Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997) Poster


Lisa Kudrow received a degree in Biology from Vassar College, and Mira Sorvino a degree in Asian Studies from Harvard University, so during production of Romy and Michele, they nicknamed each other "Smart" and "Smarter".
Lisa Kudrow made up the entire "special glue" formula on the spot.
The red blouse that Lisa Kudrow wears when she enters the Bargain Mart is the same one worn by Courteney Cox (her cast mate from Friends (1994)) at the end of _Scream (1996)_.
Both the Romy and Michele characters were originated in the stage play "Ladies Room." Lisa Kudrow reprises the role she played in it.
References to Mira Sorvino's boyfriend Quentin Tarantino productions:
  • In the scene where Romy and Michele are pigging out in their living room, you can see a take-out bag from Big Kahuna Burger.
  • An ad for Red Apple cigarettes on the building next to their apartment.
In the dream reunion scene, when Romy and Michelle are on stage to receive their award, you can see just above the stage in the lights that are strung what looks like a banana on one side, and a carrot on the other just like the magnets that Christie put on Michelle's back brace in high school.
In one scene, Christy played a trick on Michelle by putting magnets on her back brace. The actress who played Christy, Julia Campbell, wore a back brace in real life when she developed scoliosis at age 11. At 15, she had to have corrective surgery when her spine started cutting into her right lung. She has since recovered but cannot partake in any physical activities that puts pressure on her spine.
In the spin class scene, when Lisa Kudrow is talking about the "guy in the rowboat", you can clearly see the woman in the background try to hold back laughter.
Art Fry and Dr. Spencer Silver are the inventors of Post-Its.
The episode of The Simpsons (1989) that Ramon and the co-workers watch was written by the movie's director 'David Mirkin (I)'.
The trailer has a small bit of dialog edited out of the movie: In a scene from the film used in the trailer, Michele tells the A-list girls "We're not the ones who got fat," to which Christine replies "We're pregnant." In the trailer Michele then retorts "Okay, we're not the ones who got pregnant," but this line does not appear in the movie.
The Post It Note was introduced in 1977, 10 years before Romy and Michele graduated.
When Romy and Michelle have a fight en route to Tucson, Romy tells Michelle "You're the Rhoda, you're the Jewish one!". Lisa Kudrow, who plays Michelle, in real life, is actually Jewish.
The "cowboy" character is played by Justin Theroux. In 2015 he married Jennifer Aniston who also starred in Friends with Lisa Kudrow.
In the trailer, Heather Mooney says she would rather put her cigarette out in her right eye, but in the film, she says she would rather put it out in her ass.
Many actors in this movie played small roles in "Friends", Lisa Kudrow's most famous work. Julia Campbell and Elaine Hendrix were Ross's love interests. Vincent Ventresca played Monica's on and off boyfriend "Fun Bobby". Plus, it's common knowledge that Janeane Garofalo turned down the role of Monica. And Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux, who plays the cowboy in R&M.
The car dealership in the film where Mira Sorvino's character works is called Rusnak - located in Pasadena, California on Colorado Blvd.
In an episode of HBO's "The Comeback," Lisa Kudrow's "Valerie Cherish" walks through a metal detector only to reveal she has a rod down her back due to her having scoliosis as a teen, much like Michele having scoliosis in the film.
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When Sandy and Toby are naming the capitals of all the 50 states at the Prom, Sandy says Albuquerque which is not a capital of any of the 50 states.
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Film debut of Vincent Ventresca, though he had extensive TV experience prior to this film's release.
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Mira Sorvino and Janeane Garafalo were both born on September 28th.
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