Starship Troopers (1997) Poster

Plot Keywords

military federation
future alien
battle high school
soldier pilot
citizenship asteroid
infantry jealousy
insect exploding starship
docked starship female starship captain
female captain damaged starship
first part death of female soldier
heroine dies 23rd century
unisex shower cult film
self sacrifice first of series
propaganda person on fire
crushed to death blood on camera lens
corpse mercy killing
hole in the head fire breathing
covered in blood green blood
shot in the eye exploding body
split screen shotgun
leg bitten off massacre
stabbed to death nuclear explosion
exploding ship military scientist
shot to death shot in the forehead
shot in the back accidental killing
video message laser tag
impalement sliding down stairs
violin knife throwing
falling from height machine gun
woman punching a man punched in the face
broken arm severed head
training severed arm
severed leg killing an animal
character says i love you dancing
drawing severed hand
body torn apart torso cut in half
filmed killing news report
nonlinear timeline alien planet
meteor space western
butt slap blood on back
unrequited love character repeating someone else's dialogue
blood spatter tragic event
topless female nudity bare chested male
bare chested male bondage dystopia
no opening credits starship
number game murder
math whiz conundrum
casper wyoming redhead
woman in uniform fictional war
buenos aires argentina army
box office flop discipline
beating male rear nudity
floating in space corporal punishment
future war robot hand
vomit sucking brains
rivalry monster
blood sexual tension
teacher student relationship stabbed in the shoulder
stabbed in the leg stabbed in the chest
stabbed in the back spaceship
shot in the chest rocket launcher
reporter party
outer space mother son relationship
missile military base
funeral fort
female rear nudity father son relationship
explosion death
death sentence death of loved one
creature courtroom
colony burned alive
boyfriend girlfriend relationship boot camp
sergeant private
lieutenant colonel
alien invasion black comedy
test fight american football
satire tent
mass destruction friendship
space station part computer animation
space travel concentration
psychic aviation
stabbed in the hand amputee
decapitation space war
telepathy eating brains
premarital sex fascism
gore unisex bathroom
dissection female soldier
giant insect whipping
dismemberment shower
nuclear weapons drill instructor
media mutilation
spacecraft death of friend
death of father death of mother
based on book based on novel

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