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  • There are lots of poor people in India who want to get rich soon. A woman named Seema is one of them. She is very beautiful and has an admirer by the name of Sidharth. This man is very rich, and wants to marry Seema. But Seema finds out that he is already married, so refuses to marry him. He assures her that he does not love his wife, and will divorce her, and then marry Seema. Then there is the story of another poor person, a man by the name of Rahul. Rahul is also an admirer of Seema. But Rahul works for Sidharth. Rahul knows that Sidharth is going to betray Seema and have an affair with someone else very soon. Rahul also knows that Seema wants to get rich very quickly. How will be convince her about Sidharth? Rahul is also afraid If Sidharth finds out he will fire Rahul, thus he will remain a poor man all his life.

    - Written by Sumitra (corrected by Calista)
  • Rahul is a middle-class youth with high ambitions of striking it rich in the corporate world. He's willing to bend his ethics to prove his loyalty to his boss, Siddharth who he sees as his key to scaling the ladders of success. To please Siddharth, he has to do his dirty jobs like bringing girls for Siddharth to exercise his not insubstantial charms on. Matters become complicated when Siddharth's eyes fall on Seema, a girl Rahul secretly loves. Seema too wishes to take the shortcut to success by serenading a rich man. Initially she falls for Siddharth's charms and even believes his sob stories when she comes to know he's married. But then as his devious ways are revealed to her and she finds her heart being drawn to the simple Rahul, she seeks to escape from Siddharth's clutches.

    - Written by Saurabh Bagchi <bagchi@uiuc.edu>
  • Sidharth Chaudhry is a businessman, and he runs an advertising agency, through which he gets to meet a lot of beautiful women. Although he has been married to Sheela for years, he often has affairs with other women behind her back. And the employee who arranges all his appointments, inside and outside the office, is Rahul, who wants to get rich, very quickly, and start his own business. Sidharth meets lovely Seema Kapoor, and soon both fall in love. Rahul is asked to make all dates with Seema, and ensure that everything goes smoothly. When Seema finds out that Sidharth is already married, he assures her that his marriage is almost over, and he is in the process of getting a divorce. Rahul first feels sorry for Seema, as he knows that Sidharth is manipulating her, and then begins to fall to fall in love with her, but he knows that Seema wants to get rich soon, and if she doesn't then she will get married to a very wealthy man, like Sidharth, even if he is already married, and will have nothing to do with a struggling assistant like himself.

    - Written by rAjOo (gunwanti@hotmail.com)
  • Rahul works in an advertising agency and dreams of becoming a big name. He is the right hand man of his boss Siddharth Choudhry who, although married, has a flair for womanizing. By chance, Rahul bumps into Seema who is a model and like him, dreams of achieving professional success. But when Siddharth sees Seema, he has his heart set upon seducing her and emotionally blackmails Rahul into helping him. Rahul is torn between his dreams of success, and his love for Seema and will have to choose one of these.

    - Written by Soumitra


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