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Surprisingly Poignant
rlf92920 February 2005
I was browsing through the television listings when I found "Touch Me" listed as the Oxygen network's afternoon feature film. After learning that the film is a drama starring Amanda Peet and Michael Vartan, I was interested in seeing these actors perform in more serious roles than I am used to seeing them portray. They thrive in these roles. In their journey of becoming lovers, Peet (who plays an aerobics instructor and working actress) and Vartan (who plays Peet's boss at the gym she works at) are faced with social issues concerning commitment, drug abuse, betrayal, and the HIV virus. The movie teaches you that although people may appear destined for one another, there are serious hurdles they must face that make love even harder to fight for. Overall, this film was beautifully acted and brought me to tears at least five times. "Touch Me" is both moving and educational. It instills a ray of hope that people will be more accepting of friends and family that are faced with hardships in their lives. The film demonstrates the actors' range and promise in Hollywood. Most importantly, it teaches you how you must protect yourself from social dangers.
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Cliched, yes...but well acted
KSSunset120 November 2002
I just saw this last night (joined Netflix, sounded like a decent movie to get). At times, it was a very difficult movie to watch, not because it was bad...but because it was real. Having lost a loved one to complications from AIDS, I can attest that the emotions that are shown are real. The only problem I had w/ the movie was the cliches: roommate freaking out, mom not wanting Bridget to play w/ kid, etc. Yet, many of the emotions that Amanda Peet & Michael Vartan expressed in their superb acting performances are incredibly is that painful to realize you have contracted a disease that will cost you your life. You do pull away from intimacy, and cloud your pain w/ alcohol. Overall, I'd give 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. The writing was at times weak, but the performances make up for it. I recommend everyone see this movie- it may make you understand the disease better, and re-evaluate your life.
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I loved "Touch Me"...
themightyaphrodite24 March 2005
I enjoyed "Touch Me". It was cast beautifully. Michael Vartan and Amanda Peet have great on-screen chemistry. I had not heard too much about the movie until I saw it on Oxygen. I was surprised that it was a theatrical release; it seemed like a Lifetime or Oxygen made movie. To tell the truth, the only reason I watched it was because I love Michael Vartan but in the end, I loved it! It made me realize how valuable and short life really is and that we should live life to its fullest. My only complaint was that I did see it on television, and the commercials really made it difficult to tie the different elements together; the movie had many very short scenes. I need to rent it and watch it all the way through, with no interruptions; but overall, I loved it.
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Good flick w/good looking stars
Courtana22 September 2003
This is a touching movie starrting two hotties before their prime. Amanda Peet displays her prowess as a woman diagnosed with HIV who has just begun a new relationship with Michael Vartan. Vartan exposes his sensitivity by not running scared, but by continuing to pursue a relationship.
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love lives forever (spoiler!!!)
Marina190711 March 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Well, what can I say, once again I have to say that I admire Michael Vartan, not only because of his looks (well he def is eye candy nevertheless), but more because of his talent to show emotions. When I first saw Touch Me, i was so taken by the way he and Amanda Peet played their parts I had to cry. Whew, doesnt happen often these days. But these to bring a magic on the screen I havent often seen in a couple. And after watching "Never been kissed" and "Alias" I realized that it is mostly due to Vartan that this Magic is alive...whatever...Touch Me is a movie about love, aids and trust. Whoever out there believes in the magic of love and trust...take your time, watch the movie and watch it again. It is a story about 2 people madly in love and almost parted by aids...but as i said in my lives forever, thats what this movie shows and thats what i long, stay happy stay alive and love well - Marina
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Great movie and talented cast
Andrea25 August 1999
I had no idea what this movie was about before I watched it and I have to say that I really liked it. I thought that the story was told in a very interesting way. The AIDS storyline is rarely told from an heterosexual perspective (philadelphia, etc...) I liked the fact that it wasn't just a dramatic movie but that there was also romance in it.

I thought that the cast was incredible and the chemistry between Amanda Peet and Michael Vartan was great. I didn't know any of the actors before but I have definitely seen talent in this movie. Although the story is a bit slow at times and some might say contains some clichés, in general this movie is very good. Who said clichés have to be a bad thing? In this case I think that what one might say is superficial, was actually done intentionally. I recommand this movie to everyone. Amanda Peet is amazing in it!
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« Aids » Moi - « Help » Me (DVD)
leplatypus17 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I allow me this french pun because the need for others is the essential cry for all patients, whatever the disease is.

I think it has been a great idea to cast Amanda for this part because if there is an actress who has truly a happy face always naturally enlightened by a smile, it's indeed her. So you know that there will be times when she will lost that smile and become very sad and down. I think she handled them with talent.

We must also give recognition to Mickael Vartan, who is the half brother of David Halliday, his mother being once the wife of our rock icon in France (Johnny Halliday). Beyond they really look like twins, his calm and patience are really a great support for Amanda.

If the story goes a little astray with the drama of the brother, I think it's a well-balanced plot because the painful moments are depicted (death or leaving of friends, fear, anguish and momentary "madness") as well as the evidence of hope (as there is life, there can be joy)! A decent movie with great cast that would have been memorable if it had been shot everywhere else outside LA!
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Great Movie
h_man22 September 2001
The Story takes a different look at the aids issue. It does not hit you over the head with its point and just sticks to the main focus of the movie (a Heterosexual woman with aids). It is a great story and the actresses are great in the roles. Erica Gimpel (Fame, North and South, Profiler, Roswell) is a great addition to the cast and your heart goes out to her in this movie.
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Important Aids based drama
marekj669 May 2005
Touch me is a very interesting film as it takes on the topic of aids in a sympathetic and sensitive manner. Indeed, the first third of the film looks just like a listless stock t.v. romance. The film is distinctly clunky along the way and the substance of Vartan's character is the same as that of the Cutty Sark.

But where the film really starts to kick in and grab you, is when Peet's character finds out she might be infected by a previous boyfriend. This subverts the misguided stereotype that Aids is not a heterosexual issue and takes us into new territory. People in films want to see something new, something truthful and this film does this. Wow, what a challenging role this is for Amanda Peet to take on, few actors would have done this role. The somewhat cheesy romance is put on the back burner which is for the better while we focus on Peet and her experience of trials and tribulations of medical examinations and support groups.

The way the support group is introduced is terrific and the acting of the members of the group is great, particularly Irene Cara (remember her?) who is really ballsy. Peet's character was isolated but now is no longer alone. After passing through every possible tortured emotion, she reaches some kind of acceptance of her condition. Vartan's character loves her and has learnt there is more to life than money.(Cheesy, but hey)

If someone thought they might have aids or who knew someone who did, and they saw this film it would be of great benefit. And this is why this movie is worth seeking out.
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Deeply moving
savoir14 June 2002
One can't watch this movie and not be drawn into it. Youth perceives only immortality. Death is an anomaly that occurs to others. Peet and Hartan give a truly magnificent performance of two irresponsible young people who are forced to mature at warp speed. Their agony and sadness is felt by the viewer. One cannot see this movie and not be changed in one's thinking and caring differently about life.
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Strong theme in a light display
Emerenciano1 December 2002
Such an important theme like AIDS is here shown in a light mood. We see no strong scenes, but we get the message. It may be seen as an alert by many people. If it does, we all understand how bad and dangerous AIDS can be.

The cast is good and the direction competent. Watching "Touch Me" (the title of the movies says it all) is seeing a good movie.
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Too unbelievable to watch
jgbreezer1 March 2005
A previous comment starts "One can't watch this movie and not be drawn into it." Well, I'd generalise this to "one cant' watch this movie". I woke up from a doze in bed one evening with the TV on and this was playing, and for a minute or two it looked like it could be worth watching but about 15mins in something happened between two of them that just made me want to switch off, it was so unbelievable already. They may have been wanting to move the story on quickly, but damn... But, I carried on watching for a bit in case it was a one-off... But no, there's stupid stuff later on too... Sorry, if it gets better later on I couldn't be bothered to find out. How old were the cast supposed to be again?
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Doesn't seem like a theatrical release
Cyprus3863 December 2000
I saw this in health class, like most of the films shown on the Lifetime network. I thought it was a TV movie, but it turned out to be a theatrical release. I had never heard of it before then, so I just sat back and watched. I hadn't heard of Amanda Peet until "Jack and Jill", so I was surprised that I hadn't recognized her. Fans of the WB network may recognize Leslie Bibb's cameo towards the end. This movie was a decent one, it just didn't seem like one to be released theatrically.
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Nice showcase for Amanda Peet
rduchmann31 May 2000
Young actress learns she's HIV-positive, thanks to old dalliance with former boyfriend. Picture doesn't really cover any new ground but is decently acted, especially by the charming Amanda Peet, and not nearly as depressing as it might be. WB fans will find an extra treat in the cameo appearance by Leslie Bibb, from POPULAR.
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