it was a totally different vampire film. The script is average, the acting is good enough and the direction is good. The shootouts are well executed and the effects are again decent. if anything, the woman who played Reece was poor.

Overall this a enjoyable film, nothing spectacular but after the very bad sequel, i guess you don't care.
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Nice chapter, a lot better than the second one!
mario_c15 April 2008
Not being as good as the original, this third chapter of From Dusk Till Dawn is a lot better than the second! Because of two main reasons: 1) It has a much better cinematography, as it's not a cheap B-series movie like the other one; 2) It follows an important premise of the original movie (which the second movie didn't do): a great part of the action is passed inside the vampires' bar. So, in spite of having the plot set on a different age (the XIX century) I think this film is a lot closer to the original than the second one. On the other hand it can be considered a prequel to the original film, especially to the bar and to SANTANICO PANDEMONIUM character.

I enjoyed the plot, the characters, the soundtrack (excellent and powerful sounds during the fighting scenes inside the bar!!) and the acting. Nice film!
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Unexpectedly Good
Terminator-29 June 2000
I felt i had to write this comment so that those of you out there who, like me, watched Dusk Till Dawn 2 & were VERY disappointed, will give this one a go. It is very well made, has lots of lovely gore & girls and, unlike no.2, has a good script. Trust me, rent this one and you will enjoy yourself...
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Not as good as the first...but a hell of a lot better then the second!!!
egs29 December 2000
After Watching From Dusk Till Dawn, i fell in love with the movie. I couldn't wait till the sequels came out! I didn't even mind the fact that they where being released to video, because the first one was so great, they couldnt possibly screw up! That was until i saw From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money. There where only a few entertaining parts in that film, and when i saw a few...i truley mean it! I thought they wouldnt even release the third installment after how horrible the second one was. But luckily they did! Hangmans Daughter is a far superior film compared to the Texas Blood Money. Sure this film does not surpass its original, but i will amdit for a sequel it is a good film. The cinematography is amazing, and the characters are well acted. I think the story is very entertaining, and explains things about the first film, which i thought was interesting! Its just the way this film shot, that makes it diffrent from the first and especially the second! And definatly as one person stated Rodriquze really did have his hands on this film! Some of the style does remind you of his earlier work!

All in all, a good film, that doesn't surpass the first...but as a film on its own its a good film, with style! Rent it if you have some spare time! But just make sure you like From Dusk Till Dawn, or you might not enjoy this film as much!
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You have no idea what you have unleashed.
lastliberal15 July 2007
This film starts off with action reminiscent of Sergio Leone's spaghetti westerns. It takes place 100 years before From Dusk to Dawn. The battle in the beginning is exciting, but the film soon bogs down to tedium until they arrive at their destination - a Catina similar to the first film, where they find our old pal Danny Trejo.

The bar scene is much better that DTD and the action gets hot and heavy as Esmeralda/Santanico Pandemonium (Ara Celi) comes home.

Michael Parks stars as Ambrose Bierce, who was a real writer who really joined Pancho Villa's army and disappeared in Mexico. Maybe he went back to the Catina and joined the vampires.

The film also stars Marco Leonardi and Rebecca Gayheart.

Lots of exciting makeup, special effects and gore at the end.
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Damn good film--surprisingly so
takoxtako25 November 2003
Starts out like a Sergio Leone Western and mutates into a vampire film like the original. Great shootouts, surprisingly good cast and performances, beautifully shot. Not a great script (unfortunately no Tarantino writing on this one) but a damn good piece of work.
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Better than the second one.
tomimt3 August 2006
Surprisingly enough 'From Dusk Till Dawn 3' is a western/horror unlike its predecessors. But the setting is mainly the only difference here, as the end part of he film is a vampire slaughter fest.

Unlike the part 2, FDTD3 actually takes place in the bar, that will be known as the Titty Twister on the first film. This time a bunch of outlaws and travelers and soldiers find their way in this brothel. After a bit the true nature of the bar patrons is revealed and the blood fest begins.

Out of the sequels of 'From Dusk Till Dawn' this one is clearly the better one. Jokes work better and actors do their best and even the small, yet predictable plot works pretty well.

All things together, 'From Dusk Till Dawn 3' ain't the greatest film ever, but it is good way to spend an hour and a half.
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Terrific,even better than the original.
Locke Cole18 April 2001
This terrific film is one of the greatest movies of all time.I watched the first one and it became my favorite movie.I watched the second and it did the same.Then I watched this spectacular work and now this is my favorite.This masterpiece is well worth your time and money.I highly recommend it.
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Mindless fun.
HumanoidOfFlesh7 May 2004
"From Dusk Till Dawn 3:The Hangman's Daughter" is actually a prequel to the first film,because it explores the origins of Salma Hayek's character Santanico Pandemonium from the first feature.It's also a big improvement over the disappointing first sequel "Texas Blood Money".The first hour of the film plays almost like an European spaghetti western.Great actor Michael Parks gets a lead role as a real life civil war veteran and writer Ambrose Bierce.Temeura Morrison is excellent as the nasty hangman.It's nice to see a very beautiful Sonia Braga as a vampire princess Quixtla.The gore is plentiful and suitably nasty(vampires lick blood off the floor,off their victims,rip out jugulars,there are decapitations,stabbings etc.)Unfortunately some CGI effects are quite unconvincing,but "The Hangman's Daughter" is enjoyable enough to watch it few times.Give it a look,if you're a fan of "From Dusk Till Dawn" series.
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Why did I even bother?
TheOtherFool25 April 2004
I wasn't too impressed by the first two parts, but hell, once you've seen two you might as well make it three. Not that I would've missed anything if I skipped this one...

Movie starts out as a western, and this sure is the best part. Classy, stylish shots in the desert, and it even has something of a story. But once they come near to that famous bar, you know it's gonna be just like the first two movies...

Rebecca Gayheart is gorgeous and Michael Parks is great as writer Ambrose Bierce, but thats about it.

Only watch if you're a big fan of the series, 4/10.
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Way better than the Second, FDTD3 deserves more credit.
tbeales15 June 2003
I think Dusk till Dawn 3 deserves more credit than it receives. It has originality and good character development. It's one of those types of movies one has to be watched more than once to enjoy. furthermore, I rarely see a third, or part three remake of a movie even worth mentioning. It has the sheriff from the first FDTD playing the brracho. Good relation to the original story line too. I have to say this movie is better thought as a prequal to the first one. I have a copy on DVD.
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this movie kicks serious ass!
samidavisjr25 June 2001
unbelievable! serious action spaghetti western, this movie has pace and power. if you like the first one, you'll dig this--if you didn't get the first one, you might still like the feel and look of the first half (the western).
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OK horror gorefest; better than DUSK TILL DAWN 2
AlabamaWorley197126 March 2000
Anything HAD to be better than FROM DUSK TILL DAWN 2 (what with bat-cams and skull-cams and all that garbage). This is better, and not a bad rental. Mighty gory. I like the boy that played Johnny Madrid, muy cute.
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Awesome Prequel
eaglewayprod14 April 2004
OK, this is not a sequel to the original from Dusk till Dawn, but a Prequel. This tells the story of how the Princess came to the Whorehouse and joined with the Vampires. Which is why it's a Prequel it takes place 100 years before From Dusk Till Dawn. I've seen all of these films and the first one was of course the best and the second as we all know, sucked. This one was surprisingly good. Actually as Prequel's go this one was awesome. I was curious to see how Santanico found her way to the Titty Twister. I loved hearing how she was already half human and half vampire and a princess and to see her become a full fledged vampirewas awesome. They found the perfect actress to play young Selma Hyek.
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More staking in the Titty Twister.
bthomas-427 January 2000
I know a lot of people were disappointed with the first FROM DUSK TILL DAWN sequel TEXAS BLOOD MONEY but i think most fans will be surprised by this one.

Whereas the first film was part gangster movie and part horror film this one starts out as a western then goes into a horror film.

My favorite film of all time is the original FROM DUSK TILL DAWN and i think this one is a worthy sequel or prequel in this case. I especially liked the performances by Michael Parks as Ambrose Bierce and Marco Leonardi. The only problem with the film (same as with TEXAS BLOOD MONEY) is that i would've liked to see more staking the vamps action. HANGMAN'S DAUGHTER only had two meltdowns.

Over all fans of the original film should enjoy this movie. I sure did.
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