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I like the fish
shawshankboy15 February 2000
The one reason that I purchased this video is for one of the skits in the show called Features on Film, I think its the most hilariously twisted skit I have ever seen. I don't think that I have ever laughed harder after hearing the foreign film maker pronounce his name to the host. The rest of the O Show is very funny also and I recommend it. If you liked Jim Carrey movies then you will like this Steve Oedekerk special. They are also friends by the way.
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Tons of talent... but very few laughs
VinnieRattolle8 February 2007
I saw this special when it aired on NBC a decade ago (it's only airing?) and I remember sitting stone-faced wondering why I was watching it. I thought I'd give it another chance, since I now know who Oedekerk is and I like some of his work. Memory didn't lie on this one, and a decade later I sat through it stone-faced again.

Most of the skits are absolutely moronic. There's lots of unfunny jokes about babies (in space!), skits with a skeleton, and the increasingly obnoxious "Glass Booth Guy" series (a gas station worker who taunts the late night customers), as well as some lame stand-up. A good portion of the special features CG characters who may have looked alright 10 years ago, but they're very dated today. One of the only things that mildly amused me was the closing song, "Things You Never Hear People Say." Thomas F. Wilson also gave me a couple of giggles from his awkward reactions in a skit where he was interviewing an insane film director (played, of course, by Oedekerk). Other laughs were few and far between.

There's no question that there were a lot of talented people involved with this special, but it seems like most of their talent was wasted. Perhaps I'm being harsh and am not in the right frame of mind to enjoy it (I think I'd need a loaded bong), but for me this "special" wasn't.
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A Celebration of Insanity!!!
TheMarvelousM7 August 2015
I am surprised this special isn't released on Home Video or on TV. This is a crazy, surreal, and insane explanation on what the internet was. The jokes were very funny, very random (in a good way), and the colors were beautiful. This is one special that you can not forget once you've seen it!

Steve.Oedekerk.Com (or The O Show) is one of the best, if not the best thing director Steve Oedekerk has done. What is sad that is an undeservedly forgotten film. It needs to be seen everywhere. What else is shocking is that even after 18 years, the Internet is just like what this makes it out to be. Nonsensical Anarchy. Which is a very good thing.
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I remember it being funny
Bombill21 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I can't remember much of the show, but a few parts really stuck with me because they made me laugh so hard. I'm impressed that Mr. Oedenkirk writes material so strange that I can remember anything that aired only once so long ago.

Bits I remember fondly: A man is paranoid that he's being followed around town, and you'd think he'd be able to spot his stalker, but the stalker is a very nimble jumbo jet.

A movie director is in an interview discussing his new romantic comedy, which he is sure will be a box office blockbuster. His interviewer is concerned that he is right for all of the wrong reasons. After all, the title of the new movie is 'Jurassic Park' and it doesn't have anything to do with dinosaurs.

A skeleton (with eyeballs) is doing stand-up comedy. "Who likes impressions? Here's Mel Gibson in Ransom: (screaming)'Give me back my son!' (laughter) And this is Mel Gibson in Braveheart: (screaming louder) 'We want freeeedoooom! (laughter) Yeah, yeah, so the ultimate Mel Gibson impression: (louder than ever) ' My son wants his freeeeeeeeeedoooooooooooom!'" God, the look on the skeleton's face was priceless.

Man, now I wanna see it again, but how can I? Sad face.
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