City of Angels (1998) Poster

Plot Keywords

angel love
fall heart surgeon
doctor hospital
underwater scene telling someone to get on the floor
golden retriever sunset
tattoo on arm construction site
heroine dies dying in someone's arms
close up of eyes having picture taken
funeral beeper
microscope irregular heartbeat
fruit market heavy rain
pager human heart
rolling rock beer polaroid photograph
angel on earth tragedy
reading aloud hearing characters thoughts
county hospital los angeles california
store robbery kiss on the hand
dead woman with eyes open hug
death mountain bike
suicide dying in arms of lover
pet dog tragic romance
stairwell death of lover
library tahoe california
marriage proposal woman in a bath
punched in the face woman with glasses
swimming beach
stethoscope swimming with clothes on
tragic accident ben and jerry's ice cream
spray perfume olive oil
rear male nudity locker room
scared pear
lakeside self sacrifice
bicycle operating theater
choanal atresia lake
sex by a fireplace reference to ernest hemingway
vomiting in a toilet pancakes
kiss on the lips physician
kitchen knife hit by a truck
lake tahoe cabin
bottle of beer trucker
guilt reference to god
female vomiting male bare feet
heaven diner
taking a shower dog
city of angels dog with fleas
librarian candlelight
sunrise lettuce
sex scene fallen angel
hitching a ride female slaps a male
checking heartbeat flare
blood on hand male in a shower
unconventional romance kissing while having sex
heart in hand medical
remake cycling to work
corn on the cob thunder and lightning
cardiocerebral resuscitation heart surgery
crying baby holding someone's hand
swimming in the sea female surgeon
defibrillator religion
truck chick flick
three word title bathtub
polaroid camera slow motion scene
bubble bath hollywood sign
death scene convenience store robbery
scrubs shower
defibrillation eating ice cream
surgery x ray
kiss on the cheek male nudity
falling in slow motion eating ice cream from the container
shooting hoops pepsi cola
bare butt children's ward
dog on bed road accident
sense of touch face slap
woman slaps a man

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