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'American Idol' Crowns A Winner: The Live Blog

Being that this is "American Idol," the results show — which could legitimately be only five minutes long — will run well over two hours. And being that this is Simon Cowell's final "Idol" episode ever, expect lots of celebrity cameos. (And when I say "celebrity," I mean Blake Lewis and Normund Gentle.)

Christina Aguilera and Enrique Iglesias are scheduled to perform (in honor of 1999, the year Simon first got his flat-top haircut), as well as our reigning Idol, Kris "Not Adam Lambert, The Straight One" Allen. There are plenty of rumored appearances, too, ranging from Janet Jackson to Hall and Oates. (Those greatest hits albums aren't going to sell themselves, now will they?)

But wait! There's more!

"Idol" finales bring back the entire Top 12 of the season, and often the singers get paired up with established acts, so congratulations random dude who hoped to see Paige Miles and Insane Clown Posse perform together.
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Kris Allen's Mom Sends A Belated Christmas Gift

Christmas came late thanks to the insanity of the MTV mailroom around the holidays. But boy, did Santa come through big time!

Although it was delivered a week ago, today I finally received a magical package from the North Pole. And when I say the North Pole, I really mean Arkansas.

Kris Allen's adorable, beautiful, witty, hilarious, amazing, irresistible, phenomenal, Nobel Peace Prize-deserving perfect mother sent me my very own PajamaGram after catching a silly subliminal message about jammies in a recent "Kris Allen Outtakes" video. Enclosed with the Christmas-themed pajamas? A card that read, "Because you asked nicely."

Mama Allen and I have shared a fun little Twitter friendship over the past several months. (She started it, Kris. I swear to you on my Paula Abdul "Touched By Evil" DVD.) I've been trying to keep our Twitter parties on the Dl after Kris jokingly asked me to stop
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