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Icht schlicken dokken, lug dee lug......
Dave-7910 December 1999
I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard during a movie. Harland Williams is a genius. "C'mon all you Chinese....." Who comes up with this stuff??? I got the feeling that the directors and writers just told Williams to work around the script and improvise whatever he wanted? Some of this stuff is so off the wall, you wonder just how much was scripted. And this is not your typical Jerry Lewis slapstick. Williams has a great deal of pure talent. Anyway watch it and just enjoy the wonderful absurdity that is Rocket Man.
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Put it on loop, and drive yourself loony.
Aelfy19 October 2000
I worked at a Video -rental shop when this movie came out on PAL-VHS, and as we were only allowed to show PG rated films (Sorry I dont know the US rating) Anyway, I slapped this film on to see what it was like. I had trouble serving customers, I was laughing that much! I put the film on loop for my whole 12 hour shift, and nearly drove myself loopy. I sang along to "He holds the whole world..." and later found my self talking to my socks.

I don't work there any more...
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One of the funniest movies I've ever seen, if not the funniest.
horsegoggles12 November 2002
The first time I saw this movie I couldn't stop laughing. I happened to see it again a couple nights ago, and it was the same, only it seemed even funnier. I just ordered it from Amazon, I've got to have this movie available when I need a good laugh. I can understand why some people don't like it, you have to be 10 years old at heart to get it. What I don't understand is why I haven't seen more of Harlen Williams, he was a riot in this movie.
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A great Disney movie, ranks up there with "What About Bob"
Kris Earle1 March 1999
This movie is incredibly funny. I base a good comedy on how many times it makes you laugh - this movie made me laugh so hard I cried at least 3 times. It throws tons of jokes at you - Harland Williams is great as the computer specialist who gets his dream job of becoming an astronaut -- "what I'll do now is use what we like to call 'The right way" to show you how it's done." There was only one moment where one joke goes on a few seconds too long ("whole world in his hands" bit) - but other than that it a very inventive comedy that will make adults laugh just as much as the kids, maybe more. A surprise gem - one of the funniest flicks I've seen - give it a shot. 9 out of 10.
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Very funny
Richard-11017 February 2000
This movie was very funny. A lot of the humor was very spontaneous and original. I love how he gets everyone to sing "He's got the whole world in his hands" and how he passes the time in the isolation chamber by conducting his own puppet show. Leonard Maltin definitely missed the boat by giving this film a bomb rating; considering that he called this film and Judd Nelson's "From the Hip" a bomb while giving two stars to "Senior Trip", Maltin has given me sufficient reason to take his reviews with a grain of salt.
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A true testament to what you can do with a low-budget
Rett Mikhal21 May 2003
It's low-budget, but superbly written and perfectly acted by Harland Willams. From the way he cocks his head at random points, to the greatest impersonations ever, "Commander, are you sure we're heading for Earth it looks an awful lot like the sun..." "Ah, Magoo, You've, Done it again Sir!" and some really great lines "Why don't you just say 'thanks for the cool coin, Bud. It really means a lot to me.'" "Oh sure, thanks for the cool coin Bud it really means- what was the rest?" "Now the French! Pour do, ze de Chanele Number 5!"

This is probably one of, if not the, most overlooked movies of all time. About a thousand times more laughs than recent comedies (Goldmember, Master of Disguise, Mr. Deeds.)

The only real problem was the trailors, which included little funny aside from the (ONE, mind you) fart joke. This made it seem kiddy, but was necessary to not spoil the funny.

Ignore this IMDB rating, and go see this, dare I say? Masterpiece film.
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Funny! PERIOD.
MNESS22 August 1999
I pride myself in having good taste in movies. Among my favorites are Raging Bull, On The Waterfront, The English Patient, etc. Normally I hate movies like this. Austin Powers 2 was so bad I wanted to leave. But this movie just makes me laugh.....hard. Sure it has your stereotypical Disney stuff that gets laughs from the little ones, but there are so many clever lines for adults that it really surprised me the first time I saw it. Harland Williams was perfectly cast, I don't think anyone else would have been good as Fred Z. Randall. If you are in for a stupid movie that will make you laugh see RocketMan.
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'Call me mommy little billy'
SmileyGreg179 August 2000
This is a great film. It's definately the funniest Disney film i've ever seen, though, while being great slapstick comedy with excellent delivery by Harland Williams, it also gets in the morals & ideals rife in Disney films. This is unique in that it's the only film i know of that i could have watched with 10 yearolds while not being ashamed, and also watch with some buds with a few beers. It's great & unique in that way Harland Williams carries this film, which is understanding as it is a vehicle for him, but the supporting cast is also excellent and the film was great for me. Since there is constant association with the ground team, you don't get the boxed in effect that you find in many travelling films, e.g. Speed, Speed 2 & the film never slows down for me. The best bits to watch for are the machine that spins Williams round & the bitchin' Mr Magoo impression.
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It's so bad... it's good.
greatfavor6 November 2006
I came across this movie while TV surfing, and kept trying to move on but I couldn't.

It is wonderful how awful it is!

It is definitely one of the silliest movies I have ever seen, silly to the point of stupidity, and I can't remember when I have enjoyed myself more.

While I kept telling myself I was too old (and refined) to be as amused as I was, I couldn't stop laughing.

If you can sit through it without giggling, someone should check you for a pulse!
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Excellent Comedy
lamarprof8 January 2003
In the vein of classic Jerry Lewis movies, Rocket Man is an excellent piece of entertainment. If you don't like silliness, don't bother. The cast and crew of Rocket Man has worked well together to make this an enjoyable experience. If you love to laugh, watch Rocket Man.
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kennez30 May 2000
This is the best slapstick comedy made since Stan and Ollie stopped making films. It is hilarious. Harland Williams is the star, and the source of most, if not all, the humor. The comedy really starts during training, and then continues for the duration of the film. I give it 5 stars just for comedy alone!
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Failure Clearly Is An Option For This Embarrassingly Juvenile And Seriously Inept Piece Of Space Junk
jaredpahl19 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
RocketMan is a family comedy from Disney, which utilizes the world of NASA and space exploration in a well-meaning, but unforgivably obnoxious farce.

It stars Harland Williams as the world's goofiest spacecraft designer, Fred Z. Randall, who, after a series of inadvertent tests of his resilience, gets the nod to accompany astronauts Julie Ford (Jessica Lundy) and "Wild Bill" Overbeck (William Sadler) on the first manned mission to Mars. It's on this bare-bones plot that RocketMan hangs its gags. There is nothing to the story here, but still, it is arguably the best (read -- least bad) thing about this broken family comedy. The NASA setting and story tropes are passably distracting in the sense that they give you something to look at besides Harland Williams' bumbling clown act, but that is hardly a compliment.

RocketMan spends most of its time with Harland Williams as he does everything he can to squeeze any kind of laugh out of the audience, and it just doesn't work. Fred Z. Randall is a doofus to the 100th power. He flails, he screams, he makes funny faces, etc., etc., etc, but between Harland Williams' grating voice and mannerisms and the absolutely bankrupt writing, the comedy here is dead on arrival. I can't stress how terrible the script of RocketMan is. I refuse to believe that adults wrote this movie. There is not one ounce of wit in this movie. The jokes that are coherent are exclusively surface level potty humor, and worse yet, there are so many jokes that don't make any sense at all. For example, there is a long gag where Fred leads a sing-along of "I've Got the Whole World in my Hands". The big question is...Why?!? It's not funny, it's not sweet, it's not heartwarming, but it sits up there on the screen forever. It's moments of inexplicable confusion like these that convince me that this movie was written by small children, whose undeveloped brains are trying literally anything for a laugh.

What more can I say about this movie? It's bad, but in a way that is genuinely bizarre. I can't believe that this is a real Hollywood movie made by functioning adults, much less a Disney product. If you can try to imagine what a dumber-than-average three year-old might do with a mid-budget family comedy, lower your expectations 20%, and you end up with something approaching the monumental awfulness of RocketMan. I suppose I liked him in Dumb and Dumber, but Harland Williams and his dopey voice are simply infuriating here. His stupid catchphrase "It wasn't me" appears no less than 50 times throughout the movie, and it accounts for not one smirk. RocketMan isn't hurting anybody, but it crosses the level of unfunny, into the realm of total embarrassment. I can almost hear what everybody involved with this disaster must be thinking... "It wasn't me".

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17 Years later, I still didn't find this movie enjoyable.
tyburney6 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this movie on Pay Per View at my Grand Parents house when I was 7 or 8. Then not surprisingly I forgot all about it. I recently was feeling nostalgic and spotted the trailer for it when I was looking at another stupid movie, named Ironically "The Stupids." So I saw the trailer for this film and it sparked some old(repressed) memories. So I said to myself, "Eh what the hell, I may as well give it a look". And to be honest, I see why my young mind repressed the memory of ever watching this this...(Insert Insult here). This movie reopened some old wounds of annoyance and irritation that I thought I had long since recovered from. Surely this movie has the potential, if not the capability of destroying the developing brain cells of any child that was forced to watch this movie more than a couple of times.(And this is a proclamation coming from someone who grew up watching mind wrecking shows like Ren and Stimpy, and Beavis and Butt-Head). The only solace I had after re-watching this garbage after 17 years, is that I know that the main character(I forget his name and thank God for that) dies on the return trip home. Because he doesn't have nearly enough food to last the eight month trip back to earth, since he idiotically used it all as paint. (Sigh)....Thank you Jesus, my old wounds have re-healed, Now I can rest easy tonight. If you really like this movie, then more power to you. But it wasn't good to me then, and it sure as hells bells Isn't good to me now. Take care, everybody.
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Ha ha ha...BLAST OFF to a FUNNY FILM !!!!!
Seth Nelson8 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Disney's 1997 movie "RocketMan" is a very funny film about space exploration. Here, a boy's dream is to go out to outer space. He spent most of his time looking at the Earth when the father wondered why he should be like most boys, playing football and stuff!!!!! (LOL I remember that) Well, several years later, this man ended up going to NASA and started training for space!!!!! This was hilarious, as evidenced from the isolation chamber scene (he screamed "JOHN JACOB JINGLE" over and over again, scaring the other man to death!!!!!). Finally, this man was selected to go up to Mars and the rest, I will leave hush-hush so that you can see for yourself!!!!!

"RocketMan" may be a forgotten film now, but it's a great one. Watch it; you won't be disappointed!!!!!

10 stars
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Absolutely the funniest EVER!!!
bcocheran18 February 2003
This is the funnies movie I have ever seen. From the start to the end, laugther abounds. This is not a serious movie by any sense, it is a comic relief. I am a "once I've seen it, I don't need to see it again" movie viewer, however, I have watched this movie at least a dozen times. The 2nd and 3rd times were the funniest. The first time, you laugh so much, you miss many other comical lines and scenes. Again, this is not a movie to move you or to watch expecting anything serious, but it is a great comdey!!
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Don't take this film too seriously
lisalisajones21 May 2004
I too thought this movie was hilarious! I saw it in the theater to appease my husband and it really took me by surprise. I laughed so hard I almost, well, you know... It's zany comedy is several notches above Jerry Lewis (who drives me nuts).

My favorites are the opening scene where young Fred is twirling in the dryer (we've all thought of it!) and the "Isolation Chamber" aka nuclear reactor: Fred plays with his socks and beats the pants off the competing astronaut. I have to contend that this is not only for children. Actually, adults will probably enjoy it more.

The other reviews missed mentioning the obvious references to "The Right Stuff." All of the training sequences in Rocket Man were taken from this non-fiction astronaut movie. It's obvious that the creators of this film wanted to make a funny and light space movie.
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Pure Slapstick Hilarity! A "Must See" Film.
joliettim7 August 2007
When I first saw this movie there were times I was laughing so much and so hard that I had trouble catching my breath! Sometimes ya need an ultra-slapstick, goofy movie to dump the weight of the world right off your shoulders and this movie did it for me. Harland Williams is a comic actor genius. HA! The film is a sensational rarity where kids and adults can just be total laughing fools at Williams' antics in this comic "masterpiece of resistance." Lordy, right from the beginning, clear through to the end, the impressive comic craft work, hilarious jokes and physical comedy does not let up. Harland Williams is, without doubt, one of THE most funny actors in the business and I wish that we could all see him in more films. The cool thing about this film is that it sure spits in the eye of all of the pretentious movie snobs who would look down on this film labeling it "unsophisticated, sophomoric" base reality, this work shows all of us where REAL comedy can take on a ride that is just as thrilling as any hyped up amusement park roller coaster! A GREAT MOVIE FOR ALL TIME...this and "What About Bob?"!
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The Best Comedy Movie ever
sridharganesan_200022 May 2007
I could not stop laughing even hours later the movie was over. The natural innocence and ignorance (also a touch of genius) Harland Williams has shown in his character was simply superb. The movie has tons of jokes thrown at you and you simply cannot resist them. You have to be a little patient at the start of the movie. The reason for this is after seeing Harland william's Charlie Chaplin type acts at the start, you think it is going to be just another comedy movie. But then, when he gets a chance to be an astronaut you get a felling of "taken inside" the movie without your consciousness. The monkey and Harland Williams seat interchange inside the rocket and what all happens after that till the rocket lands is the ultimate comedy to relish. The climax too was a nerve wracking finish. It takes you to the edge of the seat when Harland just gets it right in taking the rocket back to the track thus avoiding a crash. The best thing is what he uses to fill in the gap for a missing wire. On a whole till date this is the Best Comedy movie i have ever seen in my life.
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Brilliant Comedy!
playa_central11 August 2005
This film leaves everyone with a line they can't wait to use on someone else. It's not like it's the Academy Award winning film of the year or anything, but if you are an aficionado of comedy, you'll appreciate the brilliance of the writing and timing here. I challenge anyone to watch this film and not find themselves laughing hysterically out loud. I've screened this film to people that I had never seen laugh and didn't think they even HAD a sense of humor and they were on the floor in stitches. This is a GREAT family film and Harland Williams has a unique sense of comedic timing and can deliver a line with a straight face that I think no one else can. The do their best to make him look like a homely man here (and he's no George Clooney), but by the end you find yourself really just loving this sweet character for who he is. I am a die hard Harland Williams fan and if you like this, you'll love his work in "Sorority Boys". I actually despised that film but loved the work Harland Williams did in it - not one for the kids.
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This movie is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jer18626 July 2005
Believe me, this movie is the best movie!!!!!!!!! Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

I have watched it like over 20 times............thats right twenty times!!!! It is the best!!!!!!!! I fully recommend it.

It is for sure a clean family film and very funny!!!!

The bummer thing about it is that it is out of print. RRRRR!!! Walt Disney if you ever read this, please give to us and on DVD!!!!! But it is at almost all rental stores though. Hey and if you do get a copy for keeps, just remember some people are selling the movie for $100!!!

Hope I help you all out.

Have fun watching it!!!!!
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Hilarious, laid back...excellent family movie!
MicahMc20 March 2005
I really don't understand why lots of people don't like this movie. It's clean, HILARIOUS...and even though unrealistic...most movies are! I wish Disney would make more movies like this! I REALLY wish this was on DVD! As a matter of fact I'm watching this movie right now with my other college buddies from church....we all would give this a 10/10! Come on people! Lighten up and live! How many movies are full of humor, have no sex scenes, no violence, no cussing, no gore, a silly plot (it might not be amazing, but who cares?! It's the humor that really counts in the movie!), and yet STILL become an enjoyable...nay, a most EXCELLENT movie to watch at any time! I really don't understand the logic of most people these days. According to most, good movies NEED a good plot, violence, sex, and other immoral aspects. I really disagree with this way of thinking. That's my opinion however.... Gosh I've seen this movie at LEAST 100 times! God bless and enjoy!
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Rocket Man rocks
contact-32315 March 2005
This is a very funny movie, with loads of laughs for EVERYONE. A little "potty" humor, but great for all ages, none the less. Where can I buy this movie???? I have been searching for this title for many years. The characters mesh together nicely and integrate nicely into the story line. We saw this movie on the Disney channel in November 1998, during my father in law's death. We were all in the next room laughing like loons, which was a nice sound that afternoon. It was a badly needed diversion and my father in law passed on that evening. We have tried to catch in on Disney when it is on, but would LOVE to add this to our collection. Thanks, it is my sister's favorite as well.
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Included in my Top 10 most funny in the last 50 years!
toysrus_kid30 January 2005
Read all of the positive comments that have already been written...I doubt I could do better! Just note that the film is silly at it's silliest. Packed with slapstick and jokes the smallest family member will giggle about.

Loaded with with references that youngsters will most likely overlook but adults will knowingly chuckle about:) If you've watched and laughed at ANY Jerry Lewis' works, or if you're a 35 year old who's going on 10, you WILL love this movie!!! My only gripe is that I fell in love with this movie in the theater, celebrated its Eugenio's stupidity with friends and family on tape and have been waiting for what seems an eternity for Disney to get off their collective Patti's and press some DVDs for the U.S. market!
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Love This Movie
hillama31 July 2003
This movie is great for young and old. No matter how many times I see it, I can't keep from laughing. I've seen it so many times, I practically have it memorized. It is truly on my list of favorite movies.
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One of the funniest films ever!
mdvorak14 July 2003
"It wasn't me!" This is an instant classic comedy. Full of laughs, and chock full of quotable lines. It's one of those classics like Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail where if you try to watch it alone, you won't enjoy it nearly as much as with a group. Have a party. Invite friends. Even the Chinese neighbor whose middle name is Fun!
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