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Entertainment Weekly
It's not every day you get to see a movie that begins in satire and ends in reverence, but then, for Kevin Smith, they may ultimately be the same thing.
Rolling Stone
The first commandment of Dogma: Thou shalt not stop laughing.
Mr. Showbiz
One of those special movies whose freshness and vitality are so bounteously infectious, your humble reviewer wishes everyone had the pleasure of discovering it brand-new and undescribed.
Chicago Sun-Times
If the film is less than perfect, it is because Smith is too much in love with his dialogue. Smith is a gifted comic writer who loves paradox, rhetoric and unexpected zingers from the blind side.
Mature, thoughtful and occasionally dazzling.
Boston Globe
Has that rarest of qualities in movies that think of themselves as religious. I'm talking about the vision thing. And the ability to make morality entertaining.
New York Daily News
A raunchy, irreverent, generally hilarious sendup of ritual and papal decree.
San Francisco Examiner
Dogma' is Kevin Smith's fourth film and it looks like his first but I'm not ready to quit him -- there's a landmark in him. I just wish the crafty, raucous Dogma was it.
Baltimore Sun
Suffused with a sophomoric sensibility that belies its more serious underpinnings.
USA Today
There is a keen intellect behind this devoutly defiant fable.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It does commit a cardinal sin of filmmaking. It's boring.

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