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The Arrival: exploring a gloriously odd 90s sci-fi film

Ryan Lambie Nov 2, 2016

Before Arrival there was Charlie Sheen in The Arrival. Ryan takes a look at an unusual 90s sci-fi film...

When it came to sci-fi movies, 1996 was a crowded year: at the high end of the budget spectrum we had the invasion movies Independence Day and Mars Attacks; towards the middle we had John Carpenter's disappointing Snake Plissken sequel Escape From La, while Rutger Hauer starred in the cheap and cheerful Crossworlds and the brilliantly titled Omega Doom.

Throw in the startlingly botched Island Of Doctor Moreau, Star Trek: First Contact and Stuart Gordon's fun sci-fi oddity Space Truckers, and you have a busy 12 months in genre movies. Somewhat lost in the static was The Arrival, a nifty genre thriller which had the misfortune of coming out just a few weeks before the bigger, splashier Independence Day. A more modest and quirkier movie than Roland Emmerich's invasion flick,
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Fantastic Fest 2016: Science Fiction, Vol. 1 The Osiris Child Review

If you ask a modern filmmaker to name some of the inspirations for their latest science fiction opus, chances are high he or she won't mention the likes of Circuitry Man, Space Truckers, Slipstream, or Fortress. Chances are also high that if you have any affinity whatsoever for 80's and 90's sci-fi B-movies you will, while watching the latest film from director Shane Abbess, flash back to at least one of these or a host of other hovering-just-below-the-radar flicks, the kind that once dominated the shelves of rental stores.

Science Fiction Vol.1: The Osiris Child takes place in a future where mankind has begun colonizing the galaxy, establishing corporate/military bases on each newly terraformed planet. Lt. Kane Sommerville (Daniel MacPherson), demot [Continued ...]
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50 forgotten sci-fi films from the 1990s

  • Den of Geek
We may remember Independence Day, The Matrix, The Phantom Menace. But what about these forgotten 90s sci-fi films? And are any worth seeing?

Think back to the science fiction cinema of the 1990s, and some of the decade's biggest box-office hits will immediately spring to mind: The Phantom Menace, Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Men In Black, Armageddon and Terminator 2 were all in the top 20 most lucrative films of the era.

But what about the sci-fi films of the 1990s that failed to make even close to the same cultural and financial impact of those big hitters? These are the films this list is devoted to - the flops, the straight-to-video releases, the low-budget and critically-derided. We've picked 50 live-action films that fit these criteria, and dug them up to see whether they're still worth watching in the 21st century.

So here's a mix of everything from hidden classics to forgettable dreck,
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Jonesing for More Face/Off? Colorful Contestant Eric Fox Dishes All About His Face/Off Experience! And Yes, He Can Legally Leave the Country!

We all watched the uber-talented J. Anthony Kosar take the "Face/Off" Season 4 title a few days ago. And as much as we admire Kosar's work, there was another contestant that we also loved to watch.

Eric Fox, "Face/Off's" colorful 'Eric F.', sat down with us to talk about the show, art and horror.

Fox got voted off just one episode before the finale, but his flamboyant look, infectious laugh and outstanding artwork made 'Eric F.' one of the most memorable contestants to ever participate in the show. Fox had nothing but positive things to say about the Syfy show and his experiences on it.

"The fanbase is incredible," Fox said. "I get emails from parents and little kids saying how I've inspired them. Kids that have slightly alternative appearances and get ridiculed for how they look walk around with a little more self-confidence knowing if I
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10 Movie Plots Solved In One Simple Move

Some movie plots are incredibly complicated. Others incredibly simple. Some we’re just not supposed to take seriously. Others? Needlessly complicated stuff happens, when the solution is sort of obvious. Now, in some cases, you can argue that the story would be weakened if they took the obvious route, and, in almost all of these cases, yes, you’re right. In a lot of cases,the journey is more important than the destination.

…but let’s be honest. You’re here to laugh at some films, and who am I to delay that? With much ado, let’s get started.

10. Alien

The Plot: Space truckers go to an alien planet, and Olivander accidentally impregnated by a xenomorph. No one at the time realizes that’s what’s happened, though. All they know is their friend has a giant spider-alien thing clamped on his face. Despite Ellen Ripley telling them it
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The Collision: Episode 26 – The Past, Present, and Future of Star Wars (Special Guest: Allison Keene)

This week on The Collision, we'll be talking with special guest (the show's first!) Allison Keene (@keeneTV) about losing her Star Wars virginity, the series' lasting influence, the interaction of the prequel trilogy and the original trilogy, and where the sequel trilogy will go. As always, we finish up with our recommendations. Click here to listen to the new episode of The Collision, click here for the previous episode ("The Twilight Legacy and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2"), click here to add the podcast to your RSS, and click here to find us on iTunes. To keep up to date with The Collision, you can follow us on Twitter at @MattGoldberg, @AdamChitwood, and @DrClawMD (Dave Trumbore). Hit the jump to check out the trailers for this week’s recommendations. Allison's Recommendation: Battlestar Galactica Adam's Recommendation: Space Truckers Dave's Recommendation: Krull Matt's Recommendation: The Hidden Fortress
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Barbara Crampton talks "Lords Of Salem"!

  • Fangoria
Barbara Crampton talks
From her days as the object of re-agent fuelled zombie lust in Stuart Gordon’s Re-animator, as well as provocative, playful turns in other Gordon joints like From Beyond and Space Truckers, soap opera star and unapologetic scream queen Barbara Crampton is still one of the most eye pleasing and pitch perfect genre film personalities alive. But her blood spattered star fell quiet the last decade (the reasons for which will be discussed in Fangoria at a later date) and that’s why it’s such a thrill to see her back on screen, cast in director Rob Zombie’s latest designer horror film The Lords Of Salem.

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Barbara Crampton talks "Lords Of Salem"!

  • Fangoria
Barbara Crampton talks
From her days as the object of re-agent fuelled zombie lust in Stuart Gordon’s Re-animator, as well as provocative, playful turns in other Gordon joints like From Beyond and Space Truckers, soap opera star and unapologetic scream queen Barbara Crampton is still one of the most eye pleasing and pitch perfect genre film personalities alive. But her blood spattered star fell quiet the last decade (the reasons for which will be discussed in Fangoria at a later date) and that’s why it’s such a thrill to see her back on screen, cast in director Rob Zombie’s latest designer horror film The Lords Of Salem.

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Video of the Day: A Montage of Cinema’s Worst Writing Cliches

Cliché: a phrase, expression, or idea that has been overused to the point of losing its intended force or novelty, especially when at some time it was considered distinctively forceful or novel.

With Hollywood producing so many movies ever year, it is no surprise that they are often full of clichés. Jeff Smith created this montage under the Bottoms Up Productions label for acclaimed movie blog, showing clips of some of the biggest movie clichés from a total of 102 films. The list of films are below the video. Enjoy!

“You Just Don’t Get It, Do You?” – A Montage of Cinema’s Worst Writing Cliche from Jeff Smith on Vimeo.


0:00 – 2:00


1. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)

2. Breaking and Entering (2006)

3. Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (2007)

4. Annapolis (2006)

5. Daylight (1996)

6. Platoon (1986)

7. The Invincible Iron Man (2007)

8. Tooth Fairy (2010)

9. Hud (1963)

10. The General’s Daughter (1999)

11. Clockers (1995)

12. The Karate Kid, Part III (1989)

13. I Sell the Dead
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'This Must Be the Place' Picked Up by Trinity Films for U.K. Rights

  • IFTN
Having been recently shown at Cannes at part of the Official Competition in May, Irish co-production 'This Must Be the Place' has been snapped up by indie U.K. distributor Trinity Films. Element Pictures Distribution had previously secured the Irish rights to the film. Shot in Dublin last August and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, 'This Must Be the Place' stars Oscar-winning Sean Penn (Milk) and Frances McDormand (Fargo) as well as Simon Delaney (Zonad), Olwen Fouere (Space Truckers) and Eve Hewson.
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How Stephen Dorff's journey down the dumper made him perfect for Sofia Coppola's new film

The Backbeat bad boy has struggled in B-movie fare like Space Truckers but, like his character in Somewhere, he's getting a second chance

Stephen Dorff is recalling the time Oliver Stone tried to fob him off. Stone was casting World Trade Center, looking for an actor to play the cop who finds Nicolas Cage buried alive in the rubble. Dorff wanted the part, but Stone wouldn't give it to him. "He said, 'Stephen, I like you, you're a good actor, but you don't look like a cop. You're too cute.'" The actor was outraged. "Oliver," he countered, "what are you talking about, man? I look like this now cos I'm not playing the part! If you give me the part, I'm gonna look completely different, I'm gonna sound completely different. That's my job. Are you telling me that I can't do my job?"

Dorff's impassioned plea earned him a second audition.
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Dublin 'Must be the Place' as Sorrentino Shoot Starts

  • IFTN
Cameras start rolling today, Monday August 16th on the set of 'This Must Be the Place'. The feature marks Italian director Paolo Sorrentino's English feature debut and will shoot on location in Dublin for the next three weeks. The film stars Oscar-winners Sean Penn (Milk, Mystic River), Frances McDormand (Fargo), and musician David Byrne, alongside Irish talent Simon Delaney (Zonad, Happy Ever Afters), Olwen Fouere (Space Truckers) and newcomer Eve Hewson. Paolo Sorrentino, director of the Palme d'Or nominated feature 'Il Divo' will helm the story of wealthy former rock-star Cheyenne, played by Penn, who lives quietly in Dublin with his wife, played by McDormand. When his father, a holocaust survivor, dies in New York Cheyenne embarks on a journey across America to track down his father's nemesis. Sorrentino penned the script with co-writer Umberto Contarello (La Partita Lenta, Luce dei Miei Occhi).
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Leading Actor Dennis Hopper is Dead

Dennis Hopper’s long film career began with the 1955 teen angst classic Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean, and he helped usher in Hollywood’s New Wave as director and star of the counterculture anthem Easy Rider in 1969. He later became a respected character actor, specializing in such off-beat villains as the drug-addicted, obscenity-spouting Frank Black in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet (1986), crazed bomber Howard Payne in the 1994 action-thriller Speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock, and Deacon in Kevin Costner’s soggy post-apocalyptic saga Waterworld (1995).

Hopper was born in Dodge City, Kansas on May 17, 1936. He moved to San Diego, California with his family in the late 1940s, and began studying at the local Old Globe Theater while attending high school. He soon signed with Warner Brothers and was featured in a small role in 1955’s Rebel Without a Cause. He was later featured as Jordan Benedict III, the
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R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

  • ScifiMafia
Dennis Hopper, writer/director/actor from iconic films like Easy Rider, True Grit and Apocalypse Now, has passed away at age 74 after a decade-long battle with prostate cancer. Hopper was no stranger to the realm of Sci-Fi/Fantasy television and films, his first forays into the genre were in a season four episode of The Twilight Zone, way back in 1963 and an episode of Time Tunnel in 1966.

Hopper also played the villainous role of The Deacon in Kevin Costner’s Waterworld, John Canyon in Space Truckers, El Niño in 2005’s The Crow: Wicked Prayer and, who can forget his portrayal of the iconic King Koopa in 1993’s Super Mario Bros.


Super Mario Bros.

Space Truckers

The Crow: Wicked Prayer

Early in Hopper’s career, he starred alongside James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Giant, and he was a two-time Academy Award nominee for his producing work on
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Dennis Hopper dies at 74

Dennis Hopper dies at 74
Dennis Hopper, who personified Hollywood rebellion, both on screen and off, died Saturday at his home in Venice, Ca. after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was 74.

Having made his big screen debut in 1955's iconic "Rebel Without a Cause," opposite his friend James Dean, Hopper biked to fame as director/co-writer and finger-flashing cyclist, along with Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson, in 1969's "Easy Rider." That movie, which was embraced by the burgeoning youth culture, signaled a generational change in Hollywood and also earned Hopper a best original screenplay Oscar nomination, which he shared with Hopper and Terry Southern.

He was also nominated for an Oscar for his performance as an alcoholic high school basketball coach in 1986's "Hoosiers."

Hopper, like many of the characters he played early in his career, was known for his sometimes anarchic off-screen moves and drug use in the first half of his life.
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Sean Patrick Flanery Joins Sci-Fi Indie Project 'Scavengers'

Although Sean Patrick Flanery is best known for upholding truth and justice as one of the Boondock Saints, the actor will make the big leap into space as THR reports he and actress Louise Linton are joining the independent science fiction film Scavengers. The story follows crews of space scavengers competing for supplies, energy and treasure. When the crew of the Revelator, led by Emerson (Linton), comes across the alien-created Chaos Generator, they must fight to keep it out of the hands of her former shipmate, the sinister Captain Jekel (Flanery). Unfortunately this vaguely reminds me of the 1997 bomb Space Truckers. Production designer Travis Nicholas Zariwny will make his directorial debut with the film, but he's got a tough act to follow after such a strong showing recently in indie sci-fi with films like Moon and District 9, so I hope whenever this makes its way to theaters it can
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