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Star Trek sci-fi meets Disney quality

Author: Esprix from San Diego, CA
14 June 1999

This was everything I dreamed of and more. Having just visited Disneyland the weekend before going to Las Vegas, I was primed by the quality that Disney puts into all of its attractions, and I was not disappointed.

The first part of the experience is a long pathway you follow. On your left is the Star Trek universe timeline, from around the beginning of spaceflight through to the events of "Insurrection," giving important dates involving characters, episodes, etc. On your right is a display of series and movie replicas, from the original uniforms, to Khan's necklace, to the Voyager comm badges. Following this are displays on several different races, including Klingon, Bajoran and Borg. All along you are treated to video clips and montages from all incarnations of the ST universe.

Finally, you board the ride. When we first entered, the impression is that it will be a "Back to the Future" or "Star Tours"-type ride (as in you "ride" in a room full of seats with a movie screen projecting the action in front of you).

Then it all changed...

I won't tell you how they do it (as I couldn't figure it out anyway), but you get transported aboard the Enterprise-D, go to the bridge, take a turbolift ride, and end up riding a shuttlecraft (which actually is the ride part of the experience), all the while being guided by Starfleet personnel and some of the bridge crew. (See the IMDB summary for the plot of why, exactly, you're there.)

I was most taken with the detail - the transporter effect, the control panels, and especially the staff. I could believe they were actually serving on a ship, right down to seeing a few loading and unloading cargo in the shuttlebay as we stepped onboard - we went by them so fast, they could easily have done without them, but the point is, they didn't, and it added a sense of realism for me.

Finally, once you leave the shuttlecraft, you're let out onto a replica of the Promenade from DS9, including gift shops and Quark's Bar and restaurant.

All in all, I spent about 4 hours there, including eating lunch, and the $15 was *well* worth it - I know I'll go back again and again any time I'm in Las Vegas.

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What A Ride!!!!

Author: domino1003 from United States
17 September 2003

I visited the Star Trek Experience in 1999 and was TOTALLY blown away by the ride! I loved the experience and still wonder how all of the trip was possible (maybe it's best not to know). Too bad it's pretty much gone, but I am glad to have had the pleasure of taking the trip! To this day, I don't know how it was done. The plot of the ride is that one of the members of the group is a distant relative of Capt. Picard and that in order to prevent a change in the time line, the group members must take off in a shuttle to avoid the Klingons. The ride has the members flying through space and over present day Las Vegas. Cameos by Jonathan Frakes and LeVar Burton.

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Worth the trip to Las Vegas

Author: Tom Smith from New Hampshire
4 March 2004

Some of it's a bit hokey, but if you're a Star Trek The Next Generation fan, or any of the newer Star Trek variations, you'll enjoy this.

It's worth the price of admission. I don't want to say anything about it so I don't spoil it for anyone. But, don't miss it if you're out there. It's fun and as realistic as they can make it.

I didn't know what to expect. And I think that's the best way for people to enjoy it the most. Simply walk into it. See all the planning and behind the scenes stuff for all the Star Trek generations. Then, just plan on enjoying the "experience".

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Definitely worth the time and price

Author: Mike Marion (mmarion@miguelito.org) from San Diego, CA
7 November 1999

I have to agree with the other comments I've seen here, the experience was both well worth the money and time, and I also wasn't sure how they changed the floor.

When I went to the Exp. I had a friend with me. He isn't a Trek fan at all, but he really enjoyed it too. He even commented several times about how much he liked the time-line and the props on display while waiting in line. I guess it was the attention to detail and the total immersion into all things Trek that caught his attention.

Another thing I enjoyed was how immersive the entire exp. was and how the "starfleet personnel" stay in character the entire time. I even pushed the limits while there. I had a pager on, which I'd turned off as instructed before it started. When we boarded the shuttle, my pager was digging into my back, so I was going to hold it in my lap. As I took it off my belt, I accidentally pushed the button on it, turning it back on.. which means it immediately beeped! The "security officer" that was escorting us to the shuttle immediately questioned me. He asked if it was a weapon. I (and a few others) laughed, and I explained it was just a pager. He then looked puzzled and asked what a pager was. I realized what was going on and told him it was a communications device, to which he asked if I'd have to respond to it. I assured him that no, I didn't, I had turned it off and that it wouldn't happen again. It was almost worth the price of admission just to get the extra laughs from the group I was in due to this exchange, and the fact that he stayed perfectly in character was great.

I only had two gripes about the entire exp:firstly, the turbolift was a little goofy looking to me, considering it was about 3 times the size of any from the series or movies.And secondly, during the "ride" I looked up and back, and could see the edge of the dome-screen. We were in the 2nd row of the shuttle, so most probably couldn't see that far back, but for the amount of detail they'd put into making the experience so immersive, you'd think they would've made sure no passengers could see the edge of the screen.

All in all, I'm going back when I visit Vegas again.. if nothing else to pay more attention to the floor.

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The older and better of the two rides

Author: Dougie B from United States
6 June 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was actually at a bachelor party in Vegas when we decided to split up for a few hours and I rushed straight over to the Hilton.

It was great to be surrounded by all things Star Trek. In fact, you can tell the exhibit hasn't been updated much since 1998, as everything was referencing Star Trek at that time. But that was also when Star Trek was in its prime, so it really brought be back.

As for the ride itself, I could tell it was pretty dated but it was still fantastic. The only thing I wished was that they had upgraded to digital projection, as the images were all kind of dark. But all in all, it was fantastic. Reminded me a lot of Back To The Future: The Ride at Universal Studios.

****SPOILERS**** Okay, I have to admit I was totally taken by surprise. I was expecting a halfway decent shuttlecraft ride and was BLOW AWAY when I realized I was the Enterprise transporter room. THEN we got to walk through the Enterprise corridor THEN go on the bridge. THEN going into the to the turbolift on top of the was a real treat. I was totally able to wrap myself up in this world.

****END SPOILERS***** The only thing that I got depressed about was that the Star Trek franchise is at a standstill right now, and this reminded me of everything I loved about it

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Something to look for.

Author: Warren from Southern California
28 December 2003

When Star Trek: Nemesis was being filmed I was fortunate enough to get to tour several of the sets. As you watch the TV series and movies, you'll notice that there are numbered panels all over the ships. If you watch carefully, you can see a few characters large enough to read that represent the panel number and smaller writing that presumably describes what's behind the panel. My guide pointed out to me that the smaller writing on the panel lables had funny comments printed on them. For example, said "Warning, no user servicable parts inside. They fight and bite. They bite and fight. They fight, fight, fight, bite, bite, bite. The Itchy and Scratchy show." Another had the lyrics to Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

The last time I went to the Exp. at the Hilton, I looked at some of the bridge labels and sure enough, they had funny sayings.

I hope the new Voyager Experience keeps up this tradition.

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Go there in the morning!

Author: Dino-23 from Austria
8 February 2001

Unfortunately we did not know beforehand that our tickets would allow us admission the whole day, so we came in the afternoon. So, if You are a fan, go in the morning and stay all day, it is worth it!

The gallery with the timeline and the original artifacts from the series' and movies alone can keep You busy for hours. The ride itself is full of surprises and fun details. We especially enjoyed the room cleaner that showed up after we crashlanded in the Hilton Hotel and complained about us landing on her spare lightbulbs and that noone gambles any more in Vegas, instead everyone enjoys the family attractions. Our main reason for this USA-trip was to visit Star Trek - the Experience (yes, some people are THAT crazy) and we were not disappointed.

By the way - we managed top find out how the floor works: It has a transparent layer, so they can change what is beneath.

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Well done interactive "ride"

Author: JimK-4 from Philadelphia
7 March 1999

Very well done, you enter expecting to go into a "back to the future" type ride and then they "transport" you onto the Enterprise (They actually change the floor underneath you!) You get to battle Klingons on the bridge, ride a turbolift, etc. One of the best ways to spend a few dollars in Las Vegas.

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Star Trek Experience Rules!!!

Author: jdhunt3007 from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
2 May 2003

The Star Trek Experience was pretty cool, I enjoyed seeing all the displays of Star Trek costumes, items, and aliens. The Star Trek time line was pretty cool too.

The ride was pretty cool as well. I had already guessed what the ride would be like, since I took a similar type of ride a trip to Mars in a Space Museum in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The actors in the ride were pretty cool, there was a vulcan, and a bajoran officer on the ship during the ride.

I did the ride twice in one day. Next time I am in Las Vegas, I would rent a room in the Hilton, and stay there much longer.

It was also neat seeing a Borg, and a Ferengi walking around the whole Experience.

Quark's bar looked pretty good. My brother tried the Romulan Ale, I passed on it, since I don't drink.

Next time I am in Las Vegas I will make sure I sit in the front of the ride. I sat at the very back the first time, and the second row from the front.

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Nice, but not worth the price of admission

Author: bsamdahl (bsamdahl@aol.com)
14 June 2003

I saw the Experience shortly after it first opened. I thought that the museum was nice and the ride with the film was nice. The ride was lame in my opinion; and I'm not big on carnival type rides. I also thought that the price was a little steep for the ride and show. Nevertheless it was a good attempt to recreate the image of being on one of the Starships.

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