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Chicago Sun-Times
Some kind of weird masterpiece...one of the best movies of the year.
New York Daily News
A daring, teeth-grinding experience that doesn't let the viewer rest easy.
New York Post
An extraordinary experience: an original and brilliant combination of comedy, action and sophisticated political comment -- the best American movie of the year thus far.
Baltimore Sun
This audacious hybrid of cinematic styles is pure entertainment.
Off-and-on cynical and sentimental, Russell's darkly comic tale shows how much can be done with familiar material when you're burning to do things differently and have the gifts to pull that off.
Rolling Stone
When it comes to rousing action, whip-smart laughs and moral uplift that doesn't pump sunshine up your ass, Three Kings rules.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Exhilarating, alternately funny and horrific film.
Miami Herald
Impossible to resist.
San Francisco Examiner
A work of strangely bold, distinctly American pop art - proud to be ashamed, ashamed to be proud, unafraid to ignore its commercial bearings.
Mr. Showbiz
Russell has combined pathos, terror, and black comedy with a dollop of Hollywood feel-good patriotism to make one of the best studio efforts this year.
Entertainment Weekly
So overstuffed with random fireworks that despite its politics, it's easy to imagine the film getting a four-star rave from Bush or Saddam.
USA Today
Visual pyrotechnics and dark humor aside, Three Kings rules because it dares to dig for such truths, whether banal or significant.

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