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A miniature Millenium Falcon can be seen on the backside of one of the starships' bridges.
Director Paul Verhoeven and cinematographer Jost Vacano shot one take of the co-ed shower scene in the nude themselves (on a dare from star Dina Meyer).
Director Paul Verhoeven admits to never finishing the novel, claiming he read through the first few chapters and became both bored and depressed.
In the novel, Dizzy is a man.
More ammunition was used in this film than in any previous movie.
The scenes involving explosions and fire after the destruction of Buenos Aires were actually videos taken from the Oakland Hills fire in October of 1991.
The classroom walls display portraits of major philosophers; Aristotle, Baruch Spinoza, Friedrich Nietzsche and Hannah Arendt. All these thinkers are known for their influence on politics and political theory. Arendt notably worked on totalitarianism, an important theme of the movie.
Nearly every military uniform has WW2 German military and SS paramilitary uniform references. The flag of the Federation has a symbol which closely resembles the Imperial Eagle from WWII Germany.
Most of the arachnids appearing on film are CGI but a few life-sized, robotic models were built. However, during the battle scenes, the actors wound up looking at director Paul Verhoeven himself who would stand in front of them and jump and scream to elicit their reactions.
Mark Wahlberg turned down the role of Johnny Rico.
The war motivator "You (dogs) wanna live forever?" was famously used by Frederick the Great of Prussia, while at war with Austria.
When Rico, Carmen and Carl meets with the recruiting officer after pledging, and the officer shakes hand with Rico, it is revealed that he has lost both his legs. This is not done with any means of special effect or other trickery, as Robert David Hall - the actor - had both legs amputated after an accident in 1978.
Casper Van Dien (Johnny) broke a rib during a stunt involving jumping off a "tanker bug".
Most of the adults in authority positions in the movie are scarred in some way: Rasczak (Michael Ironside) lacks an arm; the biology teacher has scars on her face, and blind; and the recruiting sergeant has lost both his legs. Verhoeven included them as a symbol of the belligerent history of the Federation.
Lieutenant Willy is played by Steven Ford, the son of former President Gerald Ford.
The fort defense scene contains many references to Zulu (1964): "We're all gonna die!", "Fire at will" and "Fall back into the compound", along with some similar camera angles.
This movie, along with RoboCop (1987), Basic Instinct (1992), Showgirls (1995) and Hollow Man (2000) is one of five separate movie franchises in which the first movie of their respective series (directed by Paul Verhoeven) were more successful than their respective sequels (not directed by Verhoeven) all either had low box office numbers or were released 'Direct-to-DVD'.
The band at the graduation party plays a David Bowie song called "I Have Not Been To Oxford Town". The lyrics are reworked a bit to refer to the 23rd century rather than the 21st.
When Carmen Ibanez is taking the starship out of dock the first time, she flicks a switch to release the hoses attached to the docking platform. That switch is the power switch from a 1982 era IBM PC, the very first PC to see widespread use in home and office.
In the movie, Jonny Rico and some of the characters' nationalities have been significantly altered from the original novel. In Heinlein's novel, the story focuses on the first-person narrative of Juan "Jonnie" Rico, a son of a wealthy Filipino family who enlisted in to the Mobile Infantry - a highly futuristic military unit equipped with powered armor and an arsenal of advanced weaponry. The movie, instead of an elite fighting force equipped with Powered Suits, they are a conventional army armed with conventional weapons - but apparently without armored vehicles, artillery, most heavy weapons, and other vital equipment.
The base which houses the Fleet Academy is named "Tereshkova" after Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space. There are many more examples in the movie of the future being gender-neutral (meaning there is no bigotry based on gender), such as the mixed-shower scene and the female captain.
Some of the walls were reused from Total Recall (1990) (another film directed by Paul Verhoeven).
The line "You want to live forever?" (as "You wanna live forever?") was also uttered in Paul Verhoeven's earlier movie _Robocop (1987)_ by the character Emil.
Features two main villains from the 'Highlander' movie franchise: Clancy Brown played the Kurgen in Highlander (1986), and Michael Ironside played Kitana in Highlander II: The Quickening (1991).
The song, "I Have Not Been to Paradise", (a cover of the David Bowie song "I Have Not Been to Oxford Town") is sung by Zoë Poledouris, the eldest daughter of Basil Poledouris, the film's composer.
Fort Ticonderoga is a real fort in upstate New York that was active during the 18th century. It was used by the British during the Seven Years War with the French and then again by American troops during the American Revolutionary War against the British.
The rifles featured in the movie are based off the Ruger Mini-14 in a custom bullpup stock similar to those available for other rifles/shotguns in the 1980s.
In the movie credits, Amy Smart's character is identified as "Pilot Cadet". However, the FedNet announcer refers to her as "Lieutenant Stack Lumbrezer". One of the movie's co-producers is Stacy Lumbrezer.
During the scene at Whiskey Base where the general is discovered in a "closet," the prop used for the closet was actually an industrial refrigerator commonly found in the restaurant kitchens.
In the German version the news commentator you hear all the time was dubbed by Egon Hoegen. This results in additional comic relief because he is the man who, with his rather dry and sarcastic voice, narrates every episode of Der 7. Sinn (1966) (a very well known traffic education show).
The German dubbing of this film, although changing a lot of the political issues of the story, is partly regarded as cult especially due to lines like "Das ganze Gehirn weggelutscht" ("They sucked his brains out") as performed by Joachim Kerzel.
Cyrano, Carl's pet, was originally scripted as being a frog.
The battle gear was later reused in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
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The heavy weapons mounted on towers featured in the bug assault on the base at Planet P were Degtyaryov-Shpagin Krupnokalibernyi DShK's ("Degtyaryov-Shpagin Large Caliber"), in a twin-gun arrangement on a gimbal mount. The DShK was designed in the Soviet Union in the 1930's and fires a 12.7x108mm cartridge, roughly the Soviet equivalent of the American .50 Cal BMG.
In the scene when Rico is filming a video showing his life in the bunkers, someone is fiddling with a violin. The melody being played while the musician is still sitting on the bunk, is a very well known folk Mexican song called "Las Golondrinas" (The Sparrows). This melody is mostly played in farewells, closures, funerals or such happenings, when you say "good bye" to someone you love, and it is closely associated with "sad" or "somber" moments. The part being played later, once the musician is on his feet, has no resemblance to "Las Golondrinas" whatsoever.
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James Marsden was considered for the role of Johnny Rico.
The screen of Rico's computer in the classroom shows the word "fedpaint" at the lower border.
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The tune Ace plays during R&R time is "Dixie," known as the de facto national anthem of the Confederate States of America and still played often in the Southern US. This is a reference to Ace's Southern heritage.
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Ibanez is the Spanish version of the surname "Evans".
The film is dedicated to Gavin Gharrity and Tom O'Halloran.
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The United Kingdom Laserdisc was £34.99.
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The Japanese Laserdisc was ¥4700.
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Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" plays during the fight between Rico and Xander.
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The film was released into cinemas uncut in the UK with a '15' rating, but the BBFC (the British censors) felt they had been too lenient and the same version was upgraded to an '18' rating for video and DVD.
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Edward Neumeier:  appears as the criminal sentenced to death during one media break
Jon Davison:  the owner of the dog killed in the destruction of Buenos Aries: "The only good bug is a dead bug!"


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Several references are made to WWII Medal of Honor recipient Rodger Wilton Young. During WWII as a small arms instructor, Sergeant Rodger Young was denied the opportunity to deploy with his unit when Japan entered the war. He requested that he be voluntarily demoted to private in order to see combat. His wish was granted. Career Sergeant Zim makes a similar request when Buenos Aires is destroyed. His wish is also granted; Again during WWII, Young gave his life in combat by single-handedly bombarding a Japanese machine gun position with rifle fire and grenades during an ambush, allowing his platoon to escape. While rescuing Carmen from the Brain-bug, Sugar Watkins gives his life in an almost identical fashion by laying down rifle fire and detonating the Nuke so his friends can escape; The starship that Carmen is assigned is also named the Rodger Young.
In the shower scene, Shujimi (Anthony Ruivivar ) says that he joined the Mobile Infantry so that the Federation would pay for his studies, which would otherwise have cost him 'an arm and a leg'. Shujimi later has his limbs ripped off by the bugs.
During the scene where Michael Ironside's character falls into the hole and gets his legs bitten off, Dina Meyer hit her head, was knocked unconscious, and suffered a concussion.
In the original script, Capt. Deladier was supposed to have her brains sucked out instead of Zander Barcalow.
Michael Ironside's character has both legs bitten off by a tanker bug. During a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Total Recall (1990) (also directed by Paul Verhoeven) Ironside's character has both arms severed.
Rico's father says he would take 10 lashes in public square then to see him ruin his life, later in the movie after Breckenridge death Rico does get 10 lashes in public square
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