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John Leguizamo ate live maggots on pizza for this film.
The first film to feature an African American as the lead comic book superhero.
Tim Burton was the original choice to direct.
In the Spawn comic book, Spawn is killed by a man named Chapel. Because the character was owned by artist Rob Liefeld the killer was changed to the character of Jessica Priest, keeping with the Church-themed name.
The Devil in this film calls himself Malebolgia. This is a name used by Dante in The Divine Comedy, however, it refers to a place rather than an individual. In Dante's work, the Malebolgia were the Infernal Pits, a particular place located in the seventh circle of Hell were the damned were buried, head down, in pits filled with insects.
Near the end of the movie, Jason Wynn is being escorted out of Wanda and Terry's house by two detectives. The detectives are Sam Burke and Twitch Williams who appear in the comic book.
In one scene, Clown says "I'm not the Vindicator or the Victimizer or the Vaporizer or the Vibrator! I'm...The Violator!". In the Spawn comics there are five Phlebiac Brothers, which are denizens of Hell called Violator, Vandalizer, Vaporizer, Vindicator and Vacillator.
Richard Harris was originally going to play Cogliostro but pulled out of the project.
Edward Norton was originally going to play Terry Fitzgerald but dropped out to work on Rounders (1998).
"Al Simmons" was the name of a roommate of Todd McFarlane.
Cagliostro appears in this movie as Spawn's mentor. In real life, he was an occultist in the 1700s who traveled Europe and Egypt and would eventually found Occult Freemasonry. He was also a noted charlatan who would eventually be imprisoned in the Bastille and banished from France, then tried in Rome for heresy, magic, conjury, and Freemasonry. He died in solitary confinement in the castle of San Leo in 1795.
In the comic, Cogliostro originally had a beard, but Nicol Williamson refused to grow a beard or wear one.
Wesley Snipes, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Snoop Dogg were each originally considered for the role of Al Simmons/Spawn.
"Cyan" is the name of creator Todd McFarlane's daughter, while "Wanda" is the name of his wife. "Terry Fitzgerald" is the name of a friend of McFarlane.
During the business party, a woman in a green dress is seen, wearing earrings (bearing the Spawn emblem) that are worn by the character Angela in the comic book.
Clown told Wynn (Martin Sheen) that he expected him to start "the apocalypse, now." Sheen played the lead role in Apocalypse Now (1979).
The clown's line, "I love the smell of burning asphalt in the morning!" is a reference to Apocalypse Now (1979)'s "I love the smell of burning napalm in the morning...".
Nicol Williamson's final acting role.
"Spaz" (Spawn's dog) is the nickname of visual effects supervisor Steve 'Spaz' Williams.
The heavy metal band Iced Earth, which has made an album based on the comic Spawn, were offered the opportunity to be on the soundtrack. They turned it down, because they thought there was too much techno music on it.
Alex Proyas was originally going to direct but pulled out of the project to work on Dark City (1998).
The distinctive black cigarettes Jason Wynn smokes are Sampoerna Xtra clove cigarettes. They are identifiable by the gold band above the filter.
The FN P90 and H&K MP7-PDW submachine guns used by Spawn and other characters in the movie are not genuine P90s or MP7s. Both weapon types in this film were actually heavily modified Ingram MAC-10s dressed up to look like real P90s and MP7s by the film's armorer, Harry Lu.
The intro song played during the opening credits is called "Satan" by Orbital. A remix is featured on the official soundtrack, but it may be hard to distinguish because of a lot of added electric guitars.

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