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  • In the beginning of the times, God created life into universe: light gave birth to angels, earth to men and fire to djin, creatures condemned to dwell in the void between the worlds. One who wakes a djin shall be given three wishes. Upon granting the third, an unholy legion of djins are freed through a doorway between the worlds upon the Earth. In 1127 A.D., in Persia, a sorcerer lures and traps a powerful Djinn in the stone of secret fire. In the present days, a drunken crane operator drops the valuable statue of Ahura Mazda over the assistant of Raymond Beaumont on the harbor, and one worker finds the huge and priceless opal red stone where Djin is seized. Alexandra Amberson, who works in an auction house, receives the stone for evaluation and accidentally awakes Djin. The evil creature is released later, charges the stone with people souls and feeds with their fears, while chasing Alexandra to force to make three wishes and unleash the demoniac fiends upon Earth.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • In the beginning of time, two forms of life were first created. One were the Angels and the other were the Djinn, a race of beings bent on humanity's destruction and ruling Earth. But the Djinn can only take over when one of their own grants three wishes to the person who wakes him. And the Djinn has a way to turn one's wildest dreams into their worst nightmare. In 1997, when a statue carrying the jewel that holds a Djinn hostage is destroyed, a young gemologist accidentally wakes the Djinn and releases him into the world where he can complete his hellish mission. But can she figure out the perfect wish that will banish the Djinn forever and save humanity?

    - Written by Will
  • The Djinn is a mischievous monster who can fulfill any wishes but in a horrible way (for example, when the woman tells him her wish to be beautiful forever, she is turned to mannequin). He was captured into an opal in the 12th century and hidden inside an antique statue. When the statue is damaged in 1997 during transportation to Los Angeles, Djinn escapes and takes human form. Young gemologist Alexandra Amberson has to take a stand against him.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • In ancient Persia, an evil creature called the Djinn wreaks havoc on a local kingdom before being sealed inside a stone - a fire opal. Centuries later, the stone, encased in a statue, is discovered when the statue is broken apart in a loading accident. A young gemologist, Alexandra Amberson, examines the jewel to appraise it. But she unwittingly awakes the horrible Djinn inside. Soon the Djinn is loose on the streets, twisting people's wishes and and killing them so he can steal their souls. Eventually the Djinn disguises himself as an elegant man-about-town, Nathaniel Demarest. In both human & Djinn form, he pursues Alexandra to trick her into making three wishes, to enable his unholy legions to conquer the Earth...

    - Written by Derek O'Cain
  • A demonic djinn attempts to grant its owner three wishes, which will allow him to summon his brethren to earth.

    - Written by <crow_steve@hotmail.com>


The narrator, Angus Scrimm, in his only words in the film, introduces the audience to the creatures...

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