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13 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Vomit Comet

Author: garthbarnes-62014 from United States
26 May 2015

Spoilers Ahead:

The greatest sin a movie can commit is misrepresentation. This purports to be a film about a comet hitting the earth. The trailer trumpets that it is going to be so exciting. What did we get VOMIT COMET. Some kind of soap opera featuring the worst actress of the 20th century Tea Leoni who recites her lines like Lindsey Crouse in House of Games. She sounds Vulcan. Her voice is expressionless, her face blank. Does Mimi know when to say cut? She is lucky the director was not Kubrick; this performance would have never been seen. The comet story occupies perhaps a half hour of this AS THE COMET TURNS; we are plunged into Jennie's coma inducing family problems about her Mommy and daddy. Pity two great actors Redgrave and Schell who really must have needed money. This is not enough for Leder, no when get Leo and his squeeze thrown in just in case jenny's problems were not enough.

It features the biggest plot hole in a film: they saved extra nukes: WHY? They knew exactly how much to use, why use extra? Maybe they were on sale and they do make attractive end tables. Please, they would have used every one they brought with them they are there so the ADD screenwriter, who is concentrating on those fascinating domestic problems, perhaps should have devoted more time to the comet story? Yes? What an obvious and insulting plot contrivance to give our bad acting heroes a way to save the day.

How about the gooey, ending where every living relative of our soon to be extra crispy astronauts has to be paraded before the camera to wring every possible tear from the audience? It comes with the most nauseating score; it is so over the top and maudlin. Finally, the last 20 minutes of the movie we get to that irrelevancy; you know, the comet hitting the earth. Also, notice, unlike Armageddon, Leder seems to think the United States is the entire earth. Duvall does what he can but he is the only actor in the whole cast. Redgrave and Schell have bit parts. Tea is beyond bad; she wrecks the movie. Her delivery is so insouciant even when there is supposed to be emotion. When it was made she faced universal blame for the bad reception the film received. If you wish to make Steel Magnolias fine, just do not advertise an action, adventure picture. Look, Armageddon has plenty of flaws but it at least delivers on what it promises; it does not pretend to be a kind of picture and then unload a crummy soap opera.

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37 out of 65 people found the following review useful:

Utter Crap

Author: (tmsdr)
21 October 2008

Total utter crap! It isn't even unintentionally funny, like Independence Day. Only good thing is the special-effects in the end when the meteor strikes. Unfortunately that constitutes only about 3 minutes of the movie. The rest is just an seemingly endless stream of over-emotional "farewell, i love you"-scenes. One big tedious, cheesy soap opera about how heroic and unselfish (american) people are when facing certain annihilation. All accompanied by a never-ending symphonic orchestra. This is one of the most surprisingly crappy movies i have seen i my life. A good example on how you can't trust the ratings on this site

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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Deep Inpenetrable Coma

Author: garthbarnes from nicholls apprentice
2 May 2015

Spoiler's Ahead:

Did I miss something was this movie about a comet striking the earth? Maybe I wandered into Steel Magnolias, this film committed the worst sin in marketing; MISREPRESENTATION. Look, I know a chick flick when I see one we all had to sit through THE AGE OF INNOCENCE or other excruciatingly boring movies but hey you knew it going in one look at the poster. Slump down in the seat pretend you are watching. This took a scientific premise promised action disaster mayhem and what did we all get AS THE COMET TURNS. Forgive the misogyny but do you think we could think of the rest of the entire planet instead of the soap opera with Jenny and her family problems. How about the Young and the Restless the early years with Leo and his squeeze? Hello, yes remember the comet crashing into the planet could we get back to that soon after jenny her mommy and estranged daddy work out their BORING AND IRRELEVANT problems? You know in other countries how they died laughing at Mimi Leder's narcissistic self absorbed crap pile. Yes was the comet going to only hit the united states? Even Armageddon showed the impact on other parts of the world without all the Kleenex interpersonal new age bringing the light soap opera.

Tea Leoni I concur with an earlier reviewer is perhaps the worst living actress. Range she has none emotional depth spray on tears miss cardboard she looks like she is on very strong medication. Pity two great old actors Maximilian Schell and Vanessa Redgrave how would you like to do scenes with tea leoni? Max looks over at her while delivering his lines as the wave approaches with true depression no not I am going to die but look at the quality of the actresses I have to work with to pay my bills. We finally get to that irrelevancy you know the comet impact about twenty minutes from the end of the picture. Gee maybe we should have spent more time on the science and the reaction to the approach.

It features what I consider to be the biggest plot hole in a modern film. They inexplicably saved nukes for what reason? They planned on putting on a fireworks show? They had not finished making the payments on them. Oh, they knew exactly how much mega-tonnage to unleash on the comet hey why use more than you need. Let's just save these they make good end tables at home. Why we could use one as a couch. Please they are only there because the ADD screenwriter could not think of another way to save the day. I think they might have used them all on the comet and not saved one or two for a rainy day?

The vomit inducing climax with each living relative of the soon to be burnt crispy astronauts had to be paraded before the camera to milk every possible tear from every audience member to the world's worst cornball mawkish sickly sweet music was like being drowned in honey. After viewing this film I wanted to know if we could deflect comets preferably into this studio. Next time Mimi dear, a more accurate title like How we deflected a comet and all solved our pressing family problems, or the more pithy GOOEY COMET.

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5 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

The title is a lie

Author: platypus2 from Poland
21 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I recently re-watched Deep Impact, for the first time since its release. I remembered enjoying it the first time quite a lot and wanted to see how it held up after all those years. Verdict? I honestly can't imagine what I was thinking that first time and how I could ever call this film quality entertainment. Most likely my teenage brain stopped at "giant asteroid destroying Earth - sooooo cool!", because this film does not have much to offer beyond that.

With a global disaster movie you can go one of three basic ways. One, you can get serious and make it all about the big picture - realistic what-ifs, governments' reactions, impact on society, scientific background. Two, you can make it all about the characters - focus on a small group, real and interesting enough to make the audience genuinely care about them. Three, go for pure popcorn entertainment, with great production values and a huge spectacle that never takes itself too seriously. Combinations are possible too - my favorite example is World War Z (the book, not the film), which skillfully combines the first two approaches.

Deep Impact is a complete failure, no matter which template you compare it to.

The big picture part is unbelievably stupid, as if the writers had a single afternoon to come up with reasonably realistic ways this scenario might play out, and on top of that never bothered to talk to anyone who deals with actual real world disasters. The idea of everyone just going about their daily lives up to the last moment instead of putting a sizable portion of the nation's resources into preparing the majority of the population for the aftermath is too dumb for words. The idea of millions of people dying in the first impact because despite knowing months in advance about it, no one thought to evacuate the coast may be even worse.

The characters are equally awful. First of all, there are too many of them. There's only time for a brief introduction and as a result no one goes beyond a cardboard cutout with a couple of ham-handedly presented personality traits. The ones we're supposed to care about - Jenny and Leo with their families - are merely devices for generating artificial drama. Their idiotic actions are supposed to make the audience sympathize with them and feel their emotions. In my case they made me wish the tsunami would hurry up and wash them away already (with the sole exception of Jenny's mother, who I thought was rather interesting and well played).

Finally, Deep Impact is too cheap, too serious and too boring to be successful in the last category - pure, silly fun. The special effects are third rate, the humor non-existent and the plot slowly stumbles towards one of the least satisfying endings in the history of the disaster film genre. The climax should either tie up all the parts of the plot into a nice, satisfying package, or leave us wondering about what happens next - on the big, planetary scale, as well as with the characters we've come to care about. In Deep Impact the character are either killed by their unfathomable stupidity pretending to be deep sentiment and romantic natures, or they simply disappear, their future fate unknown and unimportant (though I imagine quite a lot of regrets in their future, concerning the needless deaths of their loved ones). The big picture is narrowed down to an optimistic speech and the image of reconstruction of a single part of a single country (which seems to stand for the entirety of human race in this case).

Ultimately the film that features one of the greatest natural disasters imaginable ends not with a bang, but with a disinterested whimper. Which could be considered quite an achievement, but not the kind I would give any stars for.

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6 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

People were really dumb in 1998

Author: Devin Crim
18 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was 5 years old when this movie came out in 1998, and vaguely remember it being a big deal, along with Armageddon. Lo and behold, 17 years later I find this "classic" on Netflix. Its Tuesday night and I don't want to start on my homework yet, so I thought I would give this "classic" a view.

Now, I'm not an astronomy major, but I'm pretty sure an Earth killing comet would be spotted by someone other than a group of snotty nose kids in a field, since, yanno, people look for comets all of the time. Furthermore, there is no way the Government, which can't even keep itself funded half of the time could keep the news secret, since eventually you would be able to SEE the comet with your naked eye. Also, blowing a comet up only creates more chucks of ice, that basically equals the mass of the entire comet. Therefore, you would not only still have to deal with the full effects of the impact, but debris would hit more places around the globe.

The science in this movie is bad, but considering this was probably a summer blockbuster aimed at basically stealing 7 bucks from dumb Americans its OK.

What is NOT OK is the acting, and the actions several characters take. There are several characters that behaved so stupidly and unnaturally I couldn't list them all if I tried, so I'll focus on the dumbest. 12 year old Leo, the kid that found the comet gets married (lol) to his 12 year old girlfriend. They are offered a spot underground and will survive the Comet. Leo's girlfriend decides she wants to DIE with her mom and dad. Young Leo can't accept this, and turns away to go get his girlfriend, AFTER YOUNG LEO AND HIS PARENTS HAVE ALREADY TRAVELED TO THE OZART MOUNTAINS IN MISSOURI, THOUSANDS OF MILES FROM THEIR VIRGINIA HOMES. Young Leo's parents say "aww, OK, here is a WATCH SO YOU CAN TRADE WITH PEOPLE ON YOUR WAY 3000 MILES BACK TO OUR OLD HOUSE, BE SAFE SON". What parents in their right minds would allow this. You're sending your 12 year old son out into a world that will be on FIRE I 20 minutes with no realistic way of evening getting out of the parking lot before impact. Also, remember, this girl CHOSE to STAY with her parent and DIE in a tidal wave, rather than be with Leo. I used to be 12 years old, and every girl I meet was the "one". I would never leave a secure location to go be with a girl that would literally rather DIE IN A TIDAL WAVE than LIVE with me.

Anyway, Leo somehow makes it across the country, back to his Virginia house in less than 10 minutes with no means of transportation, and finds his lover in traffic. This time, she RELUCTANTLY agrees to go with him, 10 minutes before the comet slams into the ocean. Young Leo outruns a tidal wave moving 1100 MPH on a scooter. Let me say that again. Young Leo outruns a tidal wave moving at 1100 MPH on a scooter. I guess that makes sense considering he got from the Ozark Mountains in Missouri to Virginia in 10 minutes walking. Maybe HE should have been tasked with blowing up the comet.

Oh, I almost forgot about the ending. The idiots in space nuke the 2nd chuck of comet, "saving" the planet. Like I said before, the energy released from the comet would have the same effect regardless if its a solid body or broken up into chucks. Would you rather have 1000 nuclear bombs explode in one place, or 1000 places? Just Stupid.

I can't believe this movie turned a profit and I can't believe its considered a "classic". Morgan Freeman should demand his name by deleted from the credits. Just imagine watching a bad soap opera, music and all, wrapped in a disaster movie. I didn't even discuss the reporter. Awful. This is what I get for procrastinating on homework.

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13 out of 22 people found the following review useful:

Flawed But Better Than That Comet Movie With Bruce Willis

Author: Theo Robertson from Isle Of Bute, Scotland
29 May 2004

Why is it that everytime someone had an idea for a movie in the late 1990s someone at another studio decided to bring out a similar movie ? DANTE'S PEAK and VOLCANO both came out at the same and both featured volcanoes suddenly exploding into life , and there's several other examples of this unimaginative " let's makes a movie similar to a studio rival " movie pitch from the 1990s . Perhaps the best example is DEEP IMPACT and Armageddon which feature a giant comet going to collide with planet Earth . I should point out though that both movies were pitched to different audiences . Armageddon is marketed to the unthinking macho American audience . It stars Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck , is directed by Michael Bay and is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer so unsurprisingly it's a pile of expensive effects laden bubblegum . DEEP IMPACT came out a couple of months previously and is by far the better movie . However it is flawed

I think the problem with DEEP IMPACT is that it's probably produced to appeal to women . The main protagonist is female and there's several sub plots involving family issues ( " Gee Mom I hope the end of the world doesn't ruin my weekend " ) , oh and a bit of romance too . This doesn't ruin the movie but I did find the heroine's trembling lip and tears in her eyes in every emotional scene grating and the movie does lapse into terrible mawkishness several times . I also found the concept of a " lottery draw " to send people into deep bunkers where they have a chance of surviving the apocalypse unconvincing . Yeah right I sure the American president is going to give trailer trash and red necks to chance to come live with him . America might be a classless society but it's not that classless and considering Bill Clinton ( Often described as " America's first black president ) was in the White House at the time do we think that either men or ugly women would have a chance of being selected ? About as much chance as Bill inviting Hilary into the bunker I imagine

There are a few good points about the movie that stops it becoming an overproduced disease of the week movie . One thing is the cast , Armageddon had Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck while DEEP IMPACT has Morgan Freeman and Robert Duvall . Do I have to spell out what movie has the better cast ? Okay DEEP IMPACT isn't a career highpoint for either actor but they do bring serious class to the production and there's lots of familiar faces on screen like Frodo Baggins and the bad guy from MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 . The special effects are very good and there is one absolutely superb scene on a highway where thousands of bickering people are in gridlock , they slowly stop arguing and fighting amongst themselves as they look up and see the meteor pass overhead . On paper this scene might have seemed ineffective but on screen it's breath taking with a deep emotional impact

So in my humble opinion DEEP IMPACT is the better of the two movies and is probably the best comet/meteor movie ever made . It is flawed and could have been better especially if the producers cut out of the chick flick stuff but a good cast and some good scenes stop it from being worse than it could have been

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12 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Thoughtful, character-driven disaster movie

Author: Libretio from Co. Durham, UK
11 February 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Aspect ratio: 2.39:1

Sound formats: Dolby Digital / DTS / SDDS

Mankind is threatened by a huge asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

Mimi Leder's thoughtful drama arrived in theaters shortly before the release of Michael Bay's "Armageddon" (1998) - a flashier, trashier riff on the same subject - and appeared to suffer in comparison with its outrageous counterpart, due to a script (by Bruce Joel Rubin and Michael Tolkin) which emphasized human drama over extravagant pyrotechnics. But DEEP IMPACT is enriched tenfold by this deliberate shift of emphasis, even though the film adheres to a routine formula established years earlier in such disaster pics as EARTHQUAKE and THE TOWERING INFERNO (both 1974). Here, the contrived melodrama of those older movies is replaced by a sincere contemplation of unimaginable catastrophe and the subsequent effect on mankind, highlighted by Morgan Freeman's authoritative presence as the beleaguered US president, who commissions a group of astronauts (led by Robert Duvall) to land a spacecraft on the comet and attach a series of nuclear devices to the surface.

Proceedings are hindered slightly by Téa Leoni's blank-faced performance as the TV journalist who stumbles onto the impending cataclysm whilst researching an apparently unrelated story about a 'philandering' senator (James Cromwell). Thankfully, the film is redeemed by its tremendous supporting cast, including Vanessa Redgrave as Leoni's proud mother, struggling to cope following her divorce from estranged husband Maximilian Schell, and a pre-hobbit Elijah Wood, playing the juvenile lead. It's to the filmmakers' credit that all these characters (and more besides) play vital roles within the overall structure, adding depth and resonance to an otherwise crowd-pleasing commercial enterprise.

The climactic scenes of destruction - involving a huge tidal wave striking New York - are brief but potent, precisely because of the human dimension stressed by Leder's intuitive direction. True, the outcome is fairly predictable, and there's a slight lurch into artificial sentimentality towards the end of the movie, but these are minor drawbacks in an otherwise worthy production. Fine music score by James Horner.

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12 out of 21 people found the following review useful:

Vastly underrated film *spoilers within*

Author: Chris (grtone41) from Minnesota
12 June 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Forget the unbelievable, undramatic fluff of Armageddon, this movie puts it to complete shame. This was not one of your 'everything's going to be OK in the end' movies. When I first watched it, I was actually surprised when Biederman struck Earth. I was thinking it would be one of those down to the last minute but in the end all is well type things. The striking scene and the ones that followed of the devastation were breathtaking. Rather than disregard scientific laws and reasoning, Deep Impact embraces it and includes it in the film.

What I liked most about this movie was that it provided what could have been a real picture into what would happen should a comet be on course for Earth. The panic, widespread fear, and the tough decision to move only so many people into 'The Arc' made this a surprisingly moving film.

The acting is mostly superb as well. Morgan Freeman puts out an amazing performance as the President, and Robert Duvall is first class, as is Maximilliam Schell. The only performance that brought this movie down was that of Tea Leoni. I like Tea as an actress, just not in this role. She was the only one who seemed out of place in an otherwise well-casted movie. Her dark, pessimistic broodings did not go over well. She was just too stiff and rigid to play a character like Jenny Lerner.

Deep Impact works on many levels because of the humanistic underlying tones. Humanity has never faced such a crisis before, and God forbid we never have to, however if it were to come to pass, I believe that this movie provides the best window into a catastrophic future. By far the most complete, through, moving disaster movie made. Well worth watching, especially the comet striking sequence. You'll be moved, I guarantee it.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Deep Nausea

Author: garthbarnes-93629 from United States
15 May 2015

Spoilers Ahead:

What is the worst sin a movie can inflict upon the viewer? MISREPRESENTATION. We all hate when we see the trailer and think we are going to see a certain kind of film; we pay the money, buy popcorn sit down and are shown something completely different than what we were promised. Look, Mimi Leder can make all the maudlin goo she wants I am sure there is an audience for her tripe out there; look how good the soap operas have been doing since the advent of television? We were promised a comet hitting the earth movie and we get about 30 minutes of film devoted to this theme. The rest of the picture is AS THE COMET TURNS. It focuses on what I consider to be the single worst acting performance of the 20th century be an actress in a leading role: Tea Leoni.

If you want to see why she went back to television; rent this movie. She sounds truly like one of the Borg; cold, emotionless recitation of lines without one trace of inflection, abysmal. This is your lead actress. We then are plunged into her utterly BORING AND IRRELEVANT family problems with her estranged parents. The comet story has to wait till we get all their pressing domestic problems worked out. Jenny and her mommie and daddy do not like each other. BOO-HOO. The problem with putting Leoni with Redgrave and Schell is that they were great actors and when she is in scenes with them, she destroys the credibility of the scene.

The movie has the worst plot hole of any film I know of; for some reason, the astronauts decided to save some nuclear weapons from the initial detonation on the comet. Evidently, they knew exactly how much they needed; why use more? So they saved some for later; hey, you never know when nuclear weapons could come in handy. It is so obviously a plot contrivance by the ADD screenwriter to save the day and it is has zero believability. Mimi is not happy with just AS THE COMET TURNS the older years; she also does AS THE COMET TURNS the younger generation with Leo and his squeeze. It is done so very poorly; badly acted and yes I do not mean to insult soap operas which this movie is quite inferior to. At least they know what they want to be; Mimi, ah dear? you remember the comet honey? Could we get back to that pretty soon?

The ending is legendarily bad. The soon to be extra crispy astronauts have to have every living relative even babies paraded before the camera to the most syrupy score; next time you need to vomit put the ending on. It is such an insult to the viewer; try not to so shamelessly milk the audience for tears. Yes, the last 20 minutes, when Mimi finally gets around to that irrelevancy, you know the comet hitting the earth, is very well done. It angered me for I thought how great a film this might have been in the hands of a more talented director. It is not what it purports to be; it is an over two hour badly acted soap opera. Yes, Max and Vanessa are great but they are barely on screen. Tea Leoni takes a wrecking ball to the script; in my audience, many people laughed at her terrible performance.

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7 out of 12 people found the following review useful:

A Deep Impact

Author: moviewizguy from United States
3 March 2007

A comet is on a course to collide with Earth, and people must cope with the fact that they will die. The President has devised a plan to keep as many humans alive as possible. Scientists have built giant caves big enough to hold a million people, and the government is going to have a lottery to pick 800,000 people to live in the caves along with 200,000 scientists, artists and doctors.

This film is very similar to Armageddon but also, they are completely different. Paradox? Yes. True? Yes. Both films have the an almost similar plot outline in which a comet is headed towards earth yet the films are completely different on the tone of the two films, the characters, and the action.

Deep Impact is a drama and Armageddon is an action film but I must say that Deep Impact is a better film than Armageddon. Deep Impact is a perfect title of the film. Not only does it mean that the comet will collide to the earth but it is also a metaphor of how emotionally driven the characters are in the film.

There's not as much action as Armageddon. In fact, the action is saved at the end with the great special effects in the film. There are very good acting by Robert Duvall, Téa Leoni, Elijah Wood, and Morgan Freeman.

If you want to see a film filled with action and special effects, I rather you see Armageddon. If you don't, watch this film. It is much better and more emotionally involved. This is a terrific film!

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