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When Susan is packing to move to Reeds building, Victor picks up a rolled item of clothing. In the next shot, it has changed color and shape.

Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Dr. Doom is bending Reed Richards finger back when he's super cooled, Dr. Doom's hand slips and lets Reed's finger go at the end of the shot, but it continues to make the crunchy noises as if he is still bending the finger.
During the motorcycle show you can hear the announcer speak, during an overview shot, but you can clearly see that he doesn't have the microphone near his mouth.

Character error 

Reed and Sue's warning to Johnny about approaching 4000 degrees kelvin is wrong on two counts. Not only is this not approaching the temperature of the parts of the Sun that actually 'burn' hydrogen (the Core and the Corona, which are a thousand times hotter) but as a single point of heat only the air in the local vicinity would burn - not the whole planet's atmosphere. A far greater risk would be what in fact happened: objects near by would set alight and burn/melt.


As Susan Storm is containing the Super Nova being created by Johnny Storm her nose begins to bleed, but seconds later there is no sign of blood on her face.
As Von Doom is watching Mr. Fantastic on his monitors as he's doing the equations on the blackboards, the final underlined statement is already on the board - then Mr. Fantastic goes and writes it on the board, underlines it, and retracts his arm.
When Johnny Storm is coming out of the motorcycle show, he has his arms round the shoulders of two women. In the next shot he is linking arms with them then in the next shot, his arms are back round their shoulders.
When Thing and Doom fall through the pool into the hallway, the guy with the champagne glasses appears and disappears between shots.
When Sue goes invisible for the first time on the bridge, she has high heeled boots on, as she disrobes... her feet are bare but she didn't take off her shoes nor is there any sight of them when Johnny picks up her clothing from the road.
When they are discussing building a machine to reverse their powers, Ben has a piece of watermelon on his fork during the closeup on him as he starts to ask Reed if it is possible. As he continues the sentence, the watermelon has disappeared when the scene changes to a group focus.
When the waitress sets the stack of pancakes in front of Ben in the diner (with Von Doom), the butter pat slides off the side. In the next shot, the butter has magically jumped back to the top center of the stack, and stays there for the rest of the scene.
In the fight scene between Ben and Doom, they fall into a hotel pool, showing a guest on the floor below looking at the ceiling as water starts to leak. In the sequence they keep jumping from the man trying to get in his room to the ceiling. As the water is rushing down the hall, from Ben's prospective we see the hall empty, but then they switch back to the man just getting in the door in time as the water rushes by.
Victor Von Doom's facial injuries after the space station incident change from scene to scene. Starting at similar size on both the left and right, then only on his right (and longer) with no trace of the ones on his left. Although the increasing length of the right one could be due to his condition, this does not explain why the left one vanished.
When Ben squashes the bag of oranges to make juice, none of them are actually squashed.
When Johnny goes to see the "doctor" a nurse taking his temperature takes the thermometer out of his mouth, and then the very next camera angle shows Johnny removing the thermometer from his mouth a second time.
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(at around 57 minutes) When Von Doom goes to grab a towel in his bathroom he receives an electric shock to his right hand but looks to the left, all other shots in the rest of the scene show him looking left and it being on his left hand.
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When Sue Storm picks up the memories book that she finds in a drawer in the Baxter Building, she opens the book twice.

Errors in geography 

During scenes that are supposed to take place in New York, you can clearly see the Burrard and Granville bridges of Vancouver, BC.
The logo for CityTV of Vancouver is clearly visible in a street scene.
FDNY Ladder 54 is housed in the Bronx nowhere near the Brooklyn Bridge.
When Doom is fighting with Sue Storm, we can see the flash of Ben changing back into the Thing in the penthouse of the Baxter Building which is several blocks away. Less than a minute later, Thing crashes through the wall to save the day.

Factual errors 

When Reed is testing Johnny Storm's ability to "flame on" in a test chamber constructed of titanium, the recorded temperature exceeds 4000K. Titanium melts at 1941K, and boils at 3560K. As there were slots in the chamber walls, it is unlikely that any insulation would have been effective in maintaining the integrity of the chamber.
New York City Fire Department Ladder 54 is an aerialscope style "Tower Ladder" featuring a platform at the end of the ladder, not a "straightstick" that lacks the platform. In fact the FDNY currently has no midmount straightstick in service.
FDNY firefighters wear leather boots not rubber ones as seen in the film.
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When Reed is evaluating the group members, the screen lists Ben's powers as "superhuman strenght".

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In the bridge scene, Johnny and Reed encourage Sue to turn invisible so she can sneak past some police officers, forcing her to disrobe. After she sneaks past, Johnny and Reed run up to her carrying her clothes, they manage to pass by the police officers themselves since the officers are too stunned by seeing Sue turn invisible to notice.

Plot holes 

After returning to NY, the 4 are sequestered in the Baxter Building. After a few days, Johnny leaves without notice and he already has new vanity license plates on his car.
The Thing's weight is inconsistent throughout the film. For example, at the beginning, he's heavy enough to collapse a hospital bed while simply laying in it, but when he's thrown into a moving car by Dr. Doom at the end of the film, he does little more than dent the hood and apparently has little impact on the vehicle's maneuverability.

Revealing mistakes 

When the "Thing" gets out of the police van, you can see a blanket under the van which hides the hydraulic rams (so the van can move up and down because of the Thing's weight.)
When Victor Von Doom is shown proposing to Sue Storm in the space station, for a brief moment you can see a reflection of the blue screens they used to create "space".
During the first interview scene on the bridge, Johnny hugs Ben and you can see that his shoulder is actually soft foam, not rock.
When Doom hits Ben with the light pole and Ben hits the ground, concrete from the street comes up before he actually hits the pavement.
Although they are supposed to be in the Baxter Building, the lobby and the elevators are clearly those of the Empire State Building. Furthermore, the Empire State is even clearly pictured in a huge wood inlay in the lobby
When Ben stands on the beam that the jumper has retreated to on the bridge it bends several inches under his weight. After he jumps down onto the bridge surface it springs back to normal. Not only would a bend in such a beam be a permanent deformity, a mass large enough to cause such a bend would hit the asphalt with enough force to cause a similar depth crater - which does not happen. In fact if his weight remained at this level through out the movie every foot step he made would break paving slabs, floor tiles and pretty much every thing he walked on, and put him crashing through any floor not reinforced to bank vault levels in any multi-story building he tried to enter.
The first time Dr. Reed Richards stretches his arm out, he is wearing surgical scrubs - that also stretch with his arm.
When The Thing walks into the bar his footsteps are heavy enough to bounce the pool table and make the jukebox music jump, yet the drinks on the tables don't move at all.
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After Victor changes Ben back to human, he attacks Ben with a backhand strike. Ben flinches just before Victor starts his swing.
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When Johnny jumps off the building to avoid the missile, he flames up. As he shouts 'woo hoo' the 4 on his costume is back to front and on the other side, meaning that this shot was mirrored. This was fixed on the DVD release.
When the bird lands on the Thing and poops on him, the bird dropping is in front of the bird, not back.

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