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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

When Lt. Raczak's legs are severed at the outpost defense, he tells Rico "You know what to do!" The audio doesn't match up with his mouth movements.
While at the outpost, Ltl Raczak's mouth moves, but nothing comes out just before he says, "Fire at will."
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Boom mic visible 

After they capture the brain bug, the shadow of a boom mic is visible on Jenkins' trench coat.
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Character error 

Carmen is praised by her captain for avoiding the asteroid, when in fact it was her course correction which put the the ship in its path in the first place. She also waited until the last second to dodge it; her arrogance cost the ship part of its superstructure as well as its communications tower. The captain should have punished her.


In the shower scene, Johnny's butt is already red before it is smacked.
A bug's leg pierces Carmen's shoulder when she is captured. After rescue by Johnny, the blood remains, but her uniform has no visible hole. She also seems noticeably unaffected by the injury, able to use her shoulder easily.
The green gore on Flores' helmet is missing the next time the film cuts back to her after the initial spattering scene; in subsequent shots it is there but the amount varies.
During the punishment, the leather piece Rico is biting down on changes positions between shots.
The reporter's movements during the opening FedNet newsreel and the actual Klendathu invasion do not match.
In the scene where the children are being shown the weapons, in the long shot the boy wearing the pale blue shirt is wearing a stud earring in his left ear. In the close shot, the hole is clearly visible, but empty.
While defending the fort, Rico and Ace, and the man next to Ace, duck for incoming hopper bugs. In the next shot, the man next to Ace is still standing.
While defending the fort, Rico removes his helmet to make a radio call. When he does this, his hair is messed up. However, before placing the helmet back on, he is seen again with perfect hair.
When the tanker bug first appears it has three pairs of big legs and a number of little ones. As the scene progresses one pair of big legs disappears.
During the Tigers vs. Giants 'Football' game, after the first shown play, there is around 2:42 left, with a time out. After the next, few seconds play, there is (on the clock) at least 4:00 left (announcer says 2:42, with a time out). Then the announcer says 40 seconds, then the game is over after another short play.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Rasczak's mobile infantry troop are on their way to investigate the distress call on Planet P, Rico is scanning the tops of the canyon walls with binoculars. When he almost sees the winged Arachnid, there are rocks falling. A hand can be seen lobbing one of the rocks over the wall.
When a bug falls on a collection of barrels the wires pulling them are briefly visible.
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In the second scene where the MI are going to kill the bug that has just killed the reporter. Just before the first fires on the bug, the shadow of the camera can be seen on his leg.
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Errors in geography 

The image of Buenos Aires burning shows it in a mountain valley. Buenos Aires is located on a coastal plain over 500 miles from the nearest mountains (the Andes Mountains).
Several hills appear outside Johnny Rico's house in Buenos Aires. In real life, Buenos Aires does not have any elevations in sight from any part of the city.

Factual errors 

The asteroid generates a gravity field strong enough to tip the surface of some liquid in a glass by 45 degrees - yet the glass itself remains rock steady instead of sliding forward. Perhaps it had a particularly sticky base.
At the rate the asteroid had to be moving to hit Buenos Ares, during the phone call, they would've never seen a shadow moving. Nor would they be alive to see the shadow as the pressure wave would flatten it first.


The top of Pvt. Ace Levy's swimming trunks are visible during the shower scene.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

Cyrano the ferret steps on Carl's keyboard and makes the display of playing cards flip over rapidly. Carl sends Cyrano off to bug his mom; when the shot changes, Cyrano is gone but the cards are still flipping. However, the computer system, like most keyboards today, may have a buffer system which would have stored many "flips" while Cyrano held the button down, thus causing the cards to continue flipping after Cyrano leaves.
The odds of a ship physically running into an asteroid launched from Klendathu to Earth are literally astronomical. However, there's no strong evidence it really was launched from Klendathu; this is an assumption the humans make, and its very absurdity (and the early death of the only reporter to question it) is part of the point.
When Rasczak is teaching the high school class, his arm appeared to some to be amputated above the elbow (thus making some later scenes inaccurate), but in fact it is not; it's below.
Several references are made to the M.I. being Marines, yet there are several uses of Army and Naval directive within the M.I. This is due to the fact the the M.I. is the result of all of the ground-based military units becoming 'one' after the afore-mentioned fall of democracy. The M.I. would use the best parts of the 3 branches to make up the 'Federation Mobile Infantry.'

Plot holes 

During the collision between the Roger Young and the asteroid, it is made very clear that the ship waits until the last minute to dodge. That would only be necessary if the asteroid were able to act in response to a dodge maneuver. A ship would move out of the asteroid's path as soon as possible.

Revealing mistakes 

The "Bug Planet" was filmed at Hell's Half Acre, Wyoming. In the widescreen edition, watch for the "flying recon bug" (a sort of dragonfly), and watch the upper right corner of the screen for a brief view of the Wyoming grasslands and the highway beyond.
When the knife is in Ace's hand, pinning it to the wall, it is very obvious it is a fake hand.
When Rico shows his tattoo after having liquor poured on it, the lower half is running down his arm.
During training when the drill instructor throws the knife at Ace, blood appears on Ace's hand before the knife hits.
When Rico and Zander are fighting, Zander pulls Rico onto a table and starts pounding him in the stomach with his elbow. The part of Rico's stomach that is being pounded is protected by a protective pad.
Just after Rico and the guys rescue Carmen from the brain bug and the nuke is detonated, there is supposed to be a rock fall in the tunnel sealing the tunnel. The rocks falling can clearly be seen to be a one piece square 'door' being lowered into place.
The Fairfield (178) Corvette Transport is hit by bug plasma and crashes into the Corvette Transport Cromwell above the bug planet Klendathu. We are led to believe that the loss of the starboard engines of the Fairfield forced the port engines to push the ship into the Cromwell. However lack of friction to provide drag to the right would have led the Fairfield to continue forwards or drift to the port (left) due to the starboard (right) explosion and venting of gasses pushing the ship away from the Cromwell.
During the football game, Rico runs up a ramp before flipping over the opposing players. However, in the long shot, no ramp is visible.
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