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What's not to like? This movie is a classic like the first.
tvandagriff9 August 2004
I've read many comments about the Vacation movies. Most people give the original "Vacation" high marks, but trash the others. I think a lot of people just like to be pick on Chevy Chase. "Vacation" is the best, but I liked the sequels and "Vegas Vacation" is my favorite of them. My kids just love to watch "Vegas Vacation". You can't pop in the DVD expecting to watch a movie that will be thought provoking or life altering. It was made to make people laugh and it accomplishes that very well. Chevy Chase and cast are very funny in this movie. The Wayne Newton bit was great. I love going to Vegas, and I love this movie. When my wife and I fly to Vegas, we always kid about going to the bathroom to join "the club" like Clark and Ellen. Numerous other things remind us of the movie when we are in Vegas, and it has made those trips even more enjoyable. Just wish Chevy would do another "Vacation" movie.
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The Griswalds Parade In Vegas
CurtMan@LVCM.com14 November 2004
"Vegas Vacation" makes no pretenses to be a good, hearty, intelligent piece of cinema: it features many critical, inexcusable flaws, such as: trafficking in mindless frivolity, some occasionally cheesy dialogue, and even wavers constantly from scene to scene without any means of resolution or connection. Yet, if you can ignore its many irksome qualities, the latest outing with the Griswalds is simply an outrageous, hilarious, and pleasurable romp of a movie. If you laugh at something senseless and absurd, such as Cousing Eddie babbling on about his worthless, pathetic existence, or Clark Griswald finding himself at the edge of the Hoover Dam, or even a busload of tourists crashing into the estate of "Mr. Las Vegas", Wayne Newton, so what? Where logic and reasoning are scarce behind the odds of the scenarios the Griswalds encounter, laughs are aplenty to make this one gleeful, jovial outing full of some really effective comedy. The idea of the dysfunctional Griswalds venturing to Vegas for yet another "family vacation" and finding themselves experiencing the whims of the city of entertainment in their own individual ways, with Clark being a hapless, compulsive gambler, Ellen having somewhat of an affair with Wayne Newton, Rusty hitting it rich at the casinos and masquerading as a "playboy", and Audrey aspiring to be an exotic dancer, how hilarious can it get? Couple this with the outrageous imbecilic likes of Cousin Eddie continuing to plague Clark's existence, and "Vegas Vacation" succeeds in delivering a royal flush of laughs. If it's silly and inane, if scenarios are too illogical for words, and if not everything really comes together by the end, at least you have plenty of funny material to laugh away at, and that makes for a jolly good outing, when you find yourself laughing consistently throughout the film, which warrants a solid recommendation for "Vegas Vacation". Hilarious! *** out of ****
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Gets the number three spot
Bjorn (ODDBear)14 December 2009
Well, Clark Griswold has so far botched a road trip, a European vacation and (most memorably) a Christmas vacation; so why does he continue to make his family go through hell on his endless quest for a fun vacation? That's easy; it's pretty enjoyable for us to watch :)

"Vegas Vacation" sits comfortably as the third most enjoyable film in the series; surpassing "European Vacation" but not as enjoyable as "Vacation" or "Christmas Vacation". It's pretty far reaching at times but there are solid moments here; such as Clark damn near destroying a damn and getting crazy (as only Clark Griswold can) playing cards and losing everything.

The Wayne Newton gag soon grows tiresome and everything concerning Audrey and Russ pretty much stinks but Randy Quaid delivers once again as obnoxious Cousin Eddie and Chase hasn't lost his touch as the world's most annoying (yet somehow oddly endearing) family dad.
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I'm here to bring you the middle ground
mdnrules19 June 2000
Okay--You've probably seen reviews on here that say, "Vegas is the best Vacation ever!", and then "Vegas is the worst Vacation ever!". Now, that doesn't help a person who hasn't seen the movie for himself yet. Here's the middle ground:

This isn't as good as the first--sequels rarely are. There isn't as much humor potential as in "Christmas Vacation", either. But for god sakes, people, this is MUCH better than the "European Vacation" movie, which has misfire gags left and right (you can check out my review on THAT by clicking on "mdnrules").

Vegas Vacation has as much "Cousin Eddie" humor as in the Christmas Vacation movie which seems to make up for the "diaster" humor Vegas is lacking. This movie seems to have the happiest ending of all of them.

Based on many opinions, here is the order of the Vacations, starting with the best and ending with the worst:

1. a tie between "Vacation" and "Christmas Vacation" 2. Vegas Vacation being a fair third, and 3. European Vacation being a very distant fourth.

Hope this helps, all.
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Have to admit after 20th viewing that it is good
jbels26 August 2003
I saw this movie when it was first released in the theatres, and thought it was one of the worst films ever made. Since then, whenever this movie comes on TV, I cannot turn it off. What was once like watching a car wreck has become an enjoyable viewing experience that is a very funny experience. Still can't figure out how the daughter grew up Latina but Marisol Nichols is so cute, who cares? Sinatra imitator very funny, as is the seemingly five minutes of silence they hold on the Quaid/Newton bit. Also funny, the server in the buffet "oh you're right, this is chicken WANT SOME!" and Chevy Chase butt-ugly costume.
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"All in all, I feel that 'Vegas Vacation' is a very underrated comedy."
MovieAddict201624 February 2003
`Vegas Vacation' - 1997 - 3.5/5 stars

In 1989, audiences were introduced to `Christmas Vacation,' which turned out to be more than a pleasant surprise. Then, in 1997, almost a decade later, another `Vacation' film churned out. The fourth in the series.

`Vegas Vacation.'

Clark Griswold has finally gotten his break. His food preservatives have been approved, and he has gotten a bonus. Now, what to do with the money? He has an idea. Take the wife and kids to.(big surprise) Vegas! But soon after the ordeal of arriving in Vegas is over, Clark finds himself wasting away his money gambling; especially playing craps! Now, with the help of Uncle> Eddie, he must regain his money, and regain his wife from the grasp of Wayne Newton!

Chevy Chase returns to the role of Clark Griswold, he gets these crazy notions and perfect ideas built up in his head, and as we have learned in the other films, they always disintegrate one at a time until he blows his top.

Beverly D'Angelo returns to the character of Ellen Griswold, she pulls off the housewife/mother role quite believably; she is not nearly as bad as anyone would expect. Many people say she was in the first movie just to flash the screen a few times, but that's just from the mouths of people who dislike the movies; I think her role is important, and D'Angelo carries it well. The only other person I can think of that fits the Ellen character is Goldie Hawn, but that's probably because she acts a bit like D'Angelo so it is easier to imagine her as Ellen.

The kids in this `Vacation' film are (finally!) older; Rusty is on the verge of manhood, and Audrey has matured as well. The things they get themselves into during the film are quite funny. Audrey becomes a Vegas dancer, and Rusty becomes a rich tycoon with the help from some `friends.' We splice back and forth to their predicaments during the film.

One hilarious segment includes a bit where the Griswold family visits Uncle Eddie (a returning Randy Quaid) out in the middle of nowhere; he says that he got his land for free from the government because it used to be a nuclear test site (`I got tomatoes growing this big!'). Uncle Eddie is more disgusting than ever; he lives in a small trailer with about forty-something kids, all of which have strange deformations.

In `Vegas Vacation,' Randy Quaid has the longest screen time that Eddie's ever had before, and I think this is a good thing. Perhaps some people thought it went a bit over the top with Eddie, but I say, `The more Eddie, the better!'

Wallace Shawn makes a rather long cameo as the craps dealer; Clark has a vengeance built up against Shawn's character. He MUST beat him. However, Clark always loses and that is how he loses all his money.

Wayne Newton takes a rather big role as well. He pretends to be in love with Ellen Griswold (`It's a lock of my hair.') in the film; he tries to steal her from Clark, who forgets to pay attention to his wife while he blows his money away like it's just paper and nothing more.

John Hughes, writer of `Vacation' and `Christmas Vacation,' did NOT return to the keyboard for this one; someone else wrote it. I think, however, that the writer of `Vegas Vacation' wrote the script well; the jokes are plentiful and enjoyable. It's nowhere near as bad as some comedy sequels get (i.e. `Police Academy' sequels).

Many people really hated `Vegas Vacation,' saying that is was just not funny. But no one can tell me they didn't laugh - or even chuckle - at this film. I understand that it is not as good as the first film, but to tell you the truth, I used to have a hard time choosing a favorite - the three films (`Vegas,' `Christmas,' and the original - NOT counting the `European' sequel) are so different and funny that it really is hard to choose. However, `Vegas' is more familiar to the first film than the sequel(s), and it's a bit easier to compare. When I look closely at them, I decide (a) the first film was a first, and no one had ever experienced Clark Griswold before; (b) the jokes are a bit better and (c) the cast was a bit younger back then and could go for more physical gags. In the new film, Clark swings over the Hoover Dam, and it looks like Chevy really strained himself doing some of the physical stuff (even if it means dangling over a green screen).

All in all, I feel that `Vegas Vacation' is a very underrated comedy. I really, really enjoyed it, and had a fun time watching it. It's always nice to take another visit to the Griswold family, and I'm up for another sequel (perhaps John Hughes should write the next one?).

3.5/5 stars -
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Lots of FUN!!!
IrisNo1113 August 1999
Warning: Spoilers
I thought that this one was the one of the best movies from the "Vacation" series. It's really funny, and it was pretty cool to see Audrey and Rusty all grown up! I loved the characters, especially Shae D'Lyn's character, Vicki, the Vegas stripper, who Audrey hangs out with, and when Randy ends up as professional gambler and Vegas icon, Nick Papagorgio. Ellen, played by Beverly Dangelo, ends up being lured by Wayne Newton, while Clark becomes seduced by the thought of BIG fortune. Also, you have old friends like Randy Quaid's totally gross, but funny Eddie and his wife, Catherine, and many more! A great movie for laughs! :o)
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Griswalds go to Vegas - It's worse than "European vacation" !
Maziun26 August 2013
This is the forth and last movie about Griswalds. Well , at least until the new remake of "Vacation" doesn't show up. It doesn't have the National Lampoons title , but it is the sequel to previous three movies. It was directed by Stephen Kessler. What is more important is that John Hughes (writer of all three movies) isn't the writer of this one. "Vegas vacation" was written by Elisa Bell and Bob Ducsay.

It's hard to find a good third movie in the series , much less forth. It's also a risk to make a sequel to an 80's movie . Many of the sequels to 80's movies fails , because they aren't able to capture that specific 80's magic of the original ("Another 48 hours" , "Beverly Hills cop 3", "Blues brothers 2000" for example). Griswalds didn't really needed another sequel , since the third one was really good . So who needed it ? Chevy Chase . After the 1989 he wasn't able to make a successful movie and this was his last attempt to become a major star once more .

In the end it's a movie that should have been made as straight to video flick . It is so bad , that it's worse than "European vacation" . At least I had few laughs with that bad movie , with this one I had none.

"Vegas" lacks freshness . The writers tried to keep "Vegas vacation" in style of previous movies , but failed terribly. None of the usual Griswald charm is here . The jokes fell incredibly forced and don't work. Only SOME of the jokes with cousin Eddie APPROACH being funny (which doesn't mean they are , mind you). The franchise had simple , but funny , slightly raunchy sense of humor . This one is boring and bland like most of US sitcoms. It feels more like a commercial for Las Vegas than a comedy.

The old cast is back – Chevy Chase , Beverly D'Angelo and Randy Quaid. The kids has been recast again . Ethan Embry plays Rusty and Marisol Nichols plays Audrey. I have to say they are my least favorite couple from the whole series. They give very flat performances.

National Lampoon took their name off the title of this film. It's hard not to understand why. Surprisingly, "Vegas Vacation" was fairly successful at the box office, taking in almost $40 million (the budget mus have been low for this movie) Which meant there was yet another chapter in the saga, the even worse than this "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 2- Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure". Oh , boy...

My advice ? Stick to the first and third one , avoid the rest. I give it 1/10.
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I've Been Kicked in the Nuts at BJ, Myself
thesar-219 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I'm way biased here. This is now my favorite Vacation movie after binge watching all 4 from a BluRay box set. I'm biased because I'm a Vegas fanatic and it's hard to watch how they get Vegas wrong in so many movies. Here, they actually shot in so many of the locations and the views from their rooms made sense. Too many times, including the most recent Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, do they just make up sh|t as they go along and hope no one's ever been to Sin City. I digress. I know this isn't everyone's favorite, and some scenes made me cringe, like Clark climbing the Hoover Dam, but I found myself laughing more in this installment than the previous three. Mostly with Cousin Eddie, again, the gambling – specifically the off-strip casino and Marty the Devil Dealer and the luck of Rusty. Am not ashamed, despite my obsession with Vegas, to say, this is my favorite Vacation…so far.
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Funny But Formulaic
eric26200315 December 2014
The final installment to the Griswald family's madcap misadventures, they're just as funny as the other three outrageous film before this one, as Clark, Ellen, Audrey and Rusty are out to stir trouble for themselves and everyone else surrounding them only this time the stakes are higher in the 1997 film "Vegas Vacation." The laughs are gut- bursting, and the hot Nevada desert is the perfect resort to capture just how zany and outrageous the Griswalds can be. Sure it's good to watch one in a blue moon, after seeing the same gags over and over again, it does loses its flavour like a piece of chewing gum and you can easily become bored after a while.

The film is truly a follow-up to "Christmas Vacation" as Clark finally got his big bonus from his marketing business after his newly invented cereal bars are a success and decides to use his money to his advantage and brings his wife and kids with him where they'll go on a frenzy gambling and living the life on Easy Street. During their stay, the Griswalds venture on their own to see what fortune comes their way. Such scenes involves legendary crooner Wayne Newton trying to get it on with Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo). Clark and the kids have their moments as well.

Sure the Griswald family follow the same path as the other three installments, but that's because of their inept ways of life, they have managed to make us laugh. We all come to see them struggle, fail and try to move up only to still remain left behind, but we love them for that and that is what keeps their fans from coming into theatres for. We were all shocked to see Clark as he dangles off Hoover Dam and crashing through Wayne Newton's house with the van.

The movie is very rich because the film is unpredictable. You think that they slowed the tempo down in "Christmas Vacation", but think again, the falls, the slapstick humour is still effective as we await for every gag to takes its shape and every way for the Griswalds to bend it. The laughs continue and never gets bored the first time seeing it at least, but after multiple viewing it loses its flavour like chewing gum.

Clark and the gang had their moments of laugh-till-your-stomach- bursts moments, however, the funniest scenes will involve the funniest supporting player to the Griswold clan. I'm talking about Randy Quaid's Cousin Eddie. From the first and third installments (he wasn't in "European Vacation"), he was always a dynamic character and the reason why is that even though he's dumber than rocks, his heart is in the right place and looks out for Clark even in the the most dire situations. But his redneck ways and caring charm puts a light touch to someone's heart.

This film isn't without its weaknesses. For one thing if you seen the other three Griswald adventures you seen them all. The madcap over- the-top slapstick humour has been done many times before and many times better. Even the dialogue and the facial expressions have all been executed in the very same pattern. But hey, what do I expect this film was going to be, a life-changing drama? Hell, no this is "National Lampoon" baby, so the film should be about overdosing in slapstick comedy so why spoil a good thing.

Another fault is why was Wayne Newton playing a pivotal part in the film. Sure he's a respective singer and I would have been okay if he played a cameo role in the film. But as a supporting character, he was just plain awful. He was just playing himself, a sleazy Vegas singer who had the hots for Ellen.

Usually in the other three films I laughed with the family, but in "Vegas Vacation", I couldn't help but feel sorry for them, especially from the kids (who looked too old to play the parts of Audrey and Rusty). The lack of chemistry is missing in this film because the kids and the parents seem to go their own separate ways. I thought it angered me that Clark kept forgetting his daughter's name most of the time (making her feel like the black sheep of the family a la Meg Griffin from "Family Guy"). I also felt that there was a lot of parental negligence as the kids Audrey and Rusty found themselves in dangerous predicaments. It was also very angering that Clark spent over $23,000 of his bonus money on gambling when he should have done as he promised in "Christmas Vacation" was to install a swimming pool. It made me think where's social services when you need them feeling I got. Surely a family could not have been this dysfunctional. But though it all it still succeeds in providing you with non-stop gags and having you laughing the whole way through.

Overall this movie is by far a terrible movie. The laughs are plentiful and you'll surely have a good time and Randy Quaid was wonderful as Cousin Eddie. I would recommend it as a comedy and really nothing more than that.
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This one was pretty funny
swat61128 December 2003
Vegas Vacation and Christmas Vacation are my 2 favorites of the Vacation movies. Vegas Vacation was very funny. Good cast, and good story. I really enjoyed it. Lets face it, Chevy Chase has made some pretty crappy movies, but the Vacation ones seem to always make it for him. I like, its worthing buying.
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This series needs to be sent on a "permanent" vacation
Subbuteo_IA15 April 1999
Two things about this movie surprised me. First, as of April 1999, IMDB says it rates a 5.7. The original "Vacation" flick rates a 7.0. Trust me when I say that this ratings difference does not nearly describe the difference in entertainment value. Second, I was quite surprised that anyone would want to do yet another "Vacation" movie. How long will this series drag out? I suppose we should expect a weekly syndicated sitcom soon. I had the "pleasure" of catching this movie on a cable movie channel. The only reason it keeps your attention is because you can't believe how lame it is. Only the scenes with Randy Quaid approach funny. The scene with Christie Brinkley is cute, but how many people will get the reference outside of the hardcore "Vacation" fans (if there is such a group). Do you remember when the USA network alternated Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda (?) on "Up All Night"? This movie is not good enough to be shown in that format. The only reason that I can imagine someone watching this movie is because it is being broadcast on television, and you like to have some noise in the room.
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It's funny, not smart.
llihilloh26 December 2000
I can honestly say that I am one of the few "Vacation" lovers that found "Vegas Vacation" really entertaining.

I've found out that most people dislike this movie because of the writing or perhaps the actors. Here's an insider tip to help you get through this hilarious film: DON'T THINK OF IT AS A MOVIE SET OUT TO MAKE A POINT ABOUT SOMETHING. IT IS MEANT TO MAKE YOU LAUGH, AND THAT'S ABOUT IT. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Okay, the accomplished part is from my point of view. I've seen a number of pointless films. Especially in the past year or so. Anyway, this IS a movie with a dumb story line to go off of. I'll admit to that. But I think that it is filled with clever and hysterical situations. Yeah, yeah, that is just my opinion and nobody really cares, but just deal with me here.

Chevy Chase and Beverly DeAngelo reprise their roles as the quirky yet lovable Griswolds. Marisol Nichols gives an alright performance as Audrey. But Ethan Embry is extremely funny as Rusty. Randy Quaid is, as always, hilarious as Cousin Eddie. The whole cast is great.

The problems that each of the Griswold members run into are creative and amusing. Clarke with his inability to stop gambling. Ellen with her semi-obsession with Wayne Newton. Rusty with his wanting to gamble but more importantly, his lucky streak with the four cars that he wins. And Audrey with her dancing career ready to take off. All of them are good.

So, like I've said, this movie was meant to be funny and it was. Some intelligent writing was put into it but not a whole lot. That's fine. I enjoyed it, and I'm probably alone on that one.
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how is this only 4.9 out of 10?
maq2716 February 2003
this movie deserves a better rating than what you all rated it! this movie, although, is 3rd in ranking (in my opinion) but it is still good (last is European). overall, a great comedy with the best kids out of all of the vacations.

8 1/2 out of 10
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Vegas Vacation 8/10
ajwebb15 July 2004
I truly believe this was a great addition to the Vacation Series. The quirky comments is what makes this movie a winner. It's a great movie to watch, especially due to all of the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas that appears in this movie. Due to the fact that they shot this movie on location, it give it a different "look" and "feel". I'm not really crazy about their choice for the Griswold kids, but it's still an excellent movie. For some reason I can't turn it off each time it comes on, I have watched this movie over 50 times. If you give it a chance, you will enjoy it too. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a little comedy. The whole vacation series is a great one to watch.
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What went wrong??
moonspinner556 May 2007
Completely lackluster comedy, the fourth (and hopefully the last) in the financially successful "Vacation" pantheon has Chevy Chase back as goofy dad Clark Griswold, taking his family on another adventure, leaving the suburbs for the lights of Las Vegas. A couple of big laughs--and a game attempt to keep it afloat by Chase, still working very well with Beverly D'Angelo--but the direction is limp, the gags are blown time after time, and a sub-plot involving trailer-trash cousin Randy Quaid is painfully gratuitous. This movie series needs a permanent vacation! Nice (if obvious) cameos by Siegfried & Roy and, in the movie's best bit, Christie Brinkley. * from ****
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The worst of the 'Vacation' series!
Mr Dread19 March 2000
D- What an awful, awful movie! I could barely finish watching it. It was painful to watch this movie, especially for me since I'm a fan of the 'Vacation' series. This -- I am sorry to say -- made into my list of the top ten worst comedies.

Same characters, same actors (except the kids) but a horrible result. I wonder why that is? The direction? Probably. The only funny character was Uncle Eddie, although he's not AS funny as in the past Vacation movies, he still lifts this disaster off the ground.

There were many scenes that didn't make sense. Overall the acting was really bad (and I mean really really bad -again, comparing to the other Vacation movies)! It was just a big disaster. Some situations reminded me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, although this seemed to luck the humor a cartoon has.

I think I laughed no more than 2 times throughout the whole thing. Stephen Kessler made a disaster of what could have been another good addition to the Vacation series.
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disappointing slump/death knell of promising series
ArmandTanzarian12 April 2005
This series built up nicely as a cult favourite to the more mainstream 'Xmas Vacation' which had a bit of money behind it and was a good all round comedy. They should have left it there cos this belated sequel is a big step back in quality in both production values and script etc, but has none of the low budget appeal of the first films and is disappointing and embarrassing viewing. The formula is tired and Chevy Chase is looking a bit too old for this, and its the usual series of misadventures, but without any really good jokes. The first 'big laugh' is Clark trying to give his wife one in the airplane toilet and getting his foot stuck and getting the blue toilet water all over himself which makes you look at whoever you're watching it with and exchange a look which says "this is going to be crap. " . It goes downhill from there, with bad set pieces such as Clark causing a leak on the Hoover Dam and swinging on a wire across it after getting somehow getting stuck outside on the face the dam. The only good bit is Randy Quaid as redneck cousin, which again is a poorer version of the jokes from previous films. It becomes clear that they had no budget for this when Wayne Newton who I assume is some big name Vegas singer gets to promote himself along with plenty of other crappy Vegas locations/shows. The low point is the result of some deal that the producers obviously cut with cheesy Vegas stage magicians Seigfried and Roy where they let them film a scene at their show in return of having a good few minutes of their stage show in the film. Recently Roy was mauled by one of the tigers and you wonder if it was in revenge for being forced to be in Vegas Vacation. Overall, disappointing, especially as the series looked to be going places after 'Xmas', but they left it too late to build on that films success.
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My favorite of the vacation films, go ahead, laugh yourself silly
Amy Adler4 April 2011
Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) arrives at his home in Chicago, one day, in very high spirits. His wife, Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo) and two kids, Audrey (Marisol Nichols) and Rusty (Ethan Embry) are called to a family meeting. In short order, Clark announces that his new formula for food preservation has garnered a big bonus and he is taking them all to Las Vegas. No one is very excited but they have little choice but to go along. When they arrive in town, the Griswolds take a limo to their hotel, although poor Audrey gets stuck in the moonroof, thanks to her dad. Before long, cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid) shows up, for Ellen has called her cousin, Eddie's wife Catherine, to announce their visit. Eddie promptly watches Clark lose a whopping $300 bucks at the blackjack table, much to the joy of the sadistic dealer, Marty (Wallace Shawn). After the loss, Eddie invites everyone to his house north of Vegas, where the government has given him some lovely, parched, radioactive land. From there, its on to Hoover Dam and to a bunch of shows, including Sigfried & Roy and Wayne Newton. Newton, in fact, makes a play for Ellen in front of the audience, although Clark thinks its part of the act. While Ellen gets invited to have cocktails with Wayne, Clark goes on gambling and the kids, under age, get fake identifications so they can likewise play the tables (Rusty) and try out exotic dancing (Audrey). They even have an encounter with an old, old gambler (Sid Caesar). How will their great adventure end? This is the best of the vacation films, my opinion, even though all are enjoyable. The script is lively and inventive and so, so funny. The cast, too, is excellent, with the main folks reprising their long established roles, and Newton, Embry, Nichols, Shawn, and especially Caesar, adding greatly to the merriment. The scenery is the best of the strip, Eddie's abode notwithstanding, and the costumes and direction are topnotch, also. Do you, personally, need a vacation from the norm? VV is the cure for the anytime blues.
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PrimmChickBB2 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This is the best out of all of the Vacation movies! Hands down! Chevy Chase is laugh out loud funny. Randy Quaid is amazing. The whole Hoover dam scene was the funniest thing ever! Whenever my family and i go to Vegas, we quote this movie so much! Its one of the best movies ever! Even though the kids keep changing in the movies, its is noted in this one. Whats not to like about this movie? Its amazing and hilarious. It basically shows what happens in Vegas the first time for any family. Except Wayne Newton doesn't fall in love with your mom and they don't let the kids roam around freely! This movie deserves an 11 out of 10. I think everybody should watch this movie!
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This time, they may have overdone it.
Lee Eisenberg3 May 2006
The "Vacation" movies are mainly good to see Chevy Chase do his stuff, but the earlier ones were at least clever. This one was sort of lame, namely the scene where they use the radioactive rock as a stove. But as for Las Vegas itself, just how many movies can Hollywood set there? Oh well, at least the Hoover Dam sequence was funny. "Vegas Vacation" is mainly a way to pass time. Hopefully, there won't be another one of these movies (they've had different kids in every movie). As for other things, Beverly D'Angelo of course plays Ellen, Randy Quaid reprises his role as cousin Eddie, and Wallace Shawn, Sid Caesar, Wayne Newton, and Siegfried and Roy also appear. You won't gamble away your dignity by watching this movie, but the earlier ones are better.
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Take a vacation...from laughter !
chets8082 January 2001
Pure Drivel. This is an utter waste of an otherwise, potentially profitable series. Where are the Nat'l Lampoons writers when you need them ?!!

I've seen better directing in Cat Chow commercials ! Chevy Chase just doesnt go anywhere in this movie. Everyone is standing around waiting for each other to be funny. Wallace Shawn is annoyingly unfunny as the dealer, Wayne Newton goes to bat for Sin City, and what is with that oversized jock strap worn by Siegfried on Roids ?

I'd rather watch Cousin Eddie follies for two hours than have to sit through this blatant promotional video for Vegas. But if there's one thing that has huge comedy potential its....Hoover Dam ! Severely Lame idea that goes nowhere (but come see us in the winter when the weather is nice...)

You want to see a funny movie about Vegas. See Showgirls. That's funny. Funny, as in, how bad can another Vegas movie be ??
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Why make another, we've already seen what happens before
MovieFan98311 December 1998
This was just a remake, with different story and different kids, yeah that's another question i have why do they have so many kids? Different kids every time. This time the Griswolds go to Vegas, where Rusty acts like an Italian guy, Audry wants to be a dancer, Ellen wants to have Wayne Newton or the other way around, and Clark Himself has a gambling problem. Eddie played by a always funny Randy Quaid, his wife's pregnant. So what we've seen it all before, before they made this film they should have gone and watched Christmas or the original Vacation and learn what makes a good movie. I give Vegas Vacation a 2 out of 10. Rated PG for language, sensuality, and some thematic elements.
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