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Season 1

6 Feb. 1998
From Out of Nowhere: Part 1
The Rangers and Alpha 6 are sucked into an unknown high tech space ship. Meanwhile, Dark Specter assembles many of the universe's most evil villains.
13 Feb. 1998
From Out of Nowhere: Part 2
With the Astro Megaship stranded on an uninhabited planet and Astronema's forces closing in, the Red Ranger reveals his identity to the Rangers and presents them with new powers.
20 Feb. 1998
Save Our Ship
The Rangers return to Earth, and attempt to bond better with alien Andros, who's bemused by our strange culture. Unfortunately, our heroes also get an unfriendly welcome from Astronema who has followed them there (along with her new henchman Elgar), and not only unleashes her cohort Ecliptor on them, but fires upon NASADA, intent on destroying the Shuttle! Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull seek to prove conclusively, without a single doubt, once and for all that aliens exist and are currently targeting Earth (and in the process become rich & famous). To do so, they team-up with...
27 Feb. 1998
Shell Shocked
The Space Rangers meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
6 Mar. 1998
Never Stop Searching
Carlos stumbles upon Andros watching a video of himself as a child, with his young sister, when she was kidnapped by an unknown creature. Soon, a life-form reading appears on Andros' home world of KO-35, which he assumes is maybe his long lost sister Karone, but what actually awaits him is an ambush by Ecliptor. When this leads to Carlos being injured by following him there, Andros quickly learns the best way to get through his guilt is by relying in others. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull are led to a watermelon patch by Prof. Phenomenus, who convinces them it's a breeding ...
13 Mar. 1998
Satellite Search
NASADA asks the Rangers to help retrieve a crashed satellite with important data on Dark Specter's operations.
20 Mar. 1998
A Ranger Among Thieves
With his four Earthen teammates busy with Math midterms, Andros falls in with a crowd of car thieves at the Surf Spot. Chuck, the ringleader, manipulates Andros' good-natured-ness and turns him, unwittingly, into an accomplice (despite how the other two, Suzi & David, feel guilty about exploiting him). It's only after discovering the three are behind stealing Adelle's delivery van that he learns the truth behind them. But when the Voltage Hog monster attacks the area where the trio are storing the stolen cars, will Andros save his former "friends" despite their ...
27 Mar. 1998
When Push Comes to Shove
Cassie loses her diary, which she believes may contain a picture of her that would reveal her identity as a Power Ranger. George, a teen troublemaker, gets ahold of it and uses it as blackmail to make Cassie go on a date with his pal, Lenny, a gentle giant. Meanwhile, Prof. Phenomenus unveils a new plutonium fuel, which plans to use to send Bulk & Skull into space to find aliens. But Astronema becomes aware of this, and has the Elephantitan monster try to topple the skyscraper the fuel is being stored at, in an effort to wipe out Angel Grove. It just so happens to be ...
3 Apr. 1998
The Craterite Invasion
A malfunction with the Megaship's Simudeck releases hundreds of real Craterites into Angel Grove.
4 Apr. 1998
The Wasp with a Heart
Waspicable, a kind-hearted monster from Earth, is torn between his caring nature and his loyalty to his evil brother Sting King.
11 Apr. 1998
The Delta Discovery
The Phantom Ranger discovers where Dark Specter is hiding Zordon.
18 Apr. 1998
The Great Evilyzer
Professor Phenomenus develops a ray that can turn objects evil which Astronema decides to use against the Power Rangers.
25 Apr. 1998
Grandma Matchmaker
Ashley's grandmother visits Angel Grove intent on seeing Ashley engaged before she leaves.
2 May 1998
The Barillian Sting
A suspicious bounty hunter joins forces with Astronema despite Ecliptor's objections.
9 May 1998
TJ's Identity Crisis
Darkonda betrays Ecliptor to increase his own power. Meanwhile T.J. suffers an injury causing him to lose his memory.
16 May 1998
Flashes of Darkonda
Andros makes a startling discovery about his sister's kidnapper and journeys into the heart of Dark Specter's empire searching for answers.
12 Sep. 1998
The Rangers' Mega Voyage
The Power Rangers use their newly-obtained Key Cards to decode the location of a new fleet of Zords.
19 Sep. 1998
True Blue to the Rescue
Justin, the Blue Turbo Ranger, returns to help the Power Rangers.
26 Sep. 1998
Invasion of the Body Switcher
Astronema switches bodies with Ashley to infiltrate the Astro Megaship and capture the Power Rangers.
3 Oct. 1998
Survival of the Silver
The Rangers discover the cryogenically frozen Zhane, the Silver Ranger and Andros' best friend.
10 Oct. 1998
Red with Envy
Andros battles Darkonda and his own jealousy as he worries Ashley might be attracted to Zhane.
14 Oct. 1998
The Silver Secret
After being frozen for two years, Zhane struggles with his weakening Ranger powers.
15 Oct. 1998
A Date with Danger
Zhane struggles between his attraction to Astronema and his duty to help the other Power Rangers.
16 Oct. 1998
Zhane's Destiny
On a desolate planet, the Rangers are captured by a band of resistance fighters prompting Zhane to reconsider his place with the Power Rangers.
17 Oct. 1998
Always a Chance
The Rangers encounter Lizward, who has the ability to change places with another person. During a battle, he changes places with Cassie just as Carlos is about to attack. Carlos ends up injuring his friend. Cassie recovers, but Carlos begins to doubt his abilities as a ranger. He leaves the team for a while and encounters Adam, the person who chose him to be a Ranger. Adam trains Carlos to try and get his confidence back.
21 Oct. 1998
The Secret of the Locket
When Darkonda sets a trap for the Red Ranger, Andros finally comes face to face with his long-lost sister.
23 Oct. 1998
Astronema Thinks Twice
Astronema questions her own motives as she travels to KO-35 to battle the Power Rangers.
24 Oct. 1998
The Rangers' Leap of Faith
The Power Rangers question whether they can trust Astronema when she offers to help them find Zordon.
28 Oct. 1998
Dark Specter's Revenge: Part 1
With a new ally aboard the Megaship, the Rangers race to save the Earth from an asteroid on a collision course with the planet.
29 Oct. 1998
Dark Specter's Revenge: Part 2
An old ally returns to help Andros rescue his sister from Dark Specter
30 Oct. 1998
Rangers Gone Psycho
Astronema assembles a team of evil Psycho Rangers to solidify her power.
31 Oct. 1998
Carlos on Call
A young girl discovers Carlos's secret. And blackmails him to be on call for her which jeopardizes the team.
4 Nov. 1998
A Rift in the Rangers
The Psycho Rangers take advantage of the animosity between the Ranger girls to capture Ashley.
5 Nov. 1998
Five of a Kind
T.J. devises a clever strategy to defeat the Psycho Rangers in battle.
6 Nov. 1998
Silence Is Golden
Able to recognize the Power Rangers' voices, the Psycho Rangers assume human disguises to try and find them when they least suspect it.
7 Nov. 1998
The Enemy Within
While searching for their Mega Voyager, the Power Rangers prepare for a final showdown with the Psycho Rangers.
11 Nov. 1998
Andros and the Stowaway
On a remote planet, Andros befriends a rapidly-growing baby alien on the run from his cruel master.
12 Nov. 1998
Misson to Secret City
Andros and Carlos are trapped inside Astronema's Secret City forcing Andros to discover untapped powers in his Astro Morpher to save the day.
13 Nov. 1998
Ghosts in the Machine
The Rangers race to stop Astronema from using her new device to turn people into Data Cards.
14 Nov. 1998
The Impenetrable Web
Astronema lures the Rangers into a trap on a distant planet.
18 Nov. 1998
A Line in the Sand
A dark Humvee stalks each of the Space Rangers while they're on Earth in their civilian lives. It fails to capture Andros & Ashley while they're out on a date, but succeeds in taking out each of the others. With each it runs down, they're teleported to a barren desert, with no way to contact the Megaship! Even if our heroes can put the brakes on this living vehicle, known as Tankenstein, they'll have even bigger problems with its monster form.
20 Nov. 1998
Countdown to Destruction: Part 1
Dark Specter's combined armies launch a final all-out assault on the entire universe.
21 Nov. 1998
Countdown to Destruction: Part 2
With the forces of evil all but triumphant, the Power Rangers make one last desperate attempt to save Zordon.

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