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Perhaps the best car-trouble related action movie ever!

Author: ( from chico ca
30 August 2001

Look, although we don't like to admit it, we've all have to suppress our fears concerning the extreme likelihood of experiencing the events that take place in this movie. You know: you get into your car and you immediately start thinking,"Gosh, I hope today isn't the day that my accelerator sticks at a comfortable cruising speed of 55 mph, all four door latches break in the locked position, both my main and emergency brake fail, my ignition switch can't be turned off, and I've got a full tank of gas; all simultaneously." Fortunately, for most of us, our Thorazine kicks-in before we actually decide that it's a bad idea to be driving a car. Not so for the makers of the harrowing, white-knuckle, edge-of-your-seat (if only in preparation to leave the room) action juggernaut, "Runaway Car" But they go ahead and drive anyway!

I am endlessly pleased to have found (thanks to the imdb) that this movie is real, and that I didn't merely dream it.

This movie is, at the very least, one of the fantastic sights you will see on your journey to find the El Dorado of Very Bad Cinema.

I highly recommend it.

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In praise of tv movies

Author: kevin27 from Kent, United Kingdom
6 August 2003

Yes it's a badly-made movie. The acting and script are poor, and it has got the worst continuity error I've ever witnessed - watch the car hood. The black character is from some lousy Starsky episode. I first saw the movie on tv late-night. I wanted to get to bed but ended up watching it all the way through. When I saw it again I taped it and showed it to my 8-year old daughter. She came out of the room shaking and crying as a result of the baby-jeopardy-helicopter moment. (The only movie moment I can ever remember producing this effect in her). The damn thing's enjoyable. I find this with other "bad" movies. Somehow, the effect of knowing it's cheap and has no big stars can lead to a more relaxed honest enjoyment. As someone else said, watch it with a few cans.

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cliche but class

Author: andrewwinthorpe from north, england
29 June 2002

What a movie. From the stereotyped characters to the baby the helicopter and the bridge, this movie is cliche ridden in the extreme. Yet it is compelling because of that. And it has Judge Rienhold in it. This is a must see with a few cans, a few mates, and money riding on what is going to happen next. The only thing I want to know is who did the M.O.T on that car

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So bad it is almost funny, but not quite!

Author: Serge Chaille from Montreal, Canada
13 July 2001

I have to admit that by moments I had to laugh at how bad that movie was... But the laughs were too few and since this whole thing was in no way a parody, it felt more like an insult to the viewer's intelligence. The worst acting I have ever seen from any of these people...

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Runaway Success

Author: superman1 from Australia
25 September 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

In light of bad reviews - or car crashes - I feel possessed to get in gear and make a transmission to give merit where due, and do a service. I'm not sure people have license to say it was so bad, almost automatically.

It's rare for a movie to have SUSPENSE. This movie maintained suspense it's whole length, for me, despite any flaws that may be. How many films can say that? Not even many big ones. Because of the simple premise you don't know if the people will get out of the life-threatening situation, which lasts the whole movie. Yeh, the suspension was tight, and over some bumps the shocks did their work. It's not just a TV movie, but an all-action movie; there is no point where it stops, or deviates, or becomes talky. It would be hard to make a film like this, always on the road. Only Duel, or Speed, are this that I recall. The best thing in them also was the constant tension.

ACTING is not bad: The Judge is as good as ever, and the others are.

SCRIPT is good. But the jury is out as to whether it sometimes may be - or seem to be - a little awry. What seems unrealistic is not necessarily so. Your first judgments are not always right, but I think the lead actor's was right in being in this movie.

STUNTS are mostly terrific, especially for a TV movie. Their only failing may be the noticeable, and again, apparent, slow speed. But we all know how deceivingly slow Grand Prix cars can look.

I liked that THE BEGINNING said, "inspired by a true story." So you are not going to go how much is true? You know just the basis is. The usual "based on a true story" makes me think it should mostly be true. But maybe that's my error.

HOW TO SAVE THEM: Good idea of the reviewer to suggest a tow truck to lift the back wheels up. Just a few inches would do. A stunt driver could do that at 100 mph. Odd that they didn't call a car expert - or auto electrician or mechanic - to see if there's a way.

I hope this review has put in reverse that this film is a disaster. Or at least neutral. And help it become a runaway success.

Pic quality is a little soft for a DVD.

SPOILER: They would have been winched out after the baby was, but strangely that life-saving idea was cleverly dealt with in some joking conversation to fade it out. I guess we know why. End of movie. Suspension of disbelief went out the top window with the baby.

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cheesy but gripping

Author: kirstiebell3271 from United Kingdom
28 May 2006

just watched it on sky TV missed the first half an hour. i did wonder if it was a true story so watched it to the end. there was no brief at the end to say what happened to everyone. it did remind me of speed but at the end of the day i don't suppose it was released at the cinema as we did see the following error. the goof that we saw was that they remove the bonnet (hood) and then later on there are two shots of the car with the police car in front trying to slow it down when the bonnet is back on. it did have me on the edge of my seat especially when i thought the baby was going to hit the bridge and of course when the bridge wasn't going to be lowered and then it was. I'm afraid i did burst into tears so it wasn't that bad!!!!

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful: much more than a TV movie.

Author: bpearis from brooklyn
12 February 2002

Some may consider Runaway Car to be cheap exploitation--a Speed-ripoff in the high-occupancy lane. But this made-for-T-V thriller starring Judge Reinhold and Nina Siemazsko is so much more. Yeah, it's about a car that can't stop. But, Runaway Car is a wake-up call, a nightmarish fantasy about the total breakdown of the service industry. Siemazsko is Jenny, a nurse-in-training who nearly causes a botched operation. Upset, she picks up her car from the shop, where a desperate Reinhold finds out his car won't be ready for another week. He's got an important meeting with venture capitalists interested in his website idea. Jenny volunteers to give him a lift, but first they must pick up her sister's infant daughter. Baby makes three, and they're off. But before they can get out of the subdivision, they nearly run over wisecracking skateboarder Dex (Brian Hooks). He's hurt his knee, so Jenny offers to take Dex to the emergency room over the objections and grumbling of Ed. When they hit the freeway, the gas pedal gets stuck to the floor. When they try to pull it up, it breaks off, as does the key in the ignition. Soon the car is barreling down the freeway out of control. A good-hearted cop (single-named actor Leon) rides by their side trying to help, but much of the force would just as soon `take them out' as let them cause a pile-up. Also offering support is a police dispatcher who's (you guessed it) one day from retirement and a couple of talk-radio jocks. But they can do little for this disaster on wheels. Can they find a way to stop the car before it plummets off a raised drawbridge? Can a traffic helicopter lift the baby to safety? Did that cop really say, `It's not just a drawbridge-it's the end of the line'? This being on FOX, the answer is, of course, yes. The real moral of this story-know your mechanic.

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I can think of worse ways to spend my time.

Author: nathan_russ-2 from Australia
4 December 2001

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

*Warning this may contain spoilers*

This wasn't a bad movie, it was the ending that let it down. They just get out of the car and the credits roll? Where was the explanation of why the car wouldn't stop?? One person's comments on here asked why they never thought of using tire spikes that they use for 'bad guys' Obviously that person wasn't paying attention, because they did mention them, but dismissed the use of them for obvious reasons. i.e. (a) They were supposed to be going at 100 miles an hour, so when they run over the spikes the car is going to roll and most likely kill them, and of course they had a baby in the car, somehow I don't think the police are going to kill an innocent baby just to stop a car, just think of those headlines! (b) Tire spikes are used to stop criminals, these people are not criminals.

I thought the movie was suspenseful, even though you knew they were obviously going to make it. Even though that bit with the water in those drums made me laugh. How did they think that was going to stop them?

Anyway I have seen some other movies, some with big budgets and big actors, that don't have half the plot. It just lacked one thing and that was the explanation of why the accelerator got stuck.

Other than that, a reasonably entertaining movie, I'll give it about 6 and a half out of 10.

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Baby on board: a magnificent, sweeping tale of love and romance, with a minor subplot.

Author: Lou Rugani ( from United States
10 October 2005

This 1997 film-blanc classic tale of smoldering passion has achieved its well-deserved legendary status as one of the screen's greatest sagas of a doomed and hopeless love. The pervasive, ongoing and progressive magnetism between Judge Reinhold and what's-her-name is sure to set many a viewer's heart a-flutter with memories of one's own first crush. The brilliant screenplay dangles this embryonic affair-to-be in front of the enraptured audience, sitting transfixed as the abstract, almost-expressionist cinematography deep-focuses on the just-under-the-surface desires that ebb and flow between the principals. You can cut the sexual tension with a dull tire iron.

A tiny drop of perspiration on the end of a nose catches the bright sunshine, and leaves no doubt as to its significance. Scenes like this abound and bear watching again and again. As with "Jane Eyre" and "Rebecca" (to which this masterpiece is so often compared), the closeups of the actors' faces as they experience the slow dawning of the great love-that-is-not-to-be will haunt you forever.

The now-classic RC soundtrack score, with its creative and unique use of solo synthesizer, emphasizes the emotion that drips throughout like a leaky crankcase.

If I had any criticisms at all by mentioning what I consider a minor flaw (and dared to risk the wrath of the millions of fans who hold this classic so dear to their hearts), I would say that the hallmark of "Runaway Car" - its sense of mounting sexual tension - is briefly broken by the highway scene, which now after repeated viewings seems just a bit overlong (and probably even unnecessary?) to the eternal, bittersweet tale of Love Interrupted.

Dare I advance what I perceive as the tiniest of flaws in this critically-acclaimed triumph of modern cinema? 'Citizen Kane' had its 'Rosebud' . . . 'Runaway Car' should have its catchword as well. Perhaps the film could have opened with an extreme closeup of Judge Reinhold saying something such as "A car is an extension of its owner!", and the rest of the storyline could then be dedicated to parsing every syllable, subtlety and nuance of that phrase. Had that plot line been done, this film could have topped "Titanic" at the Golden Globes that year, I'm convinced.

My one regret? That I didn't read the novel first.

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A Classic

Author: pouringpetrolonthefire from Nottingham, England
23 March 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How this has not become a cult film I do not know. I think it has been sadly overlooked as a truly ingenious comedy!

"Runaway Car" attempts to pass itself off as a fast-paced thriller, but taking the quality of acting (good God it's bad), the storyline, the practicalities of the car's demonic possession and the baby evacuation scene into account there is nothing you can really do but laugh. And laugh you will. Films are made to entertain us, and the degree to which they do this can be an indication of a film's worth. This film is the pinnacle in entertainment, I laughed from beginning to end. At one point I got short of breath and nearly choked, it really is that funny at some points. When the baby was airlifted out of the sunroof in a holdall by a helicopter with a robot pilot who managed to maintain a constant velocity identical to the car and a perfectly flat flight plain that meant the grapple hook didn't rip the car roof to pieces, I was laughing hysterically. But when the baby starting swinging around in the air, nearly hit a bridge and almost got tangled up in a tree, tears were running down my face.

It also occurred to me that the black cop was the guy who played Jesus in Madonna's "Like A Prayer" video. He seems to get everywhere.

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