SubUrbia (1996) Poster


Plot Keywords

friend parking lot
hanging out convenience store
rock star 1990s
writing whiskey
watching tv waiting
vomit video recorder
video artist van
underwear u.s. air force
twenty something tv news
tragic event third world
testosterone tent
telephone telephone call
street corner song
songwriter slacker
six pack singing
singer school of visual arts new york
roller skating roller skates
rehabilitation reference to victoria's secret
reference to sandra bullock reference to johnny depp
reference to cap'n crunch reference to anne rice
race relations punk
prejudice policeman
performance artist pay phone
pakistani american old crow whiskey
nurse's aide new york city
new jersey musician
mushroom mtv
monkey brains lotto
los angeles california liquor store
lie liar
idealism hospital
hockey stick high school prom
hamburger joint gun
group of friends gnome
garage fellatio
ennui eating with fingers
drug use drink
drinking dancing
dancer cynicism
concert conceptual artist
community college circle a store
chopsticks chinese food
camcorder boyfriend girlfriend relationship
boom box blow job
birthday autograph
anarchy american football
alienation album cover
airport suburb
dream one word title
underage drinking racist comment
obscene finger gesture cigarette smoking
school dropout rock musician
pakistani one day
marijuana anger
male nudity gas station
friendship chinese restaurant
cheating on boyfriend public nudity
pizza male frontal nudity
beer wealth
racism generation x
nudity murder
drug overdose jealousy
limousine fame
police drunkenness
alcoholism based on play
independent film

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