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USA Today
The picture is solidly crafted, performed to the hilt and full of humor.
Rolling Stone
Bruckheimer and director Tony Scott have wisely set their course by Will Smith, who is sensational in a dramatic role that leans on him to carry a movie without the help of aliens or Big Willie-style jokes for every occasion.
Chicago Sun-Times
In too much of a hurry to be much of a people picture. And the standoff at the end edges perilously close to the ridiculous, for a movie that's tried so hard to be plausible.
Entertainment Weekly
A high-adrenaline, high-concept action thriller that mixes hot-button issues of privacy and surveillance, easy-to-identify good and bad guys, attention-getting stars, and well-choreographed chase scenes.
Everything you would want from a Big Brother film: Good-looking, preachy in an Old West kind of way, wobbling between humor and murder, hellbent and periodically brilliant.
It offers a solid two hours of pure, escapist entertainment.
Tony Scott's thriller is flashy, but it's not dead stupid and it's never dull.
A frustrating film that feels cobbled together.
To say Enemy of the State is senseless is an understatement. This is a movie where logic is the enemy.
Christian Science Monitor
The movie has plenty of high-tech power, spinning out action so explosive you'll hardly notice how preposterous the story is or how cardboard-thin the characters are.
The strong parts are the rip-offs of "The Conversation." The worst part is the lack of understandable character motivations.

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