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According to Paul W.S. Anderson, Kurt Russell worked out three or four hours a day for eighteen months to get himself into the "pumped-up" condition he displays in this film. Anderson says the making of "Soldier" was actually postponed to allow Russell to do this, because Russell thought it was so important to Sgt. Todd's character; Anderson made Event Horizon (1997) in the interim, while Russell made no other movies during that time.
Todd's service record, displayed on a computer screen, includes the following: - The battles of Tannhauser Gate and Shoulder of Orion (references to Blade Runner (1982)) - Receipt of the "Plissken Patch" (reference to Escape from New York (1981) and its sequel Escape from L.A. (1996)). Receipt of the "O'Neil Ring Award" (reference to Stargate (1994)) - Receipt of the "Cash Medal of Honor" (reference to Tango & Cash (1989)) Receipt of the "Maccready Cross" (reference to The Thing (1982)) - Receipt of the "Capt Ron Trophy" (reference to Captain Ron (1992)) - Receipt of the "McCaffrey Fire Award" (reference to Backdraft (1991)) - Receipt of the "Dexter Riley Award" (reference to The Strongest Man in the World (1975), Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972), The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)) - Citations for the Nibian Moons Campaign, the Antares Maelstrom War and the War Of Perdition's Flames, locations referred to in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982).
A false press statement was released, saying that Kurt Russell broke his ankle during a stunt, when in fact he tripped over an ornamental cabbage during a break.
Kurt Russell's paycheck for the film was $20 million.
Kurt Russell's son Wyatt plays him as an 11 year old.
Writer David Webb Peoples has said that Soldier is a "side-quel" to Blade Runner (1982) (which he also wrote) because it takes place in the same universe and in fact the vehicles used by the Blade Runners - spinners - are also used in Soldier.
Was released straight to video in the UK, making it the biggest budget film ever to do so.
Kurt Russell sustained a broken ankle during the first week of filming, and got a week off. When he came back, all of the scenes where he was laying down were filmed. They followed that with the sitting-down scenes, then the standing-still scenes. Finally, the action scenes were shot. The last scene filmed was the "running" scene between Todd and Caine 607 near the beginning of the movie.
Shorter people (4' tall) were used in the scenes with the large military vehicles to make the machines look larger.
Todd's weapons training record lists the "USMC Smartgun" and "M41A pulse rifle" (references to Aliens (1986)) and the "DOOM MKIV BFG" - a reference to the computer game Doom.
Todd, the main character of this movie, is on screen over 85% of the time but only speaks a total of 104 words.
Among the garbage on the planet is the USS Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the F-117X Remora from Executive Decision (1996), a spinner from Blade Runner (1982), and a piece of the Lewis & Clark from Event Horizon (1997).
While listing the weapons Todd is trained on, you can he is capable of using the "Illudium PU36 ES,M" otherwise known as the Illudium PU36 Explosive Space Modulator. This is the same weapon Marvin the Martian is always threatening to use on Earth in his Bugs Bunny cartoons.
The snakes used in the film are Thai vipers and are extremely venomous. Stitches can be seen around their mouths to render them safe. Nevertheless when Kurt Russell is seen to be holding one of the snakes, it's not really his hand. The snakes were deemed to be too dangerous to be held by the film's star.
In the Todd's service records appears a complete list of places and kills (confirmed and unconfirmed) caused by him: ·Battle at Tannhauser Gate: -Confirmed Kills: 29 -Unconfirmed Kills: 37 ·Montana Insurrection: -Confirmed Kills: 30 -Unconfirmed Kills: 36 ·Bolivian Coup of 2015: -Confirmed Kills: 48 -Unconfirmed Kills: 50 ·Battler of Shanghai 2015: -Confirmed Kills: 73 -Unconfirmed Kills: 88 ·Shoulder of Orion: -Confirmed Kills: 24 -Unconfirmed Kills: 31 ·Nibian Moon Campaign: -Confirmed Kills: 31 -Unconfirmed Kills: 65 ·Antares Maelstrom War: -Confirmed Kills: 48 -Unconfirmed Kills: 60 ·Perdition Flame's War: -Confirmed Kills: 58 -Unconfirmed Kills: 93
The snakes used in the movie were palm pit vipers and green tree boas with appliances glued on their heads.
Freeze frame the 'Trinity Moons' data readout display in the closing scene and you will find several references to "The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy". The 'Top Archive Specifications' comes up with ZZ9.Plurl.ZA (the sector in which Earth is reported to be) which comes up in Zaphod mode. On the right under 'Search Results' you can see 'Slartibartfast' complete with an 'HHG' reference number.
Keanu Reeves was originally set for the lead role.
The trailer featured a spectacular space battle involving 20-30 ships around a planet. The film contained no such scene, nor could it plausibly have done so except perhaps as a flashback. It was probably a marketing ploy.
One of the sound bites when Caine is pounding the residence is music from Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song".
During the War Of Six Cities scene, the map hanging on the wall is the plan of the Moscow Metropolitan.
Among the garbage in the ship that slides towards Todd when he gets dumped on the planet is the Liberty Bell.
This movie's original title was "The Base".
Tony Gilroy did an uncredited rewrite on the screenplay.
During the sequences where Caine 607 is driving the crawler, the control he uses to fire the weapons is a Saitek X36 PC joystick.

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