Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998) Poster

Plot Keywords

halloween school
nightmare michael myers
death california
alcoholism family relationships
hiding seventh part
fire extinguisher elevator
splatter nurse
returning character killed off serial killer
evil uncle throat slitting
blood secretary
knife throwing security guard
alcoholic telephone
paranoia sequel
prologue character's point of view camera shot
truck sitting
brother sister relationship falling from height
police lifting someone into the air
key ambulance
dead body mother son relationship
pistol road stop
boarding school lifting a male into the air
axe in the chest gate
teenager stabbing
candle loss of friend
good versus evil car accident
chase weapon
hockey newspaper clipping
girl subjective camera
masked villain white mask
policeman mask
home intruder sequel with unusual number
breaking and entering body bag
slasher stabbed to death
1990s toilet
axe villain not really dead cliche
lifting an adult into the air pumpkin
door bell heroine
cult film kitchen
garbage disposal flower
hiding in a closet murder
head chopped off divorcee
attempted murder delusion
stabbed in the leg boyfriend girlfriend relationship
uniform decapitation
car trouble stolen car
hallucination teenage boy
secret identity high school
underage drinking butcher knife
survivor axe murder
reflection stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back stabbed in the face
drugs hiding place
severed head flashlight
faked death school counselor
masked killer wine
knife death of friend
independent film number in title
actor shares first name with character

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