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  • Bobby Boucher is the lowly waterboy for a college football team, until the coach discovers his amazing talent for tackling people much bigger than him. He signs the Waterboy as the new star player, but Bobby must keep it secret from his overbearing and domineering mother.

    - Written by Travis Kennedy
  • Bobby Boucher is 31, lives at home with his mother and is the waterboy for the University of Louisiana Cougars. One day he is fired and ends up being the waterboy for a down-and-out college team, the South Central Louisiana State University Mud Dogs. During an incident in training, Bobby demonstrates himself to be a ferocious tackler, and he is picked for the team's defense. Thanks to him, the Mud Dogs' fortunes soar. However, his mother doesn't approve of him playing football.

    - Written by grantss
  • 31-year-old waterboy Bobby Boucher is constantly tormented by the team he works for until he is fired by the coach. He then finds a new coach to work for. Here he finds a new talent, tackling people by pretending they're making fun of him. Soon, he becomes the best linebacker in college football, but he must keep it secret from his overprotective mother.

  • A waterboy for a college football team discovers he has a unique tackling ability and becomes a member of the team.

    - Written by Robert McCrory


Bobby Boucher (Adam Sandler) is a 31-year-old, socially inept, stuttering, simpleton water boy living in Louisiana who rides a lawn mower to and from work...

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