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Chicago Sun-Times
Either Being John Malkovich gets nominated for best picture, or the members of the Academy need portals into their brains.
Entertainment Weekly
The most excitingly original movie of the year.
New York Daily News
Gloriously inventive, delightfully nutty comic treasure is unlike anything you've ever seen. It's lunatic.
New York Post
Being John Malkovich, which contains not a frame of extraneous footage, is more than a must-see movie: It's a must-see-more-than-once event.
San Francisco Examiner
It's the film we leave most movie theaters wishing we'd seen instead.
But then Being John Malkovich is a brilliant juggling act, too, brilliantly brought off.
Rolling Stone
The crazy-ass imagination at work in Being John Malkovich hits you like a blast of pure oxygen...this movie of constant astonishments will make you laugh hard and long.
Mr. Showbiz
An ingenious, incredibly entertaining, Rorschach-blot meta-comedy based on a spec script (by first-timer Charlie Kaufman) that is completely unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.
San Francisco Chronicle
It's tremendously entertaining, and probably worthy of repeat viewings.
Philadelphia Inquirer
So jaw-droppingly out there, so bracingly bizarre, and, much of the time, so fall-over-funny that even its flaws don't matter. Easily the oddest movie of the year, it is also one of the best.
USA Today
The story keeps reinventing itself (some of the later plot twists are among the funniest), but a little goes a long way at 112 minutes - maybe 25 minutes more than this sporadically pointed conceit really needs.

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