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When aired on TNT, the scene where Jack is drawing Rose is a different take. The board that he uses to write on is higher to cover up any of her nude body.
An old-style silent newsreel was filmed showing several of the main characters getting ready to board the Titanic. Originally this footage was only available on the Titanic official movie website but was later included in the 4-disc deluxe collector's edition DVD-box.
The full screen version shown on VHS and LaserDisc reveals all of Rose's backside after dropping the robe. In the widescreen version, just the top of her bottom is seen.
The Paramount logo starts the film in the U.S. and Canadian versions; the version released in Europe and Asia has the 20th Century Fox logo at the beginning.
Indian censors removed Kate Winslet's nudity in the scene where Jack sketches Rose. It is uncensored in the 2012 reissue prints.
James Cameron made a single change for the 3-D release in 2012. After being told by Neil deGrasse Tyson that the starfield in the sinking scene would not have been visible from that location at that time of year, Cameron replaced it with a view of the correct starfield.
The IMAX 3D and 3D Blu-ray versions are "open matte," meaning they include more information on the top and bottom of the screen. Notably, more of Rose's naked body is shown, including her full behind when she drops the robe and a clear view of both breasts when she begins to lay down on the couch.
Additions of stars in background are now visible during all the exterior shots of the ship for the 3-D release in 2012. Changes later kept same for home video releases.
In addition to the 'starfield' alteration noted above, some minor cosmetic changes were made to the 2012 3D re-release. Lighting and camera equipment visible during certain scenes were digitally removed, as were mountains and city lights that could briefly be seen from the Titanic deck (as these scenes were shot in Baja, Mexico). In addition, the Paramount logo at the start has been replaced with the logo that debuted in 2011 for the studio's 100th Anniversary.
The version shown in Singapore deletes the nude drawing of Kate Winslet.
The 70mm print shown at the Odeon Cinema Leicester Square (London, UK) is rumored to have included a scene of two mariners looking on at the Titanic launching distress flares. They dismiss them/misunderstand by concluding that they are celebratory fireworks. This is not in several 35mm prints.
A special home video enhanced for the blind was released on October 5, 1999 in the US. It features a process called TheaterVision, consisting in additional narration by director James Cameron and actress Angie Dickinson describing the onscreen actions and images during dialogue-less scenes.
During the sinking in a prerelease version seen in November 97, there was a short scene with the Strausses (The older couple later seen on the bed). Mrs. Strauss is offered a place on the boats, but refuses to leave her husband, and Mr. Strauss refuses to take a place before the other men. You can see the tail end of the shot in the final film, with the two of them walking away after this exchange. Other things that were longer in this version were the opening on the sea floor, where more artifacts are seen, as well as Rose's search for the handcuff key (she is shown looking through more drawers, etc.)
The CD-ROM Titanic Explorer (1998) features footage shot for but cut from the film, including several of the scenes mentioned in the above list.
In the NBC television version, the nudity scene with Kate Winslet is edited out.

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