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Plot Keywords

college murder
theatre death
sequel revenge
play costume
college student reference to charles manson
shot in the throat blood
bare chested male stabbed in the head
vcr punched in the face
falling off a stage sorority party
fake knife death of boyfriend
stabbed in the throat female protagonist
mask blockbuster
threatening telephone call library
television self referential
satire sorority
female villain police detective
duct tape over mouth betrayal
reference to ted bundy hit by a car
returning character killed off accomplice
sequel to cult favorite survivor
reference to quentin tarantino foot chase
shot in the forehead boyfriend girlfriend relationship
555 phone number villain not really dead cliche
slow motion scene reporter
character says i love you fraternity
held at gunpoint soundproof room
knife gore
no opening credits masked killer
interview cell phone
singing falling to death
whodunit ohio
shot in the chest stabbed in the ear
videotape tv cameraman
film within a film kicked in the face
limp stabbed in the stomach
face slap murder of a police officer
pistol second part
villainess post modern
woman punching a man shot in the stomach
cigarette smoking talking during a movie
police chief serial killer
horror spoof 1990s
violence stabbed in the back
video camera movie theater
bare chested male bondage author
stupid victim red herring
good versus evil character repeating someone else's dialogue
necklace shot to death
reference to o.j. simpson slasher flick
police station female psychopath
prank call cut arm
film student reference to jeffrey dahmer
cult film hospital
deception group of friends
mystery killer thrown from a car
teen movie car crash
suspicion corpse
sitting ambulance
thrown off a balcony stabbed to death
tv news breaking bottle over head
slasher woman slaps a man
impalement director cameo
characters killed one by one sorority sister
stabbed in the chest thrown through a glass door
death of friend surprise ending

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