The Wings of the Dove (1997) Poster

Plot Keywords

american journalist
heiress orphan
opium death
marriage wealth
party poverty
cowgirl sex position female star appears nude
olde street london fleet street london
soho london blood specialist
virginity older woman younger man relationship
reference to aubrey beardsley reference to alfred lord tennyson
radiologist radiology
bookstore snooker
tombstone graveyard
cemetery bus
scaffold church
ladder coffin on a gondola
coffin lord
museum art gallery
park boy
soccer street dance
street party nun
boat collision sea food
street market rooftop
rifle photograph
photographer camera
fast forward secret
train elevator
high society doctor
working class upper class
writer hyde park london
taxi horse and carriage
horse boat
rowboat rain
drunkenness drink
drinking cigarette smoking
circular staircase patron
makeup costume
sightseeing costume party
nurse dancer
hospital kiss
female frontal nudity topless female nudity
bare breasts female nudity
death in venice illness
mother daughter relationship father daughter relationship
friend friendship
greed temptation
passion seduction
love urban setting
animal in title star crossed lovers
social climber scheme
melancholy manipulation
fortune hunter dying young
class differences betrayal
aristocrat 1910s
love triangle heritage
forbidden love death of loved one
wedding ward
subway pornographic literature
opium den nobility
library letter
gunfire gondola
funeral dancing
aunt niece relationship art
venice italy nudity
terminal illness sex
london england deception
scam death of mother
based on novel independent film

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