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Just alright, broad, semi-funny look at female friendship above all else
spencergrande68 July 2017
I had always heard this was a "guilty pleasure" or some kind of minor cult classic, and it being my own 10 year reunion this summer I thought I would finally check it out. Well I don't think it's either of those really, though I suppose guilty pleasure always fits to some degree.

It's a just alright, broad, semi-funny look at female friendship above all else. Mira Sorvino's accent is the scene stealer here, it's some kind of Californian valley girl monstrosity that takes on a life of its own throughout the movie. Is it just me or does it become more pronounced when she returns to Tucson, where no one has that accent? Is this a subtle shade of "acting" on her part, the accent an affectation she picked up in SoCal to distance herself from her terrible adolescence? There's also Justin Theroux who plays a cowboy with a goofy southern accent. I've got nothing for that one.
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"You are Columbus and I am America."
Predrag18 March 2017
The movie is very funny, I had many laughs at the more dim of the two (the stereotypical dumb blonde) Michele. What's nice about the film is the way it accentuates what true friendship really means, standing by one another. The two went from being the fat girl (Romy) & the girl with the back brace (Michele) to being two attractive fun-loving women. The lesson the pair learn is to be yourself & be proud of who you are. Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino are perfectly cast in this film, as are all of the other characters (including extras - which is unusual). As well as a great script though, this film also has great music. If you like 80's music then this film is for you, as it features throughout the entire film.

Yes, it was over the top. Yes, it was predictable. But Janeane Garofalo's performance made this movie worth buying. I loved how Romy and Michele seemed to be completely oblivious to their own personal lack of accomplishments. The fashion/costume design is delightfully tacky, and there's a sweet message at the end. I also think this was Lisa Kudrow's best performance in all the movies she's ever done and was even more impressive than her ditsy Phoebe Buffay character on "FRIENDS". The film is not meant to be very serious, so don't expect a script that reflects with 100% accuracy the daily lives of people. This is meant to be as a funny story of two people to entertain the viewer and I believe it's quite successful in doing that. Get some snacks, get your favorite drink and start watching to see who invented Post-Its!

Overall rating: 7 out of 10.
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Lisa Kudrow way under-performing
RavenGlamDVDCollector31 October 2016
What fun it promises to be. Phoebe of FRIENDS. Look at the DVD box cover, aren't they just cute? And yet, hoo boy, is this it?

It's not that I don't like it, it's that I'm exasperated by the lack of what could have been. Here I can see exactly what the problem is. First impressions count, and when the duo first appears, they are as dull as ditch-water. I'm used to crazy goof Phoebe in FRIENDS, zany and lovable. Seems that is a fluke, Lisa, or that you need a very strong director to coax the best out of you, because here you really drop the ball, almost entirely through most of the movie. Fortunately, there are places where you do well, notably when Michele goes a whole lot Phoebe (FRIENDS fans will understand). Amounts to an uneven performance then.

Mira Sorvino is a very big disappointment, I'm sorry to say. There in the beginning, she delivers that line about her poor dietary habits absolutely deadpan to no effect at all. So I'm quick to write her off early on. Especially the first part of the movie should have been re-shot, these two act like there are lots of zeroes missing from their paychecks.

I still give it a 7. I like the premise, the great soundtrack (one of the very best ever, ranging from Bananarama with VENUS and CRUEL SUMMER to The Go-Gos with OUR LIPS ARE SEALED and an especially rousing TIME AFTER TIME by Cyndi Lauper, wow, and Belinda Carlisle HEAVEN IS A PLACE ON EARTH too) and there are some great moments, but to all those of you poised to vote against me here, hey, look at this again, there is so much room for improvement. Lisa can do 10 times better, the movie had great potential, it was a wonderful part for her, but she putters through it airily, like she at times doesn't really want to be there. A much stricter director was needed, because dammit, couldn't the lackluster performances been redone?

Anybody who knows how I normally cheer on actresses would understand that I do not like being so critical here BUT I EXPECTED SO MUCH MORE FROM THIS!

Seems to me it's just like Sarah Michelle Gellar can only really be super fantastic in that one show, Lisa Kudrow is quite the same. It's a pity, look at her, she's a very pretty girl.

Don't get me wrong, the movie isn't bad at all. But with more spirited performances, it might have been a truly zany comedy worthy of a 10.
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Two out with out crowd types attend their high school reunion
blanche-214 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow star in "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" from 1997. The two are best friends and, when they hear their 10th year high school reunion is coming up, decide to attend and show all the mean girls how well they've done. Except they haven't. They have two weeks to get boyfriends and decent jobs. "If it was so easy to do, why haven't we done it already?" Michele (Kudrow) asks.

Both of them decide to say they invented post-its, apparently not planning on talking to the same people. Michele negotiates with a friend for a halfway decent car, and the two take off.

At the reunion is someone Romy (Sorvino) recently ran into, Heather Mooney (Janeane Garofalo), a sarcastic, tough individual who was madly in love with a boy, Sandy Frink (Alan Cumming) who was crazy about Michele. She never gave him the time of day. Heather really has invented something, a paper that goes around the fast-burning cigarette.

Very cute movie with wonderful performances by the leads, Kudrow as the clueless Michele, who never actually knew she was out with the out crowd; and Sorvino as Romy, who learns that Michele thought of her as Rhoda while she, in her mind, was Mary - "why aren't you Rhoda? You're Jewish," Romy complains. A huge fight ensues.

Others in the cast include Julia Campbell, Camryn Manheim, Justin Theroux, and Kristin Bauer van Straten.

In the end the women learn there's nothing wrong at all with who they are and that they are, in fact, pretty fantastic and good- looking to boot. I liked it because the writers didn't beat us over the head with this "lesson," it's just what happens in the story, as does the discovery of a talent they didn't realize they had.

The tenth year high school reunion would make these people 28, but in reality, with the exception of 30-year-old Sorvino, the actors are all in their mid-thirties. Interestingly, if it were made today, I think the actors would be the right age - the business has changed quite a bit since "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" was made.
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Romey and Michelle invite you to their high school reunion
Realrockerhalloween18 August 2016
Romey and Michelle was a light comedy that didn't try to take itself to seriously.

The jokes were tongue in check, surprisingly clean and intelligent. Not for the low brow crowd who love family guy.

What it does best was showing that who you are in high school doesn't define you after you graduate and you can be anything you set your mind to.

The kids who were picked on or considered the losers can become the true winners in the real world.

I like that through it all they remain good friends who support and stand up for one another. It didn't back down by going down the romantic route we've seen a million times.

Stay true to yourself and don't make up a false persona to impress people who aren't worth it.

Critics may have missed it, but not the real fans who consider it a true classic.

A movie like this only comes once in a blue moon. Don't miss out on the reunion of a life time.
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Skip this lame film.
Byrdz5 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK ... it's NOT meant to be "Gone With the Wind" or even "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" but .. come on people ! This one is STOOOOOPID !!! to the extreme. Why I finished it, I have no idea... compulsive movie watcher, I suppose! Poor Lisa plays Phoebe again. Mira wonders if they will take her Academy Award back. The snotty girls are all just snotty tho' they do remind me of several posters on the Classic Film Board now that I think of it. The Vogue editor in her man's white suit .. shrug ! Garofolo and her cigarettes and swearing .. YAWN !It's just LAME and pointless even when it is not doing that on purpose.

Alan Cumming's dance with both girls at the very end was the only really good scene and it was ... well ... ODD to say the least. The less said about this film the better. Give it a miss!
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Love this film!
Davis P29 November 2015
This is a perfect friendship movie to sit down with a big bucket of popcorn and watch. I absolutely adore friendship films, and I love 80's music and nostalgia, which is what you get here. The script is hilarious and the funny lines are delivered very well by the stars. The casting is also well done, Lisa kudrow was amazing! The characters are funny, sweet, and likable. This film will make you laugh, cry, and will just make you feel good. Everyone needs a nice feel good movie every once in a while :). The soundtrack is so great in this movie as well. I loved hearing all the 80's songs here: Heaven is a place on earth, Footloose, time after time........ The list goes on and on really. This is not a family friendly film, but it's not meant to be, it's meant for teens and adults, and it caters to that exact audience very well in my opinion. Very cute and enjoyable film about best friends. 9/10.
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Fun movie
kevjfarrell24 August 2015
Lisa Kudrow brings her Phoebe from Friends character to this movie. A great comedy all round. The whole story of a High School reunion is well played out - and features all the highs and lows of attending one!!! Fortunately I avoid them like the plague as they are really quite an ordeal. This movie gives you all the reasons why you should avoid them - in a very comedic way!!! If you don't enjoy the Phoebe character from Friends, you should steer clear of this one. Romy and Michele are like a pair of Phoebe twins. So you know what level of humor to expect.

This movie is very easy on the senses and is to be taken purely at face value as a comedy. Sit back and enjoy! It plays on TV pretty regularly so it's easy to find.
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fun friendship
SnoopyStyle5 August 2015
Romy White (Mira Sorvino) and Michele Weinberger (Lisa Kudrow) are dim-witted blonde best friends in L.A. Romy runs into her high school classmate Heather Mooney (Janeane Garofalo) who is now wealthy with news of the upcoming Sagebrush High School 10th year reunion in Tuscon. The girls decide to go but then they realize that they are not as successful as they thought they were. Despite their best efforts, two weeks are not enough and they decide to lie about their lives. When the girls were in high school, they were picked on by popular mean girl Christy Masters. Romy was in love with Christy's boyfriend Billy Christianson and they played a trick on Romy. Michele was in a back brace. Mooney was secretly in love with fellow geek Sandy Frink but he was in love with Michele.

Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow have both played iconic dim-witted blonds. In this movie, they pull together their performances and it's a wonderful pairing. Their friendship is really the glue that holds this movie together. The dream sequence in the middle could have been cut down. Also Sandy Frink could have been played by a hot nerd rather than Alan Cumming. There are some hilarious fun and some uncomfortable awkwardness. I would have loved these great actresses go for a sequel.
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Funny Movie
gameofpeter19 July 2015
I wasn't expecting much from this movie (and maybe that is part of the reason why I was so impressed with it) but I ended up enjoying it a lot and even laughing out loud a few times. I thought the two leads were both very good.

It's nothing special and the characters and story aren't that "deep" but for what it is, a silly "desperate to impress people at a high school reunion" comedy, it's a lot of fun. Not a big fan of Friends and never have been, but Lisa Kudrow is really funny in this, and so is the other star (whose name escapes me).

They're basically not very bright, materialistic, and only really care about themselves and each other. But their high school enemies are even worse, and they end up better people by the end. Not much of an arc but good enough.

If you're looking for some simple laughs you can do a lot worse than this underrated movie.
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A High School Reunion Worth Attending.
Python Hyena5 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion (1997): Dir: David Mirkin / Cast: Mira Sorvino, Lisa Kudrow, Janeane Garofalo, Alan Cumming, Justin Theroux: One of the funniest comedies of the year in the way that it plays out the goofiness of the reunion anticipation. Romy and Michele are two dimwitted blondes who have been friends since high school and anticipate a ten year reunion. Unpopular in high school they attempt to impress people with phony jobs. One of the interesting factors is how the film treats its characters within the ten year period. The result is a hilarious teen comedy where the plot works especially in the climatic reunion sequence. Director David Mirkin addresses acceptance but his translation from past to present add great visual appeal. Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow are hilarious as the blonde duo because we have all witnessed similar enduring friendships. Janeane Garofalo is excellent as the hard talking smoker. Alan Cumming plays the unpopular guy who admires Michele. He will become one of the film's most interesting surprises during the reunion where nothing is as seems and nobody appears to be where they thought they would be yet they smile anyway. Justin Theroux barely speaks a word but he stands out as the Cowboy who flicks cigarette butts at Garofalo. Theme regards friendship and the pains of acceptance but it never arrives there without big laughs. Score: 10 / 10
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Movie does not do the two leads justice.
rinterrante-19 January 2015
Don't get me wrong. I love the 2 leads. Lisa was the only reason I watched Friends when it first aired and I tune in any movie Mira appears in just to see her. There were a few things wrong with this movie.

First it is difficult to see these two as losers. They are both very attractive and their jobs are not all that bad. It's not like they are plain Janes that work as clerks in the 7-Eleven.

Second I did not find their old classmates all that offensive or uppity. It was just difficult to imagine the two as underdogs being degraded or the subjects of snobbery. These were the ingredients needed to make this movie work.

And last I did not find the material very funny. It was nothing more than typical sit com stuff.
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Blonde ambition
jc-osms3 January 2015
I just noticed the advertising slogan for this movie ("The blonde leading the blonde") and kind of wished that whoever came up with that witty one-liner might have hung around to help with the screenplay itself, but this is still a reasonably amusing chick-flick about two ditzy blondes working dead-end jobs in L.A. who decide to crash their old Tucson high- school tenth anniversary reunion and make a point to the three bitchy seniors who picked on them during their time there.

That folks is the sum of the plot as our female Wayne and Garth set out on a road-trip in a fancy borrowed car to Tucson, improbably power-dressed as the company executives who invented "post-its" where they predictably crash and burn, even falling out with each other in the process, before assisted by the intervention of two of their even weirder former-classmates, right all the past wrongs done against them and of course come out on top, friendship and status intact, indeed enhanced.

Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow are both equally likable as the blonde and blonder leads, stupid but sassy with it. Alan Cumming is the most prominent support as the school geek with a crush on Kudrow's Michelle who grows up to be a multi-millionaire inventor and who comes to their rescue, with helicopter, naturally.

The funniest scene by far is the threesome's show-dance at the end and there are some other amusing scenes and lines too along the way, but probably not enough of them. Still, rather like TV's Laverne and Shirley from the 70's, Kudrow and Sorvino have you rooting for them from the start and it's their cuteness, kookiness and finally loyalty to one another which ultimately make this an amiable if shallow watch.
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Why a great idea doesn't work without great execution
PlugInYourBrain28 October 2014
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion put Sorvino's then soaring career into a tail dive.

It took in $30M at the box office. Not a flop, but far below expectations. At the end of the day, movies are about making money. So despite proving her chops as a comedy actress, Sorvino didn't get a second chance. She tried many other genres, but somehow always picked movies that didn't do well at the box office. (She's now in a new TV series: Intruders) Kudrow has done a bit better, but never became an A-lister.

Why didn't Romy and Michele do better? Perhaps it was expectations. The caliber of the cast and the fun premise has us expecting something far better. On first viewing I was very disappointed. I almost hated it.

But the first 45 minutes is very good. It has enough laughs, and the characters (and the actresses) have a lot of charisma. Romy and Michele are a Folie à deux; a happy pair of fools who share the same delusion. They're fun to watch and it looks like we're in for a real treat.

But after that first 45 minutes, with a few exceptions, the movie falls flat. The last hour of the movie is about the reunion itself, but this is poorly told and poorly directed. Laughs are few and far between. The whole thing is carried on two very weak jokes, which in a sitcom would no more two throwaway lines. But instead of hitting us with new jokes, Director Mirkin and Writer Schiff recycle the same two weak jokes over and over again.

This has been done before and done much better. Even teen comedies like Patrick Dempsey's "Money can't buy me love" have a far more compelling plot. So after the build up, we're left disappointed. Perhaps it was bad word of mouth that killed it.

But I watched it again, and while my comments still apply about that last hour, there's still a lot to like. Sorvino and Kudrow are brilliant, and there are iconic scenes (like Garofalo's Cowboy) which carry a lot of weight and a few good gags (the suit cracked me up). If there were more of these, the movie would have been a classic. The interpretive dance at the end is nerdy but very sweet and I loved their "Stayin' Alive" too.

For the first 45 minutes I'd give it 8/10 (4 stars), but that last hour drags it down to 6/10 (2 stars).

There have been attempts to relaunch Romy and Michele. In 2005 Shiff launched a TV series which by IMDb comments was badly written. Sorvino and Kudrow are begging Disney (Touchstone) to let them do a sequel, but Disney is baulking. Perhaps they can't imagine a movie with two 40 year old female leads? Perhaps they think the Valley girl undertones are passé? Perhaps Disney don't want to give up the rights either? Hollywood is competitive, and studios have been known to buy rights to scripts just to stop another studios possibly making a hit.

And perhaps after two disappointing outings they don't think Shiff can deliver? I think Shiff had a wonderful germ of an idea here. If she stands back and lets more experienced comedy writers take it further, her franchise may yet deliver.
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Lying about your success at your 10-year reunion
Wuchak5 October 2014
"Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" (1997) is about two Californians, Romy and Michele (Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow), who decide to attend their 10-year reunion in Arizona. Since they were misfits in high school they lie about their success and face the ramifications thereof. Janeane Garofalo is on hand as a no-nonsense fellow high schooler.

While this comedy is fairly amusing and many elements of the story ring true, it's told from the protagonists' perspective (naturally) and would therefore appeal more to women. I'm on the fence with Sorvino and Kudrow -- I neither like nor dislike them -- so it's the story and peripheral characters that are going to make or break the film for people like me, but I can't remember that many memorable parts even though I saw the movie two days ago, which isn't a good sign. On the plus side there's no raunch.

So it's worth checking out if what I said piques your interest but, for me, meh.

The film runs 92 minutes and was shot in the general Los Angeles area.

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Pretty fun
Red_Identity16 September 2014
I kind of wanted the new Mean Girls (well, new to me because I've loved that film for years). As it is, this is mostly fun, but not as fun as I wanted it to be. The performances across the board are great though, with Kudrow delivering a more different, more dead-pan style of comedy over Friends. She's great at the mean, feisty sort of character that she's so famous for. Sorvino is also great, not sure if that's her real voice but she does a fine job. Overall, I can see why this isn't more famous than it is, but I do think it's a fine film that deserves to be seen more. For any other big Kudrow fans, this is a must see and is more proof of her comedic genius.
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Smiles and giggles and hugs all over!!
Sofia Tan9 June 2014
This movie left me with giggles and smiles all over! If you're looking for a deep and meaningful, complicated existential bullshit, this is not the movie for you. This, however, will make your life a shade brighter, even if it's just a while.

I loved both Mira Sorvino's and Lisa Kudrow's characters. The simplicity of the characters, though predictable, is very lovable. Usually, I'd be "P.O."-ed if the movies get to predictable but this is one of the rare ones that is actually bearable to watch. I'm fond of it even. They hit the home run on all of the obvious tropes. And the dance sequence and the ending!! UGH. SO MUCH WIN.

Basically, the movie plays all the things that you want to happen in your high school reunion. Also, the movie actually holds palpable but meaningful lessons that you learn after high school (or when you get over it - or else you might just end up like Christy and Billy).

All in all, this movie is a feel good movie that is very relatable and will bring some fond (but some may be bitter) memories from high school days. This movie is fun to watch, especially if you have a high school best friend that can be paired with these two's tandem.

Rate 8/10
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A former guilty pleasure, now one I've come out of the closet to say One of My All-Time Fav's.
mark.waltz31 October 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Most everybody remembers their high school years with mixed affection, even those in the "A" group had their share of torture, whether it be someone they were dating, teachers that hated them, parents that didn't understand them, etc. Those of us who attend at least one class reunion can all identify with "So what do you do now?" We can't say, "I'm the President of the United States" or "I'm a big movie star", but we can dream of coming up with something to impress that makes us seem better than who we really are. In the case of Romy and Michelle, they want to get past the memories of being mistreated by the "A" group at their Tucson Arizona high school, boys who either didn't know who the heck they were or got excited just by being near them, and come back to their Venice Beach California home with some sort of dignity.

So what do these cool fun women who make great party outfits do? They come up with a whopper of a lie and claim to have invented that item that everybody knows about but whom nobody seems to know who invented it: Post-Its! One invented the glue, the other chose the color. Cool, right? It all seems to work until a former rival who ran into one of them at their uncool job at a car rental shop shows up and threatens to spill the beans.

A great mix of dumb blonde comedy, fun 80's music, bad 80's hair and the slobs versus the snobs, "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" is a comedy of stupidity that works in a very subtle intelligence level. The two friends are obviously devoted to each other, and as played by Oscar Winner Mira Sorvino and TV's Lisa Kudrow, they seem as perfect a couple as Lucy and Ethel, Mary and Rhoda, Laverne and Shirley, Patsy and Edina, well, you get the drift. "I'm the Mary, You're the Rhoda!" one yells at the other during a sudden argument, and this threatens to split them apart. "You're the Jewish one!", the Mary wanna-be tells the other. But once they see the nasty girls who are still just as nasty, loyalty is not only tested but things are revealed about the "A" group that many of us can attest to from high school reunions we've gone to.

Jeanene Garafalo is hysterical as the class freak, a goth-girl/genius who has invented the quick-burning cigarette. Broadway vet Alan Cumming goes through several different looks as a nerdy geek who becomes a multi-millionaire, and Julia Campbell perfectly spoofs the spunky cheerleader type who manipulates her friends (all but one) and is obviously overly self-obsessed.

It takes a while for the film to get going, mostly vignettes of Romy and Michelle's life together, trying to find a good job, find a decent boyfriend and dealing with the sexy Latin lothario that the one works with at the car rental place. But even though there's a long-time of set-up, it is all done in fun, and when meshed together (even with a fantasy sequence that threatens to slow down the film but really doesn't) the result is a future film classic that late baby boomers can particularly relate to (like me) and younger audiences will see some of the build-up to what has become now their generation. So have a ball, pull out your Cindy Lauper records, Madonna outfits, and just enjoy.
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LOL where it started... GREAT FUNNY Movie...
salesmanager7 October 2013
Catchy lines.. such as

"whatever i achieve , there's still something missing... answer.. your own country???" "Sometimes i wish i was a lesbian and the idea of having sex with another girl creeps me out.. but we are still single at 30...ask me again....

The surprise dance routine .. with seemingly confident faces .. dancing to the tune of Time after Time in Ballet steps... Just freak me out of this world so hilariously executed... i just die laughing...

A Fun Fun movie with catchy lines and retro music to add up to the whole movie , Lisa and Mira are perfect blonde's with convincing half-wit.. but manageable and still admirable with their acting ..

This is one unforgettable movie and a stand out as far as funny movie entertainment is concern.. i'd give an A...
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Time After Time…It's Great
thesar-219 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
In a movie where no one and I mean no one is very nice, is it hard to attach onto someone to root for? Why, yes! And it's even enjoyable to finally get to see them shop!

I used to describe this movie as the "female Dumb & Dumber," and in reality, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion is, in fact, just that. But, let me assure you: it's 10x funnier and has more originality than the Jim Carrey movie will ever have.

I just rewatched this movie for the, I dunno, fifteenth time and even though it's been about a decade since I last saw it, I found myself laughing out loud so many times, I couldn't count. So many memories, so many great characters, so many rude behaviors that would normally make me squeamish, made me burst out this time. Again, I understand hardly anyone is a "good person" in this, but their so-outrageous behavior made this slapstick comedy all the more enjoyable.

Further, so many scenes and lines brought back such great recollections that I marveled in the comedic genius behind the screenplay. One that stood out, that made me stood up to watch, was the (Mild-spoiler, sorry) Romy-Tell-Off scene towards the end. I could watch that few-second scene dozens of times and never tire of it.

(One more major spoiler, and if you haven't yet seen this, please skip to the next paragraph…) When I first saw this in theatres, I thought this movie was "just okay" and when it came to a scene that one character dreams of what the reunion is going to be like, I rolled my eyes. "Here we go again," I thought, for in many sitcoms, much like The Brady Bunch or movies, one character will dream of events they've never partaken in, but are worried about, and lo, following the dream, the next day, normally, they encounter the exact same scene/set up, even though it was physically impossible for them to predict/dream of what was to come when they've never encountered it. Here, Michele dreams of their pending High School Reunion, but, upon waking, the actual reunion is far different from what she imagined. Now, that's real life. That's exactly what would really happen. It was that moment that I admired and LOVED this film.

Romy & Michele reminisce on their high school days of Tucson, Arizona's past once told about their upcoming high school reunion. But tensions rise between the non-gay BFF ditzy blondes of (now) L.A.'s beaches when the truth of who's (a VERY tad bit) smarter than the other right before they get to the reunion. Will they make up? Will the endless and set-up in advance old high school students finally realize who they were meant to be with or avoid?

It is a comedy after all.

With one of the best soundtracks, after all. And cleverest lines, and deep acting for a slapstick comedy. And fairly good cinematography and overall originality. It's also one of the absolutely funniest movies that still holds up today, for the most part – Flip phones, anyone? – of all time.

Revisiting this movie, I now realized it's been far too long between viewings. This movie is amazing. I know I've seen this many times, but I found myself laughing, sometimes for joy, more times that I could count.

I say: See it! And she says: Me, too!
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alfredblue225 October 2012
i really don't like this movie as the rating you just saw me give it on the top of this review. Of course everyone expected this movie to stupid and believe me i did. But just because i expect something from a movie doesn't mean i will like it. I don't know her real name cause i don't care to even bother but she is known as Phoebe from the hit TV series Friends.I only allow stupidness in movies if its funny but this is not the funny kind as you can see.I could see how this movie would attract a lot of woman but i am a male and i don't like this stuff. Maybe there is another movie like this out in the world. But if there is i hope i never see it. I hope i have made it very clear that i don't like this film and i hope to never see it again.

I give this film a F
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Way More Fun Than It Shoud Be
gavin694214 August 2012
Two women (Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sovino) get into a lot of trouble when they go to their high school reunion and lie about their lives after twelfth grade.

This film is a win. It could not be called a "great" film and maybe not even a "good" film, but it sure is a lot of fun. From the 1980s music, to the outrageous outfits... and the very, very subtle references to "Scream" and "Pulp Fiction". I loved it all. And the guest stars: Alan Cumming, Camryn Manheim, Janeane Garofalo? Classy 90s, too.

Although I have never and will never attend a reunion -- and I doubt this film accurately captures what a reunion is like -- I really had a lot of fun with Romy and Michele.
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A nice, fun movie
TheLittleSongbird21 January 2012
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion mayn't be the best movie I have ever seen, but sitting down to watch it I wasn't expecting that. Just a fun charming movie and that is exactly what I got, a perfect way to get my mind off my sprained ankle. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion is not a complete masterpiece, the film does have an engaging story but is occasionally too plot heavy, and I would also have loved to seen the girls be themselves more. Criticisms aside, it looks good, with colourful locations and fashions, and the soundtrack is the very definition of cool, not to mention nostalgic. The script is funny and smart, the two main characters especially engage and the direction is efficient. I loved the performances. Mira Sorvino and Lisa Kudrow are just great and have such an easy-going chemistry. Of the support cast, I was most impressed with Camryn Manheim who steals all her scenes. Alan Cumming is also endearing with great comic timing, and Janeanne Garofalo relishes her role if over-doing it just a tad at times. Overall, a nice, fun movie that never tries to be anything more than it is. 8/10 Bethany Cox
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Mira Sorvino!
Ana_Banana22 December 2011
There's something about this movie... Of course, beyond the hilarious lines and situations and the charm of Romy and Michele. Maybe the fact that they were the most human characters in the film, even though you'd label them Blonde and Blonder? Or that they didn't lose their hope, optimism and friendship almost at all? Mira and Lisa are perfect in their parts, one could never imagine anyone else instead. A special note for Mira's deliveries: her voice and facial expressions are a treat! 'If you can make us the clothes, I can get us the car!' Or: 'Clear up, boys. I have a word with Ramon.' Or: 'Is that an earthquake? No, it's Rrrramon!' Or: 'You wanted it to be believable!' (that whole scene is hysterical) And so on... Like... Yeah! Let's fold scarves! OK!
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Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
Jackson Booth-Millard22 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I'm afraid to say, I am one for some chick flicks, well, at least the ones with either a good reputation or some good stars, and this sounded like one to at least try, from director David Mirkin (Heartbreakers). Basically Romy White (Mira Sorvino) and Michele Weinberger (Friends' Lisa Kudrow) have stayed friends for ten years, ever since they graduated high school, where they looked down upon by the "popular" crowd. They hear about the ten year anniversary high school reunion, but they know that their lives since leaving haven't been very impressive. They want to make a good impression, well, look impressive to everyone at the reunion, especially to those who picked on them, so they decide to pose as success businesswomen, with a cool car, cellphones and business suits. Before Romy and Michele get there however they argue about the facts they are going to give, saying they invented and designed post-its. One of the girls dreams about the reunion that could have been should they have gone with most of what they planned, ending with them growing old and hating each other, but then the real reunion begins. They do at first go with their fibs to impress the mean girls, but then they realise they should just be themselves and not care what other people say. Also starring Janeane Garofalo as Heather Mooney, GoldenEye's Alan Cumming as Sandy Frink, Julia Campbell as Christy Masters, Mia Cottet as Cheryl, Kristin Bauer as Kelly, Elaine Hendrix as Lisa Luder, Vincent Ventresca as Billy and Justin Theroux as Cowboy. Sorvini and Kudrow play the typical dim-witted and down on their luck blondes well, and there is good support from the likes of Cumming, it is predictable Clueless style comedy, but watch it the once. Worth watching!
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