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The director is unflinching in his portrayal of the horrors that occurred, and nearly all the characters, from Voight's Wright to Rhames' Mann, are wonderfully nuanced, desperately believable creations.
But if the movie were simply the story of this event, it would be no more than a sad record. What makes it more is the way it shows how racism breeds and feeds, and is taught by father to son.
Despite an occasional narrative hiccup, this is a rich and moving motion picture.
Entertainment Weekly
As the village is destroyed, its people humiliated, hunted down, and murdered, Singleton brings the images and underlying psychological truths of American racial violence to the screen with a brute dramatic force that few directors have matched.
Though Hollywood hyperbolizes the Gregory Poirier script -- Mann is a fictional character -- John Singleton ("Boyz N the Hood") directs the film with riveting urgency.
USA Today
It's as disturbing a movie as you are likely to witness this year. [21Feb1997 Pg.04.D]
Voight's Wright is one of many examples of how Singleton and Poirier succeed in suggesting the ambivalence and shadings that make movie characters believable.
But the movie is long and didactic, undermined by the faintly pious air of an educational slide show.
Rosewood is startling, infuriating, painful history played out as a not-very-satisfying, overly ambitious and overlong movie.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
Watching this, we should feel an immense amount, but don't, and somehow, decades after this horrible event, that void only seems to compound the tragedy.

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