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This is not a movie...
preppyboy9021 July 2005
This is not exactly a sequel from "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie" from 1995 'cause it doesn't follow the events that took place on the film, this is more like a 90 min. long episode to start the 5th season of the series (The Turbo era). In fact, if you don't see this film and see the rest of the season you wouldn't be able to figure out how everything started.

I don't hate the movie that much, I just hate the fact that it is a movie. This is, like I said, more like a 90 min. long episode. The movie could have easily been left out and make the storyline a III parts episode. Unlike the first film, this movie follows the rest of the series, it is set in the same universe with the same people, with the same sets, with the same suits...(Unlike the first film in which everything was different).

Personally I highly recommend this film ONLY and EXCLUSIVELY to Power Rangers' followers, NOT to the general audience.
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Not the best movie
At first, I was expecting this movie to be like the first one - cool costumes, original zords, great special effects, etc. In that regard it was quite a bit of a let-down. It was really more of a 90-minute season premiere than an interesting stand-alone movie.

Still, it had its moments: Tommy and Kat in the jungle (that snake scene looked so fake, and when _hasn't_ Kat hurt her leg?!), the two Rangers becoming evil. And it did have a little bit of big-screen drama. The effects weren't exactly morphenominal, but they were pretty much consistent with the show.

The biggest disappointment was the sorry storyline and lack of explanation of where their new powers came from. Of course, there was purportedly an earlier storyline in which Billy returned from Aquitar in need of the Zeo crystal and a scene explaining their new powers, but they cut that part out after David Yost's unpleasant departure from the series.

To sum up, probably wasn't worth it to pay six bucks to see it, but it's definitely a must for any hardcore Power Rangers fan (especially since you kind of needed to see it for the TV season to make sense).
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let's be fair here
Nick Gondolo19 May 2004
I was browsing the worst 100 films of all time here on the IMDB, and came across this one. While, from an adult point of view, I agree with all who don't like the film at all, I think it's a little unfair because we are, after all, not the target audience. My son is 8 years old and he absolutely loves it. I feel sure that if there was a poll conducted of, say, six to twelve year olds, this one would be in their top 100! Oh dear! That was all I wanted to say, but the rules appear to insist that I provide ten lines. Right, that appears to be nine, (ignore this, it displays differently when you're typing it in) so I'll just extend it a little bit more............... OK that should be ten! No - They don't like that either so - What is an Egyptian King's favourite chocolate? Pharaoh Rocher. (Ben, aged 8).
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Bad story for most of the thing, followed by fighting for 1/2 minute.
Vaishino7 January 2004
This movie starts out with a "martial arts" match between one of the power rangers[out of costume], and some other guy, in which the ranger is thrown from the ring, and hurts his leg or something. So they end up replacing him with his kid brother or something as equally stupid. When he morphs, he puts on the costume, then grows to the size o an adult. Anyway, they get new "zords", which are actually cars. Way to go, robots at least made the show seem cool, now they have cars. They have to rescue some little alien thing, which is the love child of an Ewok and Gizmo from gremlins. Along the way, the new pink ranger twists her ankle or something after falling into the water, and the alien heals her with his glowing finger. No ET rip off there. They take him...somewhere, and then they have this boat. The boat takes them to the island, where the rangers have to fight the old red and pink rangers who are being mind controlled. Did I mention that they have a sub plot going where bulk, skull, Jason and Kim are prisoners of the enemies? Well, yeah, they get mind controlled. During the fight, the big evil thing on the island is released, and the rangers can stop fighting Jason and Kim because the alien used his powers to fix their brains. The rangers go out to fight the big guy, who's being called all powerful, and being completely overhyped. They call out their cars, and start up this 8 minute sequence where the cars drive around, the rangers wave their hands around, and the cars go together to form a giant robot. They then proceed to hit the guy once. Once with the sword. That's all it takes, and he blows up. I sat through that whole movie, and that's the end? They kill him in one hit? The fight was shorter than the robot forming sequence. There is no excuse for that.
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Stick with the first one
jhaggardjr29 May 2000
"Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" is a film that has to be seen to be disbelieved. The first film, 1995's "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie", brought the six butt-kicking teens from the Fox Kids series to the big screen for the first time. That movie was not all that bad. It had some decent special effects, a somewhat interesting bad guy (Ivan Ooze), and the six young actors who play the Power Rangers were fun to watch. Plus, that film had a bigger budget. But they went back to the cheapness of the TV show with "Turbo". The special effects, production design, and costumes are so cheap and cheesy that you wonder why 20th Century Fox gave the go-ahead to let these filmmakers (who are close to the TV show) make this film. Also, the script is much worse than it was in the first movie. Bulk and Skull have more screen time here. It has one of the least interesting villains of all time (actually, a villainess). It's very, very, very, very, very, juvenile. And the Power Ranger actors look as if they want to escape this atrosity. So I have one question. Why did they release this movie to theaters? This should have been released straight to video. Or better yet, release it as a TV movie, were this series started in the first place. This movie was totally inappropriate for the big screen.

* (out of four)
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Good if you're a PR Fan, Horrible if you're not.
Vipex2323 July 2002
I just got the PRT movie on DVD and saw it for the first time and I have mixed feelings about it. The movie was basically a PRT episode with mildly better effects. As for Justin, he wasn't as bad as I thought he'd be. Sure, he was annoying at times, but by the way everyone kept talking about him, I thought he'd make the movie completely unbearable. It was cool to see Jason and Kim again (damn Kim was hot), but they didn't really have big parts. Bulk and Skull were more ridiculously used than usual. The forming of the Turbo Megazord was done a lot better than they did on the show. The most annoying thing in the movie was actually a person, Divatox. She was just a completely obnoxious and annoying villianess, and I don't go for that one bit. Overall, it's a decent movie if you're a PR fan. If someone is not a PR fan, the only reason for them to watch it would be to see Kim and Kat looking hot. (PR Fans: 7 1/2 // 10 ::: Non-PR Fans 3 // 10)
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Do yourself a favor and see this movie!
MontageRulez4 August 2002
Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the greatest movie of all time! Forget The Godfather and Shawshank Redemption, step aside Lord of the Rings, there's a new show in town and they're kickin' some theatrical butt! THAT'S RIGHT! Go Go POWER RANGERS!!!!!!!!!
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Feels like watching an extended episode, but I like it
moviemattb28 February 2015
"Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" is about a wizard name Lerigot, who is being hunted by Divatox and her space pirates as he travels to Earth to find the Rangers. One of the Rangers name Rocky, who was the second Red Ranger from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" and the Blue Ranger from "Power Rangers Zeo" has injured his back while training with Tommy and Adam for a charity fighting competition for the Angel Grove Youth Shelter. So Zordon calls the Rangers to find Lerigot, while Divatox travels to Earth and has finally capture Lerigot as well as Bulk and Skull, and the original Red and Pink Power Rangers Jason and Kimberly. The Rangers get new powers, along side with Justin being the new Blue Ranger goes on a quest to find Lerigot and rescue their friends in order to save Earth. The movie itself feels more like watching an extended episode of the show, while the other "Power Rangers" movie feels more like watching...well...a movie. Nevertheless, I actually do like this movie, and I appreciate it for what it is as it is in the style of a "B" movie for using practical effects of the Megazord, and other objects. The acting is alright, and I don't need to go into much detail about it. The movie does have some catchy songs along with some exciting action scenes. Also, I don't hate the character Justin for being the Blue Ranger as much as what the haters are saying. That is just my opinion. I do say that I like the movie more than the actual show. Although I would have like it if they ever do a director's cut release to see the Rangers using their Zeo powers for one last time before turning into Turbo Rangers. Also, maybe a bit more on storytelling and some character development. Not a whole lot to say, but I do think the movie is good, but I like "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" more. I give this movie a 7 out of 10.
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I like it
Writer_Commentary13 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, so I know that the Power Rangers: Turbo series is one of if not the most hated season in the Power Rangers universe, even among Power Rangers fans. I know that I've read a lot of bad reviews about this movie, but I don't think that it's bad. I find it to be quite good and entertaining. It is a good setup up for a series and makes you want to see more of it. But I also get the feeling that there is not enough in it. A lot of good scenes were rumored to be cut. I will not go into detail about that here in this review since I don't want this to have any spoilers. I just hope that all these good scenes were filmed and will pop up in a future release someday. I don't know all the people who hate this movie. I will tell you right now, if you aren't a Power Rangers fan, there is no reason to watch this movie and no reason to flood this site with bad reviews because if it. But I like this movie and I recommend it for Power Rangers fan. It isn't as bad as some people think and I figure you might enjoy it to, provided you liked the classic seasons.
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Turbo: A Stupid Ranger Movie
wesjordao55719 February 2002
This is a bad movie. Bad as in, it sucks. I'm a Power Rangers fan, even today I watch Power Rangers, but this was bad. Not as bad as the series (Power Rangers Turbo) which permierd a mounth after the movie was in theaters. But The Movie does have it's good points. Like, Jason and Kimberly returning and then turning evil. The big fight sceen at the end. But, I think this series didn't deserve to go to theaters. I think the Power Rangers series with the plots should have went, like Power Rangers In Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Time Force, or even the newest series, Power Rangers Wild Force. Those are the ones that deserve to be in theaters just like the first movie did. Turbo should've been made for TV and not for theaters.
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in my bottom five
elsterusa22 April 2004
Like I said in my previous review of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie, this movie is horrid. However, unlike the original, I could not find a single thing worth laughing about in this movie. This movie is a disgrace. It hurt my eyes. In the middle of the movie I turned on my CD player and listened to Lucinda Williams. LUCINDA WILLIAMS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I LISTENED TO "RIGHTEOUSLY". RIGHTEOUSLY, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! I started asking myself what had happened to the spunk, the interest of the bad guys that was with Ivan Ooze in the original. Why am I closing my ears whenever the Power Rangers speak? Why don't I just chop the film up and scatter its pieces into the wind in defiance of the piece of crap I rented? (Well, actually that's the reason I didn't harm it.) I wish I could forget this experience. But you don't forget a headache like that any time soon, do you?
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Power Rangers + Transformers + Magic Crystal: let me think about that for a minute... no
Atli Hafsteinsson13 September 2011
I love Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie, some good clean fun, but this movie is just embarrassing, and nowhere near as fun.

The plot centres around an extraterrestrial wizard named Lerigot, who goes to Earth in order to avoid capture by a crazed alien queen, Divatox (no, seriously). She plans to use Lerigot to open up a portal so that she can marry an evil dark creature, Maligore, and unite their powers. Naturally, the Power Rangers must stop this.

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie is nowhere near as much fun or cool to watch as the first movie. Most notably, Aisha and Billy are completely missing, with no explanation, and Kimberly is no longer a Power Ranger either for some reason, even though she has an important part in the film, thankfully, along with old regular Jason. Rocky is technically there, but he suffers an injury at the start of the film, as if trying to get him out of it, which is sad. Then we have a new blue ranger, Justin, who really is much too young to be a Ranger.

A more serious problem is the Zords. The whole mythology around the Power Rangers is much lamer here. The Zords are no longer kinds of animals, they are now all cars, called "Turbo" powers, which just feels nowhere near as imaginative. At a pivotal point of the film, the car Zords merge into what I find hard to describe as anything but a Transformers rip-off. Even worse than that, though, is the fact that the Power Rangers, in Power Ranger form, have so little screen time.

Furthermore, the plot is terribly paced, and not very fun to follow. The Rangers have to travel to another dimension via an old pirate ship. Seriously? In the first half hour, a lot of time is wasted with the Rangers trying to find Lerigot, and some insufferable scenes of him wandering around the jungle. Nothing hangs together at all. Remember how central the very concept of being a Power Ranger was to the first movie? Here, it feels like little more than a gimmick.

Lerigot is a body-sized puppet who looks like an extra from The Dark Crystal. With his wide doe eyes and nonsensical slurring, he gets on your nerves very quickly, and he just does not stop. The rest of the supporting cast is just as bad. Divatox's henchmen are just laughably embarrassing, especially the insufferable Elgar. Remember Goldar, and Mordant? Those were entertaining henchmen. Maligore, for a supposed unstoppable force of evil, is incredibly ungainly and ineffective. Divatox herself is amusing and Hilary Shephard Turner clearly has a lot of fun with the role, but her overacting gets a little over the top. All the puns are so self-conscious as if the writer were self-aware how bad it would turn out. The special effects are much poorer than in the first movie, too, especially Zordon (he barely looks like he's talking) and Maligore's crater (amateur bluescreen mistake there). Thank goodness Alpha is as good as ever.

The best part of the movie is an amusing cameo from Rita and Lord Zedd. That's about a minute in length, and it made the movie for me. Too bad that the rest isn't as fun to watch. Not even having Kimberly and Jason there can help, really. There's none of the spirit of adventure from the first movie. Do yourself a favour and pass this one up, you're not really missing anything. Watch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers instead.
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What the hell?
nerpaakula3 July 2006
First of all, Power rangers are themselves bad but this is unbelievable. The first movie should appeal to children under the age of 8 and had one decent villain followed by the worst $0.02 CGI transformation sequence in the history of mankind. However, compared to this, that movie seems like the Godfather. Nothing will make sense if for some unfortunate reason you find yourself watching this. It is pure and utter garbage and is'nt funny no matter how you try to look at it. Its disgusting. Its not a movie. Its not a show. Its guano. Most people wont watch it anyway so why am I wasting time writing this? I don't know. The only thing I don't understand is why this is'nt in the bottom 20 list? Make that bottom 5.
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A Major Letdown
weprin211 September 2005
Just another bad sequel to a great movie. A Power Ranger fan's worst nightmare, which isn't really saying much so to speak. This really kills the MPG franchise. Why wasn't Billy in this one?, Why wasn't Jason the Gold Ranger? And what happened to The Machine Empire? There's nothing in this movie but very weak plot but that's about it! Even the series to this movie was lousy! To say the least! All though I liked Power Rangers in Space but the following Power Rangers series like Lost Galaxy,Light Speed Rescue,Time Force,Ninja Storm,Wild Force,Dino Force and S.P.D. where pretty crappy! Watch Voltron The Third Demention instead. Don't waste your time or money watching this disappointing no film! It just ain't worth it.
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# one on the worst movies
sanddog225 May 2000
I hated this movie so much i destroyed my friends tape, i only watched ten minutes of it and blew it up. I hated the t.v show's,this movie, and the memorabilia. the t.v shows got old the movie was gay and the memorabilia was like pokemon cards.
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Waste of time
mk72326 February 2001
I was completely disgusted by this movie. It is just another example of how they butchered what used to be a great tv show. I loved the first movie, but this one is so horrible, you couldn't pay me to sit through it. The story line was dreadfully cheesy, the acting was worse than usual, and the "special effects" were definitely something to be laughed at. Take my advice, and don't waste your time.
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A Masterpiece
shakim338 July 2003
Simply perfect. What a work of art. A Nobel Peace Prize should be given to Shuki Levy for this AMAZING film. The plot, the cinematograhpy, the dialogue, and everything else in this picture made it a must see for all ages. Arguably the best film in the past millenium.
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Not too bad
tjphi1 March 2002
"Turbo" is a fairly decent movie. It's no comparison to the original "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" but it does well in transitioning from Power Rangers Zeo to Power Rangers Turbo. In addition, the movie stars Catherine Sutherland, so therefore it can't be too bad :)
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It was bad as
Jusenkyo_no_Pikachu20 April 2002
I am probably one of the minority of intelligent teens who liked the first movie (even though I have just turned 18).

So I watched the second one and I have to say it was as terrible as a sequel can get. They used CARS. That might have been great for any other movie but seriously, making the Turbo Zords CARS? That's something I cannot believe.

The movie concerns the Power rangers saving a wizard called Loriglot from evil being Divatox. And there were no fights. basically, it was a very disappointing movie. The only good point was the return of Kimberley. And the climax was exciting (albeit really really stupid)

Other than that, stay away from this film at all costs.
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One of the worst movies ever made - I'm a big Power Rangers nut and this sucked
prestonwardcondra9 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This is the first (and likely the only time I'll ever give a 1 on IMDb) this movie is horrendous. I dressed up as a Power Ranger for Halloween for two years growing up. I had watched at least 8 or 9 different seasons of Power Rangers growing up. You can't rightfully criticize something unless you know something about the source material.

This movie sucked. Period. The rangers themselves JDF (Jason David Frank) is badass, Adam AKA Johnny Yong Bosch was okay. The little kid (Justin) was annoying and the two girls have no personality whatsoever and are not even worth mentioning.

60% of the movie consisted of Jason David Frank and the others floating aimlessly on a ship with no sense of immersion or action taking place.

Fun fact. Due to how awful this movie was, the Power Rangers license was almost canned in North America and cancelled until ultimately the follow up season, Power Rangers In Space, saved the franchise from extinction.

That's how awful this movie is. It almost silenced Power Rangers for good. An 8-year-old fanboy of the series could of written and produced better junk than this.

Easily one of the worst movies ever made and I'm sure it'll continue to be labeled as that 15 years from now.
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The First Movie Was better
StuOz19 April 2010
Power Rangers Turbo: The Television Series is better than Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie! Yes, it should be the other way around, movies are meant to be better than TV, but they got it very wrong here!

The series was filled with Elgar the comical mutant dropping jokes all the time but I can't even remember if Elgar is even in the movie! Adding to this, I don't like that short stupid looking creature that appears in this film. About the only pleasing part of the film was interesting footage of the submarine and that just comes from my liking of submarines.

The first Power Rangers movie was a lot better than this and it is not too hard to understand why Turbo was the last PR movie!
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I loved it when it first came out, but obviously not so much anymore
Electrified_Voltage12 December 2007
I was eleven years old when this second Power Rangers movie came out. I know some fans had gone off the Rangers by the time they were that age, but I didn't mature as fast as them. So, I was still a big fan when this film came out (I was even still a big fan a year later), and remember watching it over and over for a while. Now, believe me, if I didn't see it then, I would NOT have bothered watching it ten years later, but because of the wonderful memories, I decided to do so. Obviously, it wasn't the same.

Divatox, an evil alien pirate, plans to go to the island of Muranthias on Earth, where she intends to release an evil creature named Maligore and marry him. In order to do this, she will need Lerigot, a good wizard, so she plans to have him kidnapped! Fortunately, the wizard manages to escape to Earth, seeking help. Tommy and Katherine go to find him in Africa, and teleport him back to the command centre. However, Lerigot soon decides to surrender after it is learned that Divatox has captured his wife and child! After this, the evil space pirate and her crew head toward the island, and it's obviously up to the Power Rangers to try and stop her, but before they set out, Zordon and Alpha 5 give them new powers called "Turbo powers"!

Where do I start in describing this movie? Well, first of all, there are some pretty poor quality characters. I would say the worst is probably Divatox, who was the Rangers' main enemy in the "Power Rangers Turbo" series. She basically acts like a bratty kid, and it seems her antics are supposed to be funny, but at an adult's perspective, they're quite embarrassing. Hilary Shepard puts on a VERY poor performance in this role! Nobody in the cast is very impressive, but most of them do a better job than her! Another character who brings the movie down in quality a bit is Justin, the new Blue Ranger, who is a lot younger than the rest. He's certainly not the only character with lame lines, but it seems his are often worse than most of the others. None of the characters stand out as really good, but clearly, some do stand out as remarkably bad.

As you can probably tell from the above paragraph, this movie has a poor script, and the acting generally isn't so good. If you're an adult who is at all familiar with Power Rangers, I'm sure none of this surprises you. Now, sometimes when a movie is bad, it can be unintentionally funny. A few months ago, I watched "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" (which I had never seen before), and around the beginning, I found that it was mildly amusing, but was disappointed to find that the amusement soon went away. Watching this movie after that one, I was hoping for some more unintentional humour, but didn't really find any of that, apart from the scene where the Power Rangers have just gotten their new Turbo powers, and say things like "This is great!" (with a thumbs up) and "This is awesome!" As a straight male, there's one thing I got out of this movie that I wouldn't have when I was eleven, which was the looks/physique of certain female actors, including Nakia Burrise and Catherine Sutherland who play Tanya and Katherine (the two female Rangers of the time), and I guess even Hilary Shepard who plays the dreadful main villain, but this obviously didn't make the entire film for me.

Now, I must admit that watching "Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie" again after all these years wasn't quite the same as watching "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" for the first time earlier this year. It didn't seem QUITE as bad, even though it's generally considered inferior to its predecessor. In fact, call me crazy, but I found that some parts weren't too bad at all, though I wouldn't say I exactly enjoyed the movie. However, I guess the fact that I actually saw it in my childhood is a major part of this, and if I just watched it for the first time, it probably would have been very similar to the experience I had with its predecessor, watching it for the first time way too late. For those who saw this movie in their childhood and are now adults, if you're curious to see what you would think of it now, I wouldn't say that's a bad idea, but not a very good one, either. For everyone else beyond their childhood, I think you know to just stay away. I may look like a fool watching "Turbo" at my age and then writing a long, negative review (after all, it is a kids' movie), but like I said, it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't seen it at a much earlier age.
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It's not movie material
trans801016 April 2007
Saw it once at 9-10 years old did not care for it although I was syked when I heard Jason (Austin St. John) the original Red Ranger and the greatest ranger of all time period! Saw it again yesterday and same thing did not care for it. It looks like the TV show the effects which for a movie of this supposed magnitude should have rocked the house with the then new improved CGI instead looked like LASER FLOYD anyone remember that one neither do I. The plot is really thin and the spoilers are given away almost immediately with the trailers and interviews the only part with the Turbo Megazord was too short 5 mins and face it if there was no zords the show would not have lasted as long as it did or less than that MMPR: the movie's Ninja Megazord had at least 15-20 mins of screen time and had impressive CGI at least at that time it did. The major baddie Mali...something was not threatening at all MMPR had more impressive monsters than this rubberized reject but I give it a four because of a hinted romance between Jason and Kimberly I mean who goes out with a girl solo and still be just friends plus they acted a little too friendly around each other flirting and whatnot and were hardly seen without each other and only fraternizing with each other if that doesn't say love I don't know what does. Even though we get the big three of power rangers I mean everyone knows these guys Jason (the compassionate leader) Kimberly (The heart of the team and she's pretty damn hot) and Tommy (the favorite and pretty boy of the group) the character development well face it there was none plummets this from movie to one overlong action kiddie show. I also give it a four because out goes Rocky Jason's replacement and the most annoying of the original MMMPR and then Blue Zeo Ranger YES!!!!! and enter Justin the other immensely annoying Blue Ranger NOOOOOO!!!!! All in all the return of Jason and Kimberly couldn't save this one from the pointless action sequences thin plot and annoying character of Justin it was better off with a direct to video release even Die Hard fans may want to steer clear of this one
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Reason for being unsuccessful
classictvgirl5029 June 2006
I think the reason why this movie was so unsuccessful is because it wasn't your "average movie". Usually in a film, everything starts there, and ends there. This movie didn't start at the "beginning of the movie", it started in the series, and followed through into the next season. So typically, it didn't have an ending either. That way, nobody could understand or enjoy it without being a die-hard fan of the series. There didn't seem to be a lot of elements throughout the movie that a person who hasn't seen Power Rangers before could understand. For example, Kat all of a sudden trying to morph when she's about to fall in the water...a non-regular viewer probably would think "what's she doing?" Also, they wouldn't know who Kimberly and Jason are either...unless they have followed the series beforehand, knowing that they were former Power Rangers.

That's for the non-viewer...but I think the reason why some (some...not all) Power Rangers fans aren't too appreciative of this film because it's somewhat hard to follow, and not edited very well. A lot of things were not explained in the feature, and I think I know why. I read somewhere recently in an interview with one of the producers that the film was originally 3 hours long, so they had to cut out about half of it; which included some main elements of the movie. Such as Billy coming from Aquitar and telling the rangers about the Turbo powers and such. The editing was not the best, cause in quite a few parts, you can tell that something in the plot was missing. Probably because so much of the main storyline was cut out. If they would have edited it better, or left the movie the way it was, it probably would have been more successful.

Personally, I sort of liked this movie, but not half as much as the first one. The first one was amazing, and perfect for the big screen! I'll bet this one could've been good too, but should've been made WAY better. But keep in mind that I'm a big Power Rangers fan, and I know what's going on with the whole thing. I think it would've made a better direct-to-video release; or a multiple part episode.
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Some of the most incompetent filmmaking ever!
Wizard-819 September 1999
Now, I knew this was going to be a bad movie. But OW! I didn't think it would be as bad as this! First of all, if you haven't watched the show, you'll have no idea as to what's going on. Second, the dialogue is incredibly bad. One example: When they rangers see their new cars, one comments something like, "Those are just ordinary cars." She's answered, "No, these are EXTRAORDINARY cars!" I was rolling on the floor with some of this bad dialogue!

The movie is also badly edited and directed. Take the scene when the green car, floating on water, moves out of the ship and into the open water. We never actually see the car moving out of the ship - the camera is placed on the deck of the boat, several feet back. From what we see, it's obvious the floating car was hiding next to the ship all along.

There are two cretins for comic relief - neither of them is funny, or serves any purpose to the plot. The acting by everyone is HORRIBLE! There isn't any real action scene until half the movie is over! The rangers don't actually become rangers in action until the last 20 minutes or so!

This would be a great movie for MST3K, if it was still playing.
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