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Great Adventurous Fun!
BaronBl00d23 July 2000
Certainly this Universal remake is more in the vain of Indiana Jones rather than the original Mummy. It is high on adventure and comedy, and wins because of it. The sets, scenery, special effects are all first-rate. The film is fast-paced from beginning to end and is very suspenseful. Stephen Sommers again shows his talent as a director for creating action-packed adventure with a high level of comedic overtones. The cast are all very good in their roles, yet none of them seem really to be taking themselves or the film too serious. Brendan Fraser is an affable hero, and Rachel Weisz makes a good heroine. Good support comes from John Hannah, Kevin J. O'Connor, and the mummy, Arnold Vosloo. Also a real treat was seeing Bernard Fox in a small role as an aging British pilot. Don't expect the old mummy of lore in this one, but sit down and have one heck of a ride...a rollercoaster of hijinks in the sands of Egypt.
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Great fun in the vein of "Indiana Jones"...
MovieAddict20167 October 2003
"The Mummy" is an adventurous yarn in the vein of "Indiana Jones." It's a lot of fun, very charming, and never tries to be more than what it is. What is it? An entertaining summer flick which is not only worth seeing, but perhaps even owning. It's one of those fun movies you can return to over and over again and never grow tired of doing so.

It's hardly a remake of the Universal classic of the same name. It's merely a new way to tell the story with the same basic idea - a murderous mummy is brought back from the dead. This time we have a hero and heroine who must stop him before he takes over the world, or something along the line of world domination.

The hero is Rick (Brendan Fraser), a thief thriving off the very basics out in Egypt circa 1930. Arrested and to be hanged, he is saved by the heroine (Rachel Weisz), who believes he may hold the key to helping them find an ancient Egyptian kingdom buried under the sand, if I recall correctly (though it has been a while since I've seen this). Little does she know what lurks beneath the sand near that old kingdom is none other than the remains of a man who was caught cheating on the king's wife years ago and mummified.

Now, after unearthing the remains of the kingdom, the expedition led by our heroes come upon an ancient "Book of the Dead," which, when read from, brings the ancient mummy back to life. Now he is out to kill, regenerate and bring back his old lover - pretty neat, huh?

I own "Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy," a great movie spoofing the classic film. "The Mummy" isn't exactly a spoof but it's very tongue-in-cheek. It knows it isn't an Oscar-winner, it knows it stands nothing against the older film, and so it goes for pulp thrills. I actually believe that this film is a bit classy in execution - compared to many other entertainments floating around nowadays it stands as one of the only films to return to the roots of the pure adventure films like "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981) so successfully did.

Brendan Fraser is a perfect choice for the lead star. Calm, but with ironic and sarcastic humor; cool, but a strong lead. I wondered what it would have been like if they had casted an actor in his role who would have taken it all more seriously. I bet the results would have been disastrous. Fraser knows that this is all good fun, and he's having a good time playing his role with comedy. Every once and a while you can catch a wink at the screen that lets us know that he knows what he's doing.

2001 brought a sequel to "The Mummy" named, of all things, "The Mummy Returns." I found it just as fun as this film though some critics begged to differ. Summer 2002 brought yet another "Mummy" film, this one a prequel called "The Scorpion King" - it was a following of a co-star of the first sequel. The Mummy was not in it at all. It was a horrible film that wasn't near as fun as this one. So I recommend you see "The Mummy" as soon as humanly possible. After that, see "The Mummy Returns."

Either way, you simply can't go wrong.
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Not much Horror, Just a Good Movie
mjw230525 January 2005
Rick O'Connell (Brendan Frazer) leads the beautiful Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) to Hamunaptra (The City of the Dead) where reading from a book brings Imhotep (Pharaoh Seti I's High Priest) back to life.

Once revived Imhotep has only one purpose in this world, to bring his love 'Anck Su Namun' back from the dead to join him, and will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Although based on a Horror Theme, there is little horror on show here, but there are plenty of Great Action Moments, some brilliant visuals and some good humour.

The dialogue is well written and punchy, this combined with some great characters bring the story to life and it turns out to be a terrific Film that is more Action/Comedy than Horror.

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Fun adventure film
Bruce Jones6 July 1999
Here, the makers took the original stock horror film and turned it into an Indianajonesesque adventure in the tradition of Raiders of the Lost Ark. The most visually rich part of the film was the opening scenes set in ancient Egypt. I would love to see an entire film built around that. The sets and costumes were brilliant.

Especially tantalizing is the strictly painted-on attire of Patricia Velazquez as Anck-Su-Namum; what a stunning visual; but it completely upstages her performance. I have heard people talking about it. Some have mistakenly guessed her top was a mesh costume of some sort; not true, it is entirely - and only - paint.

But Velazquez isn't the only thing to turn heads in the film, Rachel Weisz is appropriately attractive, though not as startling; her character is as solid and believable as she is lovely.

The newcomer, Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bey, set quite a few female hearts aflutter; in our party, at least. The internet was lit-up searching for more photos of this guy.

At first, I didn't particularly care for Brendan Fraser as the primary character (he's too well kept and cutesy for a rugged guy-type for me), be he grows on you. He seems to be developing into a versatile actor who will be around for a long time. His work here is good too.

The special effects were the real star of the film, and they were visually rewarding and complimented the story in the right way in the right places. How Arnold Vosloo dealt with those in his role as the mummy Imhotep should be acknowledged. He must have had to imagine quite a bit of what he was interacting with to pull it off, and he does so with great style and substance for this type of role. He was nothing short of excellent.

In fact, most of the remaining characters were well chosen. Jonathan Hyde and Kevin J. O'Connor added to the film in important ways, too. Together, everyone painted an enjoyable film, delivering exactly what it promised; fun, action, and adventure.
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A Superb Action Adventure !
gatsby224430 April 2005
This is one film that caught my imagination like very few other Hollywood action films I have seen before.Yes,on the face of it,this is another sci-fi action adventure,a surefire winning card for Hollywood -what's so special about that ?Oh yes,there is !To begin with,there is the scenery at the beginning of the film that completely blows you away,making you feel that this movie could be something above what you had expected.And you are not wrong.The first surprise is Brendan Fraser as the American soldier Rick O'Connell, who accidentally stumbles upon Hamunaptra,the city of the dead,where the wealth of Egypt's greatest emperor Seti the First is buried.After seeing him in "Airheads " ,"Dudley Do-Right " and " "George Of The Jungle",I was very very impressed-this is one actor who can do both comedy and action and look good doing it too !Then there is the beautiful Rachel Weisz ,playing Evelyn Carnahan,who teams up with him to find Hamunaptra.She looks great playing her role,and never allows herself to be upstaged by Fraser, matching his brawn with her ever-alive intellect and quick thinking.Kevin J.O'Connor who plays the double-crossing Beni is a very new kind of villain,looking evil and ridiculous at the same time.But when the resurrected high priest Imhotep( played by Arnold Vosloo)makes his appearance in the form of "The Mummy", everything else becomes secondary.This is CGI at its ultimate best,and precisely why the film is so unusually absorbing .The horror and threat surrounding the curse of the mummy becomes a concern not only for the protagonists in the film but also for the audience-how will they kill something this scary and powerful?, they ask themselves. .The special effects apart from the mummy are also a treat to watch,and keep you glued to your seat.The element that makes this film not only scary but also enjoyable is the dialog.Almost every member of the large cast has a one-liner that will make you laugh in spite of the sinister atmosphere surrounding the story.The script never allows one second of screen-time to be wasted, ideally combining action with fantasy and humor,creating a movie that I consider a classic.Director Stephen Sommers has delivered a film that is bound to stand the test of time,and is definitely one of my favorites.
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"We are in some serious trouble"
Kristine24 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
In the 1990's, a stream of remakes came out after the universal horror films with the monsters: Dracula(Bram Stoker's Dracula), Frankenstein(Mary Shelley's Frankenstein), The Wolf Man(Wolf) and now The Mummy made after the same title. The original stared Boris Karloff and is truly a haunting movie. Despite the fact that slow moving mummies are not as scary of a villain, Boris brought in an incredible eerie performance that is so memorable that made mummies scary. How could we update the story to make mummies more terrifying to a newer audience? Make them faster? Make them smarter? How much they could control? How dangerous they truly are? They put a bunch of CGI into the film but somehow despite it being over the top at times, the story is what makes The Mummy into a great remake and respects the original making the mummy scary again.

In 1926, Cairo librarian and aspiring Egyptologist Evelyn is presented with an intricate box and map by her bumbling brother Jonathan, who says he found it. After the pair discover the map leads to Hamunaptra, Jonathan reveals he actually stole it from an American named Rick O'Connell, who is currently in prison. Rick tells them that he knows the location of the city because his unit reached the fabled city, only to be overrun by hostile Bedouins. He makes a deal with Evelyn to reveal the location of Hamunaptra, in exchange for Evelyn saving Rick from being hanged. Rick leads Evelyn and Jonathan's small expedition to the city, where they discover a mummy who Evelyn accidentally wakes up and he's after a band of American treasure hunters who have taken his treasures and wants Evelyn to bring back his true love that he died for.

I really liked the actors they put in this film. I know Brendan Fraiser isn't the best actor, but he really made me believe in him as an adventure hero almost to the likes of Indiana Jones. He's funny, smart, strong, charming and handsome, everything you could want. Rachel Weisz as Evelyn was beautiful, stubborn and smart, she was exactly what all these boys needed and had great chemistry with Fraiser. The humor is a lot, they use a lot of jokes which at times could take away from the film. The CGI is also a lot, but it added to the story and wasn't to the point of unbelievable. I thought the idea of having a faster mummy was more terrifying and that he wouldn't stop coming after his victims in such a horrific way was a great idea. I really did like The Mummy, I know it certainly has it's flaws, but it's just a fun adventure horror movie that really hooks you from beginning to end. The sequels just didn't add up well to this movie, I would recommend The Mummy any day. The haters honestly just don't know how to have any fun, any flawed film could still be a good time and The Mummy certainly is one one them.

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The sands will rise. The heavens will part. The power will be unleashed
marco-6725 May 2003
The Mummy is the best mummy movie ever to be made. This movie will blow your mind by its action, romance, adventure and music score. I loved The Mummy because it's one of those roller coaster rides were you just jump on and never let go. The Mummy is a remake of the 1932 mummy which starred Boris Karloff who played imhotep. The Mummy is about an expedition of treasure seeking explorers in the Sahara desert in 1925. They stumble upon an ancient tomb, the hunters without knowing set loose a 3,000 year-old inheritance of terror, which is personified in the vengeful reincarnation of an Egyptian priest who had been sentenced to an infinity as one of the living dead. I love watching this movie in 1999 at the big screen. This movie made me love Egypt a lot. I guarantee this movie a classic. Do not compare this with the 1932 movie. Thanks to director Stephen Sommers which he did a wonderful job on this fantastic film. If you want to see this movie do not watch the 1932 one watch the 1999 one because it will blow you away. Last things to wrap this up Spectacular special effects, Roller coaster adventure, Funny moments, Out of the world music score, Superb acting and wonderful cast. This movie is a 10/10 stars.
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Silly Fun
catmommie12 May 1999
Citizen Kane it ain't, but if you're looking for good, silly, H. Rider Haggardesque fun, this is the film for you. While it hasn't replaced the Universal classic in my affections, let's face it, the venerable original creaks a little. I mean, Karloff's Imhotep only moves two feet per hour -- geez, how will I ever escape him? Arnold Vosloo's Mummy is considerably more fleet, and frankly (from the dirty old lady's perspective) is pretty darned buff for a dead guy. A modern affectation, sure, but I like the idea of a mummy with a great butt.

Brendan Fraser looks good, has a fabulous voice, and a whole boatload of goofy charm. Hey! Call me shallow, but that's pretty much all I'm looking for in a screen idol. John Hannah was acceptable, if not inspired, as the wastrel brother. Rachel Weisz is gorgeous, and acquits herself well in the role of "Heroine in an Adventure Film;" i.e., she screams and gets rescued a lot.

OK, I lie. The modern "Heroine in an Adventure Film" is SPUNKY, screams, and gets rescued a lot.

And as to Oded Fehr, who plays the mysterious desert guardian of the mummy's tomb (a role traditionally assayed by Welsh character actors) -- I and the rest of the ladies in my party indicated, through a series of incoherent grunts and some unattractive drooling, a strong desire to see much, much more of him. And we mean that both literally and figuratively. Powers that be, please take note.

A couple of small caveats: the bug quotient in this film is much higher than I usually tolerate. It puts you right off your Milk Duds. And where in the hell did those camels come from?

So if you're in a mood for brainless entertainment, I recommend that you set your intellect on stun, rush to the nearest cineplex, buy the large popcorn (WITH butter), and settle in for a couple of hours of colorful, loud, over-the-top fun.

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One of my all time favorite movies
ricsim781 January 2008
First off, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but most of the low ratings I am seeing are criticizing "The Mummy" because of it's "weak plot" or someone even said that this movie could have been written by the person's dog!

Does anyone realize that there is different movie genres? If you go to see "The Mummy" and expect to see "The Departed", "The Godfather", or "Shawshank Redemption" then yes, of course you will be disappointed. This is not a drama, it's an action/adventure movie!

Everyone has commented on the fun of this movie, that is what this movie is all about! Personally, I think the story is very good, and interesting. There is a lot to like here: it has elements of action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, mythology, horror, and tells a pretty well made tale (seriously, how many movies manage to pull all of these things off? And pull them off well!). And, it manages to do all of this in style, with amazing special effects and action sequences. No, it's not perfect (what movie is?) but this movie kills most movies in the same genre! I have never seen a movie that can contain so many different elements while still being coherent. This movie is a technical marvel is many aspects!

Rachel Weisz is great and looks beautiful as well playing as Evelyn. Yes, she is something like a "typical damsel in distress", but she brings humor, intelligence, and a strong will to the part. It's hard to integrate so many qualities into a believable character, but she does it well.

Brendan Fraser as Rick O'Connell: After seeing him in so many goofy movies, playing an equally goofy character, I thought he was always going to be cast in lame movies such as "Encino Man" and "Monkeybones". He was the reason why I had doubts I would like the movie because I could not picture him being more than a one-dimensional actor (able to pull goofy-charismatic off only). Not only does he act the part with stride, but he nails every aspect of his character: He is cool, yet has humor and he really surprised me with how much depth he can add to a role that really doesn't need it! Rick O'Connell wields his dual guns with flair, and I will never doubt Fraser again! I just hope they keep him utilized more and more like this. I was really impressed with him most because he surpassed all expectations!

Everyone else did their parts extremely well, they always stay in character, and add to the elements of the story.

This movie has a lot to offer, and lots of different ways to get your interest, especially if the Ancient Egyptian mythology fascinates you. This movie does have elements of horror: it will most likely scare younger kids more than adults, but putting yourself in the characters places you would be quite afraid.

Imhotep is very scary, mostly because of all the different abilities he possesses, as well as forms he can take.

I could not recommend this movie enough, especially if you have a HDTV and have the High Definition version, you will be blown away! Just don't expect a character driven drama, you're not looking for that with this either!
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Bit Overlong, But Still The Word Is 'Fun'
ccthemovieman-11 April 2006
It seems like a long time ago when this came out, but I remember it being the first DVD I had ever bought sight unseen, meaning I had never seen the film in the theater. I was pleased. I got what I had hoped for: a fun, special-effects extravaganza.

In fact, if you read a number of reviews, you see the word "fun" more than anything. That best describes this film.

This was an Indiana Jones-Jason And The Argonauts combination adventure story. It's cartoon-like in nature with an absurd swashbuckling hero, outlandish action scenes and the occult theology that filmmakers love so much. (The Mummy has God-like powers, even producing Old Testament plagues.)

However, the film isn't all good news. It's too long by about 10-15 minutes and there is simply too much action and too much noise. The film needs more lulls.

Brendan Fraser is pretty good as the Indiana Jones figure and Rachel Weisz, a new face at the time, makes a solid impression in her debut. The DVD offered a sharp picture which highlighted a number of jaw-dropping scenes. It's pure escapist fun and not meant to be anything else.
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