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Fast, funny, very British and less militaristic than, say, The Peacemaker. On this evidence, we may be forced to say, Carry on, Bond.
Chicago Sun-Times
There's a high gloss and some nice payoffs, but not quite as much humor as usual; Bond seems to be straying from his tongue-in-cheek origins into the realm of conventional techno-thrillers.
If the formula seems a little tired, it still has more sophistication and pizzazz than most action films.
Tomorrow Never Dies is a better film than Goldeneye. In fact, it's the best Bond film in many years.
It's far from unenjoyable, but the dank shroud of the overfamiliar lies heavy over all, kind of like watching an Elvis concert circa 1976.
Entertainment Weekly
The film forgets that Bond's most dangerous actions have always been his quietest ones, in which he uses his charisma to turn his enemies against themselves.
Christian Science Monitor
Pierce Brosnan wisecracks his way through the starring role with more aplomb than credibility.
What's pleasing about this movie is its enduring adherence to the Bondian ideal.
Ultimately, though, the film is forgettable even by the standards of prefabricated pop ephemera.
Tomorrow Never Dies, like the commercial marketing assault the Bond cast has been involved in, is a hollow experience that's egregiously trumped up by its high energy glitz and gimmickry. Somewhere, in their rush to amaze and thrill, the filmmakers forgot about Bond, the man.

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