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A Great Feel-Good Comedy.
movies2u30 January 2002
All I Wanna Do, or Strike was a great and funny movie. I don't know why it's called Strike on this website, but on the cover it says All I Wanna Do. This movie had a great cast: Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffman, Lynn Redgrave, Rachael Leigh Cook, Heather Matarazzo, and Matt Lawrence. This movie is about Miss Godar's School For Girls, and when Odette comes, she meets Verena and all of her friends, and becomes a part of a club that is named after cold raviolies, is held in the attic of the school. Then, when Miss Godard's school is to become a coed school, the girls have something to say about it, and plan to ruin the Ambros School for Boys permanantley! This is a real feel good comedy. I give All I Wanna Do a 10 out of 10!!! :)
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Cute Teen Film!
famousgir118 May 2001
Strike is a great teen 'girl-power type' film with a cool cast including: Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffmann, Monica Keena and Heather Matarazzo who are all brilliant in their roles. Might I just add that the film also includes some VERY cute guys. Anyway, if you like all the other teen films about, I'm sure you'll love Strike. I give the film a 10/10. Great!
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Teen pranks with a purpose.
acearms20 October 2003
Cute movie with lots of laughs and teen attempts to change the world. I enjoyed this one for the humor and the realistic aspects of what teenagers can and will do. Young love not to be over looked. Whether prep school, college or finishing, kids will find a way to out smart the school administration and that's what this movie is about. If you want humorous entertainment, this is the one for you.
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All I Wanna watch this movie.
Scarlet1327 December 2001
Okay, so that's a little much. But seriously, this is one of the funniest teen-related movies I've seen, and I've seen most of them. The cast is delightful, especially Kirsten Dunst as Verena, the quick-witted ringleader of the Daughters of the American Ravioli. She and her friends Tinka, Tweetie, and Momo take Odette, a new student at Miss Goddard's School for Girls, under their trouble-making, big-dreaming wings and try to stop their beloved school from going co-ed. It sounds like a thin premise for a movie, and maybe it is, but the characters are real and humorous and some of the scenes are extremely funny. The dance, where Verena and Momo spike the punch and intoxicate the choir boys of St. Ambrose, is hilarious, especially if you can pick out Hayden Christensen as a drunken student. And Tom Guiry, Scotty Smalls of "The Sandlot" fame, grew up and got himself some muscles. My one real problem with this movie was Gaby Hoffman as Odette. She was, for the most part, the one dull person in a crowd of comical characters. Her main goal is to be an "ex-virgin" and then become a politician. She's rather boring and expressionless compared to the rest of the DAR. This movie is funny and charming and perfect for a group of girlfriends to watch together. I'd suggest it along the same lines as "Ten Things I Hate About You." I give it 7 stars out of 10.
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Shelly-304 October 2001
From the moment Odette Sinclair sets foot in Miss Goddard's School for Girls, disaster is sure to follow. She then hooks up with members of the DAR (Daughters of the American Ravioli), a secret club of girls who discuss their futures over ravioli. Then comes the big news: Miss Goddard's may go co-ed. The group splits up over this issue, but then are reunited when they realise how awful the St. Ambrose students are (with a little help from some local townies).

It also doesn't matter that Tweety is bulimic, or that Odie hates being separated from her boyfriend; nothing matters anymore when the girls come together to fight the boys. I thoroughly enjoyed the film...and I'm in my early twenties, for pete's sake!

Up your ziggy with a wa-wa brush!
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Not all girls just wanna have fun.
Michael O'Keefe29 August 2001
Cute and sassy. Both the movie and Kirsten Dunst. Also known as ALL I WANNA DO. Miss Godard's School for Girls is about to go coed. A small group of students led by Miss Dunst gather around cold cans of ravioli to plot their futures and scheme of ways to stop their school from merging with an all boys school. Not total girlish whimsy...there is the underlying recognition of togetherness. And some girls even have ambition. No brainer, but enjoyable.

Very fine support from:Gaby Hoffman, Rachel Leigh Cook, Monika Keena and veteran actress Lynn Redgrave.
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aklep28 November 1998
The in-crowd at Miss Godard's,a highbrow New England girls boarding school,has waged an all-out war against the administration,which wants to merge with St.Ambrose, a nearby boys prep school.Although the St.Ambrose boys are the very same boys these young women want to be at social events,and event on occasion,lust after,they do not want them in the same classroom.Odette (Gaby Hoffmann),the clique's brainy ringleader ,takes Verena (Kirsten dunst),tinka (Monica keena) and tweety (Heather matarazzo)and Merrit weaver along on a bumpy-but often hilarious-road of misadventures as they attempt to keep their school boy-free while constantly fighting with Abby (Rachael leigh cook),Miss Godard's tattletale moniter.What it lacks in suspense (you know what's gonna happen the first 15 minutes)STRIKE!makes up for its CHARM!
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5 girls at an all girls school find out they're merging with a boys school, and are totally against it...
i_luv_pf22 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This has got to be my favorite movie of all times- i've watched it at least 50 times, and I know the entire script! its about a girls school, and they found out they're going to merge with a boys school, so they try to stop it at all costs. It shows i twisted version of how life was back then, and its hilarious to see all their plans to stop the merger.

Kirsten Dunst is the leader, and she's great at it! Also Gaby Hoffman is the new girl and is split between whether to support th merger or be against it, as half the DAR(daughters of the American ravioli- they eat canned ravioli in a secret room in the attic of their school)love boys and want to go through with the merger, and the other ones think it will pull down their grade average, and all their friends will become bimbos to impress the boys. She doesn't want to lose either of her friends, so tries to be for it and against it at the same time. It shows that not all teenage girls at girls schools are obsessed with boys, and even though it's a bit over-the-top, it's so fun to watch. I give it 2 thumbs up- definitely a must see!
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THE BEST teen movie out there...
frenchkiss_054 November 2006
Me and my girls ALWAYS watch STRIKE when we have sleep overs. YES, it is a chick flick and it is a teen movie. But it's always such a joy to watch this: it's got great female characters you easily get attached to, good sub-plots that make it more believable and an unlimited amount of unforgettable quotes and jokes. The theme of the movie is really STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BVELIEVE ME. But also ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOUR FRIENDS. I, personally, love teen movies that are both hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. And this is definitely one of the best teen movies out there. I also really like ''Never Been Kissed'',''10 Things I Hate About You'',''Down To You'' and ''She's All That''. And if you've seen and enjoyed all of these movies and haven't seen ''STRIKE'' yet, get your butt of that chair and run to the video store. You won't regret it.
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I've been in a all girls' school and they are playing our lives!
Leanne Lin7 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It is definitely a movie that touched my heart and made me moved to LOTS of tears!

I've recommended this movie to some friends, expecting them to feel the same way that I felt. It's so good to see somebody playing your life in a movie.This is a movie based on a private girls' boarding school and also a true story happened on the director herself years ago, in her teenage life.

In the movie, those girls have dreams of their own. And they all achieve their goals after stepping into the grow-ups' world (they really are very successful in real world). I was touched because I saw how much they cherish each other's secret and how heartedly they help each other through the difficulties in reaching out for their dreams. I , like them, have lived in a all-girls boarding school for 6 years. The movie reminded me those times at many nights, in our beds, my friends and I listened carefully to each other's dream about future, we share our young hearts, just like the girls in the movie do.

I don't know what other people would think of this movie, especially males. But after reading some critics about this movie, I know that it is time for girls to stand out. There has never been any movie like this to tell what a girl really wants and how we girls think ourselves are. Any girls who have spend their teenage time in Wesley would love this movie like I do , because during the movie I cry out several time that" it's just like what we do in school!". I think mothers would love this film because don't they always want to know what their girls are doing in school! Also teachers in school would pleased to see this movie because many things they want these girls to know but don't know in what way to teach them is the best way are shown in the movie. We will all smile and understand that what a girl's responsibility is to respect our own dream and to think that we are so important.

Strike is definitely fitted to girls who want to prove the real woman in them. It shows how friendship will eventually conquer all. I really liked this because it showed the value of friendship and trust in our teenage life. I hope everyone has a great time seeing this because I did.
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Congratulations, Sarah Kernochan
laurie_poet29 January 2002
Very, very good movie. I'm a big movie fan, but I'm picky about what I like and I like this. The characters, in my opinion, were well-chosen for the parts they played.

I, however, had a problem with Gaby Hoffman as Odette/Odius/Odie Sinclair who is a new arrival in this movie. It's like she's trying too hard to be cool among the girls, which rubbed me the wrong way, especially at the end when they fought back and she was the leader.

But the movie was a big success, in my point of view. I loved how Tinka fell in love with "Little Rascal"-esque Snake ("She's sucking his face off!") and how her St. Ambrose date was a little...premature but a major cutie, who grew up ALOT. All in all, it was a great hit of a movie and recommend it to anyone.
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A Movie Almost all Teenage Girls Will Love
Steph-8728 August 1999
I went to see this movie on my 15th birthday. The theatre was quite empty, considering it had just come out. One of the problems was that it was given such bad reviews by all the newspapers. The problem is the reviews were written by middle aged men, which is definitely not the target audience. No wonder it didn't do well. I loved the movie. Every second, every scene. I wished I were one of the main actresses in it. I was a fan of almost all the main actresses, Kirsten Dunst, Gaby Hoffman, Rachel Leigh Cook, and the actress who played Tinka. The whole movie looked like a lot of fun. Though it was full of cliches, it was still worth seeing, and I would see it again, and again, and again, if it wasn't for the fact that I can't find it in any movie stores. This is definitely a movie that you would want to watch with your best friends, with a pint of ice cream.
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A nice attempt.
johnny-14317 June 2001
I appreciate this film, even if I don't like it much. It helps if you went to an all girls school and have had some of these experiences. But the plot isn't much to speak of, and a lot of the performances are simply over the top. It's shot poorly and the music isn't very good, but some of the performers are quite game, including Kirstin Dunst and Monica Keena. Overall, I guess this would be a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon with your girlfriends, if you're 15 years old and in school.
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If You're a girl, you MUST see it.
soda_pop4118 January 2000
This story is about the teenage girls who plays the dirty tricks on the school boys from the different school and saving the girl school in danger. I watched this movie in the theater AND with VCD and I love this movie. My boyfriend slept in the theater, though. Maybe this movie is NOT for the boys. Chris is a BIG fan of Kirsten Dunst and Gaby Hoffman, but he said he just didn't like the movie. I thought Kirsten Dunst played Verena really well. She's such a intelligent actress in Hollywood. Rachael Leigh Cook was cute in the movie playing a spoiled girl. I give 8 out of 10. If you want to watch a movie like this, rent 'Now and Then'. You'll see Gaby in 12.
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A Chick-flick that us Guys can Like Too!
Ddey658 April 2004
There's much more to this movie than such sitcom catchphrases as "Up your ziggy with a wa-wa brush," and "Masterly." As I said in my comment on "Can't Hardly Wait"(1998) this is the kind of movies that teenagers need, and I didn't just mean teenage boys. Unfortunately, this was in and out of the theaters much too quickly. The only reason I saw it was because it was on Encore as part of a block of movies that were introduced by Alison Sie, who I'd like to thank for letting us know about it. To make matters worse, in order to see the more suggestive and erotic aspects of this movie, you'd have to go to Canada. We Americans are being ripped off.

Our story begins in early 1963, where a Motor-City Maiden named Odette Sinclair(Gabby Hoffman) is determined to lose her virginity, until her mother catches her with a birth-control device and ships her and her horse off to Miss Goddard's School for Girls, an all-girls boarding school, supposedly in Connecticut which she think is "surrounded by high walls and lesbians." The high walls part is right, but the "lesbians,..." you'll find that out later.

While at first she and they want nothing to do with each other, eventually they warm up to her and decide to help her out, by getting her to join an organization called "the Daughters of the American Ravioli." Miss Godard's Girls aren't just "talented and organized," they're the wildest boarding school girls since The Belles of St. Trinian's, and believe it or not, kind of cute too. This is helpful, because they're not afraid of their sexuality and know how to use it to get what the want at a time when girls(especially upper crust ones) were expected to be "prim and proper." The Flat Critters are the geekiest greaser gang ever to grace a period piece movie from the 1950's or early-'60's. And they also become a suprising relief in the face of a potential merger with the St. Ambrose Boys' Academy. St. Ambrose Headmaster Armstrong(Michael J. Reynolds) sounds like the narrator on "Underdog"(1964), and if I had been a kid in that period, I would've sworn he did that on the side. Nevertheless, it's the arrival of the St. Ambrose school for a school dance/test merger that leads to a prank rivaling some of the teen movies of the late-1970's and early-1980's. And when that doesn't work, Odie leads them all on a major student strike!

In defense of us guys, I'd like to point out that when we lust for you women, it's not a conspiracy to drag you down to the bottom of the economic totem pole. It's just a conspiracy to get you into our beds, or get into yours. Perhaps over 20 years ago when I was a teenager I might not have understood the desire to keep such schools separate, but I can see the reasons now. Not that I'm endorsing sexual segregation, mind you. I'm just endorsing this movie.
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ImogenForrest13 June 2003
This is really great film. I loved that it was set in the sixties, but it's the kind of script that could have been set any time including present day. Anyone thinking of watching it and hasn't, you should go out and hire it.
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A Fun, Funny, Feel-Good movie
kcjones872 June 2003
I ALMOST skipped this movie on a shelf at the video store, but I'm glad I didn't because it turned out to be one of my favorites. I was surprised that with it's well-known (and well cast) group of actors it didn't have a bigger release, but it's worth searching out if it's not at your local Blockbuster.

The story takes place in 1963 and revolves around a group of best friends at an all girls boarding school. The girls take place in countless adventures and mis-adventures, determined to get what they want and find ways around the school rules. They have an amazingly tight friendship and find fun and trouble in almost every situation. However, when they find out that they're school is merging with a boys boarding school, they have mixed feelings, but attempt to pull off their craziest scheme yet.

The acting was great, it was full of timely AND timeless humor, and is a fun, feel-good movie. The more I watch it, the more funny moments I find hidden in. It probably won't be the best movie you'll ever see, but it's something everyone (especially teen girls) will enjoy.
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A hilarious must-see with an awesome cast.
Count von Groovy7 June 2002
Hilarious movie with an awesome cast of very funny girls. I love the plot and the funny comments like "up your ziggy with a wa-wa brush!". Rachel Leigh Cook is such funny brown noser and the D.A.R. girls lead the movie's comedy through the whole thing. A must-see for any Rachel Leigh Cook or Kirsten Dunst fan.
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Required viewing for teenaged girls
moggie15 May 1999
I would group this 1998 movie -- along with its fairy tale counterpart "Ever After" -- among the must see movies for teenaged girls. Watching this movie at 25, i wish that it had come out when i was a teenager -- it is an empowering and inspiring movies for girls of all ages.

The movie explores the unique atmosphere of an all girls school in 1963. While a good number of the students dislike the cloistered atmosphere, a few individuals discover that their school is to become co-ed with a well moneyed yet bottom of the barrel boys school.

They become worried -- after all, an all girls school is an excellent place to mature, to become independent and to think on your own without the overpowering and distractive influence of male students. They are afraid that going coed will limit the possibilities for their future. And, it will mean "washing your hair every night, getting up at 6 to push those tits, blitz those zits. When you get to class, only the boys will be called on, but that's okay because you're so tired you can't even think. So you drink nothing but coffee at lunch, but that's okay, because you're on a diet anyways."

So, a small group of girls who definitely do not want to have their dreams squashed lead a rebellion against the oncoming changes.

Over all, this movie is an effective look at the "second curriculum" -- the phenomenon of girls being less assertive, more quiet and more prone to downplaying their intelligent in a coed learning environment. A phenomenon that unfortunately continues to this day.

That's the reason why girls should see this movie -- it could open their eyes to the reality of education systems.

Plus, its tonnes of fun. :)

Standout performances in this movie include Lynn Redgrave as Ms. McVane -- the headmistress of the girls' school. She plays her role with the most perfect combination of school leadership, frustration at the "unfairness of the world", and admiration and love for her empowered students.

Rachael Leigh Cook is also very good as the good-two-shoes student. Prissy, pretty and in the end, defiant -- the role is a good one for her.

Maura's review: 8/10
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A cool movie about Girl Power!
liv-430 December 1998
I loved this movie, not only because it had a great plot, it had great young actresses playing the lead characters. Each girl's personality was different and everyone had different opinions about the all girls school combining with an all boys school. Filled with lots of funny, poignant moments......a movie you don't wanna miss!
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Charming movie for girls everywhere!
josie1829 February 2001
Lately, I've been very disappointed with teen comedies these days, but when I came across 'All I wanna do' (aka Strike!) I was impressed by the cast so I decided to give it a try. I was surprised and delighted to see that 'Strike!' not only has a plot unlike many teen movies today, but doesn't show teen girls in a trashy way using nudity such as movies like 'Road Trip'. The movie actually empowers girls. It's a great flick to watch with a sister or a best friend and I recommend it to anyone who is sick of seeing teenage girls being reduced to trash. Also, the movie has the exceptionally talented Kirsten Dunst who is wonderful. Another person who I thought stood out was Rachel Leigh Cook who did a great job as the snobby miss goody-two shoes.
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The Hairy Bird doesn't Strike! out, All I Wanna Do is recommend it far and wide!
RavenGlamDVDCollector11 October 2015
To end the confusion once and for all, the film was made as THE HAIRY BIRD and, yes, the title is wordplay on the male wedding tackle (hilarious really, that cute little cartoon bird that fails at its attempts to take to flight in the title sequence is, in fact, a comically animated 'man's nether bits', and quite ballsy, huh?) but then the distributors backed off not to be offensive, and it was released in Canada as STRIKE! (bland!) and in the US as ALL I WANNA DO (passable, I suppose). There is the referral early on in the movie 'this school eats the hairy bird' which (would have) fitted in nicely with the far more clever original title.

I downloaded the trailer and wasn't entirely convinced that it would be great, but I have loads of Kirsten Dunst movies in my RavenGlam collection, so what the hell, I bought it because she is in it. And I'm glad, no THANKFUL, I did. Movie only became a hit with me in the second half, mainly because Gaby Hoffman failed to impress, let me not pussyfoot around that any longer. She's mostly boring, and ensemble cast 'up your ziggie with a wah-wah brush!' she's virtually the female lead. There's too little zing in the way the character is portrayed, so there you have a Flat Critter. Okay, so RavenGlamDVDCollector will always play favorites with the prettiest actresses, but here I have a rock-solid case! Go on, admit it! Three years later Canadian actress Jessica Paré (LOST AND DELIRIOUS) would have been perfect! Dammit I know you're gonna hate me for this suggestion, but surely there were much brighter candidates for this central part?

I just have to mention that Lynn Redgrave played the character of Miss McVane with a quiet rage that played off beautifully. I'm a guy, and I'm here to talk about Chicks, so if I break down, you have to know that Ms Redgrave did something tremendously right. Yes, the little folk has to stand together to have a voice!

And the song at the end just takes the cake! "The Hairy Bird"! I am well rewarded for my steadfast devotion all these years towards wading through everything, including end titles. I pity YES, PITY the lot of you who walked out of the theater or switched off on your rented DVDs because you missed the cherry on top! A hilarious, passion-killing rendition of the woes of an inexperienced young girl expecting a lovely surprise, but instead having to get acquainted with a guy's pecker on the first date on the back seat of his car... (Smaller than a mailbox, but bigger than one of those cocktail thingies...) And how the tables were turned! Ouch! I was out of there like a comet, I guess I slammed the door on it... Tell me, have you heard, how she crushed that Hairy Bird... Gee, that will teach you to switch off immediately!

Let me just say that Kirsten Dunst is oh-so cute, and then there's Monica Keena, the added surprise, she is lovely, ooh yeah. Enough to make hairy birds all over the world wanna dance with 'em. :)
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Classic girl-power movie
JenksAten14 September 2013
Every single female should watch this movie. It is empowering to watch these girls pull together and 'fight the system' to ensure they receive the best education they can - by using some well planned hi-jinx! Set in the socially turbulent 60's, the girls know that if their school is changed to co-ed, no longer will they focus on learning but on looking cute. through their brilliant and intelligence they foil the plans made by the board of directors to introduce male students into the all-girls school, and manage to make the boys all look like fools and trouble- makers. Though a few of the girls to fall prey to the 'love-bug', they all realize just how crucial their education is to their life-long plans. and nothing is going to stand in their way! you just Have to watch it! it's fun, touching, and as i said, very empowering! :o) Enjoy!
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A masterpiece
poem2 February 1999
I've seen this movie three times, and even if it wasn't too successful in cinema, (no surprise - the german title was "Maedchen an die Macht" - "maiden should get the power", and it looked like a movie for children), I think it is a masterpiece. I was fearing it could be only a feministic 'who needs a story? we are political correct anyway' like that 'G.I. Jane'-thing, but it isn't at all.

Well, the story itself is that a girl (named Odette Sinclair) is put into a woman only school, for her parents found out she wants to have sex with her boyfriend Dennis. At the beginning, she really hates this place; but then she finds friends under the other girls, especially she joins a secret pupil gang named "Daughters of the America Ravioli". The leader, Verena von Stefan, tries to help her with her plans about Dennis. One of the maiden, Tinka Parker, found out that their school, due to financial problems, will merge with a boy school. The reactions of the girls are quite different, for some are happy and some are angry about that.

The whole plot is excellent, the main characters are described in a very detailed and realistic way, but at the same time this film is very funny, for it shows the weaknesses and strengths of the persons in it, so one can recognize oneself or others one knows in them. Not only the girls, but also the boys and the adults are described very well, I especially had to laugh about Dennis (the boyfriend of Odette) which remembers me about myself, when I was in that age (knowing nothing about women). Also there are such real-life-like jokes that a girl which doesn't want a boy at all suddenly - and in the totally wrong moment - gets one, while the other which has missed her boyfriend all the time finally finds out that this boy knows nothing about her and that she has to leave him.

This picture is full of this, it is one of the seldom movies one may watch multiple times without getting bored by it.
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