The Green Mile (1999) Poster

Plot Keywords

prison prison guard
death row 1930s
murder prisoner
execution mental hospital
shot to death shot in the stomach
grabbed by the wrist sadistic prison guard
guard prisoner relationship grabbed by the throat
death row inmate sneaking out
reference to st. christopher male slaps a male
man slaps a man coughing
gagged belching
feet on desk hug
male female hug bare feet
male bare feet frenchman
padded cell punched in the face
sponge charred body
thunder and lightning handshake deal
saying boo cell block
pissed in pants urinating on one's self
grabbed in the crotch bald man
dragging someone nickel
moon pie solitary confinement
reference to wild bill hickok cigar box
n word cornbread
spitting in someone's face urinating on someone
urination killing a mouse
dead mouse male tears
trial transcript state penitentiary
louisiana state penitentiary calling into work saying you're sick
revolver hit on the back of one's head
yelling for help kneed in the crotch
lying on floor water closet
shaving someone's head year 1935
broken finger breaking someone's fingers
truncheon reference to mae west
telling someone to shut up face slap
tears fire hose used on a person
magical negro stereotype christian subtext
bladder infection forced perspective
murder of a child child rape
tragic event spirituality
three word title staircase
ring hammer
comb bleachers
weeping vest
toilet throwing garbage can
three piece suit suspenders
red paint pump action shotgun
prison road gang pocket watch
pail of water overhead shot
nightgown monologue
knife handshake
fire hose fire extinguisher
fedora electrical storm
double barreled shotgun doll
crucifix crotch grab
cross pendant corn broom
beer baton
barbecue astaire and rogers
30 30 rifle wrongful conviction
warden supernatural power
social injustice psychic power
prison life nostalgic
killer healing
flashback deliberate
cure criminal
convict compassion
african american materialization
color in title death penalty
cookie monster jail
no opening credits based on the works of stephen king
louisiana shooting
gun film projector
tragic hero coward
christ allegory racism
poetic justice gay slur
blockbuster electric chair
catatonic state drugged drink
racial slur elderly
spiritual healing mistake of law
racial injustice terminal illness
sadism healer
mental institution brain tumor
christianity redemption
strait jacket mouse
southern u.s. nursing home
wetting pants spit in the face
miracle capital punishment
extrasensory perception urinary tract infection
based on novel title spoken by character
surprise ending

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