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Rolling Stone
The radiant Barrymore energizes Cinderella with a tough core of intelligence and wit.
Here, as the little cinder girl, she is able to at last put aside her bedraggled losers and flower as a fresh young beauty, and she brings poignancy and fire to the role.
Christian Science Monitor
There's no reason for stretching this tale to more than two hours, but Huston is amusingly tart as the stepmom, and it's hard to resist a movie that substitutes Leonardo da Vinci for the traditional fairy godmother.
Tennant takes this familiar material and crafts a charming, captivating motion picture.
Chicago Reader
Their blossoming love is thwarted at every opportunity by wicked stepmother Anjelica Huston, whose practical motive -- she wants her own daughter to become queen -- is part of an unusually nuanced characterization.
The playful and well-meaning spirit of the film carries it through its shakier moments of awkward narration and inscrutably busy camerawork.
Entertainment Weekly
Between bouts of decisive action, the characters mill around the French countryside (in lovely costumes, to be sure, by Jenny Beavan) as if unsure of which sexual stereotype to bust next.
Not an altogether unsuccessful adaptation of the timeless Cinderella story, it certainly scores well in terms of lavish scenery, snappy repartee and brightly-coloured mayhem.
While it's difficult to dislike what this film tries to do, the way it does it is more problematic.
Veering wildly between farce and suds, the movie never makes up its mind whether it's a spoof, a soap opera or a feminist pep talk.

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